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Now I understand what the virus of this world has done to my brain. It has hypnotised my true knowledge of what life is to a degree I only knew and hold as truth what this world has taught me.

Take success for example: how do I know, how do I really know what success is? Because in me… success is a feeling, a sensation – nothing else. And I can tune into this sensation almost at will. And thus success can be lived whenever I need it. But yet this world teaches me another version of success: this world puts some cards together and says “this is what success is” but forgets or omits to add “for us”. So now let’s say I start a project. My mind is automatically driven and hypnotised to think that project needs to evolve according to what I have been trained to think and offered as examples. It needs, for example, to scale. To become profitable. To reach and impact an audience. To be recognised as a success by my other fellow man. So I have my heart full of the beauty of one idea, let’s say, my heart pumps out and I spend days and nights putting that idea to action, to something concrete. But then I get rapidly absorbed by the illusion of success this world has taught my brain since my beginning. Then I start to think that somehow my project needs to be successful in the same way this world shows me what success is. And I think of scaling it, for example, because this is what I saw others do. I think of spreading it… again following what is recommended. All the while loosing the real success I had within: my heart stops pumping like it did initially. And this is how eventually even if I get to have human success I failed really at the heart of it.

It took me all these years to understand that success is a state of the heart rather than a state of the mind.

And I now understand that my heart shows me what my real success actually is – and if I dare to follow her guidance maybe I will not take any of the “normal” steps recommended for a project, but eventually I am living success every step of the way. Because… how do I actually know .. what exactly tells me that a project needs to be finished, for example, or taken to some specific point in order for me and for others to call it a success? How do I know that? Why is it like that? Who defines that? Well.. I challenge this right now. And I am here to remind everyone about the real power and success you already have within.


The above is true for almost all situations where it has been defined what happiness and success is: family, relationships, money, even food. All have been deliberately altered and miss-defined for our brain. We need to recover the truth of them all from within ourselves.

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