On the current human body and some brief genetic hystory – part 2

As far as I see it, the original blueprint of the human body falls very far from this form with 2 arms and 2 legs. The original human body seems to be almost a pinnacle of this current creation. The best of the best from all other bodies was taken and united together to form the original human body. A form that was uniting the whole creation (in lack of a better word) into one single language, one single framework that all could relate to and understand. This is why I often associate the original human body with the tower of babel.
By dressing the original human body all beings from this main creation could start interacting, communicating and experiencing together. And of course that having a body that was containing inside all the worlds, all the properties, all the assets from all the other individual bodies existing in the universe meant it was almost a certain amount of time before someone would try to hack the system and take control of it. Which, of course, happened.
After the first initial seize the beings wearing the original human bodies were affected by a sort of virus that made them fall into a sort of deep sleep. This is where the story of the sleeping beauty drives its roots from.
The invaders had zero access to the original physical human body, though. Even if they would have tried to invade a world in the real physical and take over the human body of a being they would have had zero access to the body. The body was uniquely encrypted. Every cell, every atom would respond only to its user. They could have tried to operate on it, look at it under the „microscope” but nothing would appear. The atoms would keep themselves hidden. This was due to a fairly normal property revealed even in our present quantum physics: the quarks making up the atoms can be wherever they want at a given moment, thus making them unpredictable. The atoms could hide endlessly and the invaders could have zero access to them physically. What they could and had access to, though, was the mind of the player. This is where the invasion occurred: in the mind.
Originally the mind was a sort of duplicate reality of the physical reality where the beings could emulate and test ideas, before bringing them to the physical. A sort of real life simulation of the entire physical world, but inside a virtual construct called: the mind. A sort of mutual platform or web, an environment similar to our internet, but of course.. of a real life scale and detail. At first the mind was an entity separated from the body. The mind was – in its original form – a separated device that the beings would need to go physically and connect to, in order to have access to it. Similar to how we use laptops or phones here in this reality.
Later.. it has been incorporated inside the bodies of beings (the beings who agreed to, of course).. exactly how here people consider nowadays incorporating tech inside of their brain. So the mind was added later in the body, and thus: the being now had instant access to it, at all times. The being could now go instantly inside this simulated construct – where it could test its ideas, and more so: meet with other beings and start creating and experiencing together inside this simulated reality.

Imagine now .. that you would have the possibility of going online, searching on google, chatting with friends on facebook, or meeting with them in virtual realities.. all from inside the comfort of your own brain 🙂

And if you think phones are addictive, try having that same connectivity from inside of your brain 🙂 It is easily noticeable how that can rapidly become not only addictive but sedative. Which is similar to what happened to us in the real creation as well. Many beings became so addicted with this new “tech” called: the mind, that they started missing almost completely from the real physical reality. I mean.. their bodies were there, but they were living almost fully inside of their mind.

And this is where we are experiencing ourselves from right now: from inside a simulated mental version of the real physical reality. This truth has been portrayed in many ways, starting back since ancient knowledge and going forward to occult or esoteric mysticism, where they say: „Everything is mind”. Lately the named scientists from this reality also started to come to the conclusion that we live inside a simulation.
The mind brought much more ease of exploration and experimentation because the beings knew it was all a simulation. They knew the physical reality is safe and unaffected and they themselves are safe.. no matter what they do inside the mind. Because of this reason, and because of the novelty factor this new possibility brought, most beings were quite open to full exploration inside the mind. They had almost zero restrictions, and the mutual play together was highly un-regulated.
At first there was almost zero laws. The beings actually loved this trait of total creational freedom they suddenly found in the mind. There were beings who actually felt in love with the beauty of total chaos, which was at first reigning over the reality of the mind. Total chaos meaning: total creational power with zero rules or laws. I think this is where the current creational myths drive their routes from when they say at first everything was chaos. Chaos meant: total freedom, total openness, total curiosity. Soon some beings started creating their own rules and laws inside their own groups or now entire evolving universes or societies, adding organisation and structure, while some other beings enjoyed the chaos so much that they continued exploring with it. And so many mixtures between freedom and restriction, chaos and order, were also created and played with. Really.. the freedom was total in all directions. It was for this reason that even the possibility for an invasion play was also opened.
To be continued in part 3
DN, Aug, 1, 2020

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