20.04.2020 – Movement as the equation of life

The equation of created life is movement. If nothing moves it appears that no life exists. And forms are considered/perceived to be more and more alive .. as they tend to move more and more. For example: a rock moves very slow so it appears to be almost lifeless – the mineral realm. Next.. the vegetal realm.. has more freedom of movement, the animal even more. The human starts moving energy and mind, on top of the physical. And even in the energetic realm.. there is always a constant pulsating ever occurring movement.

Movement is the equation of created life. If something moves it is alive. If something stops moving, it is considered to have lost life – dead. Heart moves : being is alive. Heart stops: being is dead. And so on.

And why movement is so interconnected with what we call to be life? Because movement means change of perspective. Nothing ever moves in a sense.. all is but an ever lasting film of freeze frames. All that moves – always – is just our awareness, meaning: our perspective of things. Awareness moves from point A to point B. And when it starts to move faster – an animation starts to occur – frames start to appear moving, exactly as one would do those frame by frame animated cartoon on sheets of paper. When awareness starts to move even faster from one point to another, things start to appear as being alive. And this is due to the quality of the awareness of having a sort of short memory span. Just enough memory to hold the previous frame, so that it can connect to the present one. If awareness would hold memory of all – or more – past frames we would rapidly see everything as being a movie under construction.. where the present frame is only a new piece added to the puzzle. But we would be understanding the whole puzzle, not only what happens in this moment. Still.. in the present mind state that we live right now, awareness has a very short memory span.. and thus the present moment seems to be the only one and the most vital.

The movement is always inside of us. The outside world seems to move because.. in fact, we.. as our core, are the very essence of stillness. How we constructed the movie to move, well.. that is a story on its own ­čÖé

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