Remarks on the physical, part 3: Each moment is a being

Each moment is a being. One might think that the present physical environment is just that: a static, present, physical environment. A room, a space, a table, a chair. Funny. Because.. actually each present moment is a certain being. A certain being that has: emotions, thoughts, colours, spaces, textures, tastes, sounds, etc.

The being of this present moment has its own particular looks: the table, the chair, the laptop, the bowl of fruits, etc. If I turn off the light.. i move to another being, that has slightly different characteristics: slightly or evidently different thoughts, emotions, colours, etc.

We might think that everything is life less, everything is just static physical objects, spaces, rooms, etc – when in fact, this might just be the most complete absurdity. Everything is alive. Each moment is a being. I move from beings to beings. Because I am zero, I become for a moment the being of that moment. Then in the next moment: i become the being of the next moment. And so on.

If I would go back 10 years ago, the same beings already exist. I could revisit and re-be those beings. I am the formless who views the forms. The forms are all already created. Past and Future.

I move through forms, I surf through beings. Each moment is its own being. We can „listen” to the being of a moment, and actually by paying attention to it… it has so much to teach.

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