Imagination is the first technology

When people here talk about technology, and when I see what technology really is, I kind of ask myself in pure honesty if they are purposefully being obstructive, or are kind of joking around to see if someone catches the joke. Because really … I get it that the majority of people are playing along this dream and enjoy feasting on its fantasies, but… how much can you really ignore the truth of what you already know? For how long? That truth always catches up on you eventually. It’s there. The windy, icy whisper in the deepest, darkest part of you. That part of you that you try to hide it with relationships, with food, with pleasures and sufferings – basically with stories. Yep.. truth it’s there, deep icy wind, calling on you … ceaselessly.

And when I look at technology, as I was saying, or.. at what people refer to as being technology .. I don’t know if I should smile or take a grudge.

For example, because humans were trained to view themselves and life from such limited perspectives and made to believe in incredibly dumbed down STORIES (attention!) of reality, when something appears to be slightly better, they immediately start to godify or mystify that, shutting their eyes once again to the rest that exist. Take technology. People think the top notch of human achievement would be space travel, or… teleportation. But these two are merely like hammers and bolts compered to what real technology is. These are more of a joke, not even comparable to what technology is. And what technology is… is the technology of the simple. Yep. The most advanced technology is always the most simple one.

Like imagination, for example. So few people remember that imagination is the first technology we have built. Imagination is our virtual reality machine, this is the technology with witch we created every world, every possible experiment, everything! People take imagination for granted, thinking it’s a natural, biological thing.. when in fact that couldn’t be further from what it really is. Imagination is one of our most advanced technologies. Nature is, again, even more advanced than that.

Still … I don’t know who I am writing these stuff for anymore. Those who know it, already know it. Those who don’t, don’t care for it or is of no use for them anyhow. Maybe I am just astonished to remember this stuff myself… and in the loneliness of these rememberings.. this is the last form of communication I imagine I have 🙂

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  1. Cum zicea Kruno intr-unul dintre ultimele sale videouri: Va multumesc ca voi comunicati cu mine, caci nu am cu cine vorbi in jurul meu. Paradoxal, doar prin internet mai dai de cineva care iti alunga singuratatea. Te-a mentionat si pe tine.

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