On the current human body and some brief genetic hystory – part 1

Looking at physicality and the current physical body as it is constructed here, in this reality, I can barely not notice how fragile this physical body seems. It is almost incredible that someone designed a body that can brake up sometimes even at a stronger pale of the wind. So many conditions must be met in order for this body to work properly: the weather has to be in a certain way, the sun, moon and planets in a certain relation to each other, energy from outside foods must always be available, movement has to be done in a certain way, and even social norms must be respected in order to protect the integrity of it. Not to mention the body is always, sometimes from what appears to be pure chance, prone to unknown diseases, viruses and illnesses that can render it from numb to out. Top that with an ingrained timer set inside the body that eventually takes it out of its existence, even if the user has kept it in the best of conditions.

This human body really feels made in china :))

Really.. almost all normal realities work and dedicate themselves at constructing the best, long sustaining bodies, with inbuilt technology that not only makes them live continuously – which is fairly normal – but more so the body itself acts as the best tool for navigating that reality.

Usually a body is a direct representation of a certain reality made to be able to give the user a prime access to that reality. So many bodies in so many realities bestow their user with amazing capacities like instant travel or mind projection, instant learning or instant communication between different players wearing the same body, not to mention incredible power, strength and the ability to take the user to the far out corners of that reality, assisting and meeting the highest needs of that user in that reality. So many bodies are like natural AI machines being able to do so much for their user. For example some bodies can have the capacity to instantly project outward any other number of bodies and populate them with an AI awareness so that the user can use them for training or other purposes. These AI bodies are projected from the main body a user is wearing and can literally accompany the user in his endeavour. Many bodies can project and create almost an army of AI bodies for their user. Other bodies can project entire machines that help or assist the user in his endeavour. Some other bodies contain inside worlds upon worlds where that being can go and travel in, without moving an inch. Like having islands with beautiful oceans and lavish nature inside that body, or spa worlds, or any other world where the user can go for a trip and rest – all within its own body.

Some other bodies are literally collection of planets, galaxies and even universes – offering its user the capacity to travel so much inside as outside of itself. And btw.. in almost all realities, including this one, travels are always in as much as they are out.

Other bodies can be literally moving homes, other bodies can be ships, other bodies can even be mutual „houses” or „ships” where more than one being can reside. Many bodies are designed to host teams of players and to offer them the best accommodation and skills while surfing that reality.

I see a body being so similar to a house. It can be a one man property, it can be an apartment suite, a hotel or even a galactic accommodation suite. Endless bodies are being built and experienced as we “speak”.

This is why seeing the human body in its current presented form, and not only the human body but almost all the living bodies from this current earth – the bodies of animals, plants, unicelular creatures – feels to me to be more of a joke or an experiment. These bodies are so fragile, so co-dependent and conditioned on so many factors for them to work properly that it really staggers me. Most of the times experiencing myself from inside the human body, as of its present condition, feels more like a prison than a nice home that actually grants me full access to this reality. This is how I managed to see and understand that the original human body is much different that barely calling this current version a human body feels almost like an intended irony.

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  1. Ceea ce spui tu aici simteam in copilarie intens, dar, fiind pe atunci supus unei puternice presiuni sociale, nu am reusit sa pun pe hartie aceste senzatii sau sa le clarific, sa le duc pana la capat. In plus, aveam impresia ca sunt bizarerii, si ca daca le explorez voi fi si mai excentric si exclus social decat eram. E placut sa citesc aici aceste insight-uri si sa retraiesc acele ganduri/stari fara cuvinte din copilarie.

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