Pay attention to the movie

Unlike other people perhaps, I have just recently started to pay attention to the details of the movie. Because of the pain some of my real bodies are in, at some of the levels I am on, I was almost all throughout this experience living in an eerie land inside my „head”. A no mans land, a place of forgetfulness, a place of turning away from the pain that is here. Well.. just recently I have started to convince this ostrich to take its head from the ground, at least from time to time, and fairly recently for me I really started to embody this character here. I fairly recently thus – started to observe the real reality around me, observe the character, the play, the scenarios, the other characters in the movie, etc – all in all : the movie, the play! The details. And while I try to be as present as I can in this reality, in this „body” (its a super position of multiple bodies, not just one. what we can see with the „eyes” as being our physical body is only a metaphor, a symbol) I am starting to notice the language of the stuff around. I am starting – as much as I can – to observe even messages, communications, even events that are directly responding to my thoughts, my requirements. For example: two days ago after an experience of completely immersing inside and delving in myself, I went to the bathroom .. and here was this message on this apparent usual plastic bag: „Everything here is engineered (!) to make you better”. Funny enough this is what I also came to see from some time now. Far more technical in reality and with a precise nuance for what „better” depicts – but quite well comprised in a simple sentence.

So I decided to make a picture just to act as a reminder to pay attention to the messages, events, tips offered to you. When you start to take the ostrich head out of the ground you slowly start to realise that this whole world is communicating with you. Learn to remember the language. Pay attention to the movie.




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