The kids – other technique they employ

One other technique they do:

They are trying to make me do what they do. They hate me, for example, surprisingly.. they do. But they claim they love or admire me by speech. And they are trying to make me hate them as well. They hate me in hidden, in the shadow, but they are trying to make me hate them overtly, meaning: get mad at them, yell, even.. reject and deny and abandon them! REALLY!! Some of them work so hard at the energetical level just to make me reject them. And if I reject them they win. Not because rejection is bad or something (!!!) but because they made me do what they want !! Because they now rejoice in being able to train me, like I was an animal under their command. This is why they act like this! They are so mischievous. They are smiling or playing as if they like me, or they praise me.. silently inflicting me with hate and so many other substances. BTW… emotions are substances, I work with these in the real reality. They inflict these substances into my energetic body just to make me their puppet, to act as they want ! They always try to control my actions and responses. And if I respond like they want, of course, I’m theirs to control.

The majority of them talk about love when in fact they hate to death. It is far better, at this point, to have someone hate me overtly. It is strange.. now I understand. In the past a person has attacked me directly, overtly. I cursed, blamed and almost wanted for him to die, this is how scared I was of his actions. Yet.. in those moments, when I went within.. i was so baffled to find love. I sensed love coming from that person, and more over… i sensed I myself felt deep, real, respected love for him – even though overtly we were almost wanting to kill each other. How inverted this world can be ! Everything, almost absolutely everything is in reverse !! I would watch out more, at this time, from friends than from enemies. At least the enemy you know it, you can predict his actions to a degree. But with the ferocious wolfs dressed in pink, cute, lovable sheeps… Hmmm. Much more chances to get eaten.

So bottom line is this: learn to the best of your ability to listen to that voice within, also called the voice of the soul, you know it. Stop believing in what these people portray with their words or faked attitudes. In general… what they say is almost the exact opposite of what they think, do and act. Listening to that voice within reveals this truth !! Pay attention to that, trust that. At this hour you need to connect with that voice and with yourself daily, you need to practise this as much as you can.
And btw.. being able to recognise, see and accept to FEEL their energetic hate is the only way to dissolve it. Any other action is only fighting against it. And fighting against them makes you theirs to control. Once you accept to feel the pain, the hate, the rage.. then you can start to really fight. And now you can choose to fight from pleasure, as opposed to fighting from pain. And god .. this is powerful.
But you can’t understand what this really is until you do the work of FEELING the pain.

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