The loop

I am studying this virus creation for the last 2 years. I could say that… all that I do is only to study.. this life, myself, everything – at this point.

All throughout this time I have only looked to see the main formula of this virus. And although I have almost pinned it down, the true real formula still seems to elude me. But one of the important aspects of it is: the loop. The repetition. The main core of this formula is that it is a recursive function (term borrowed from computer programming). What this means is that it is a formula that “feeds” on itself, in a way of speaking. A loop, a fractal, a self perpetuating function.. enclosed in the same pattern, the same environment, over and over.

For example: in the real creation we have hate, rage, love, fear, shame, etc. But these are completely different then here. First of all in the real creation there is a less occurrence of emotions, and secondly: emotions are pockets of incredible information, so when a being “has” an emotion is almost like a gift, a treasure – where the being immediately dives in it, sits with it and subtracts the information from it. Really beings feel lucky there to have the treasure of feeling an emotion. Emotions bring and hold such incredible pockets of information. But here what happened is that emotions stopped being used as tools for understanding life and thus for evolution, and started being used for the purpose of just using them. For example, one of the main formulas of this virus creation is : fearing the fear, loving the love, being ashamed of shame, feeling rage for feeling rage, and so on. Basically a normal function, that normally would be used for evolution, now is taken and used recursively on itself, creating loops. And the main point of this short “article” here is to reveal one vital aspect: emotions have been mutated, the same as you would mutate corn, for example, to make it bigger, or wheat to be more glutinous, and so on. Emotions have been mutated to enclose an incredible amount of information – that information became so huge that at first one single being could not cope with it. So the being basically got confused, didn’t knew how to grasp that. So the loop started. Each time a being rejects truly processing an emotion, now the loop starts – and that being is basically enclosed in that loop – we could call it the dragon’s dungeon, where he cannot get out of that until it is processed.

This loop was a measure of security to make sure we eventually do crack all the codes here. If this loop system would not have been put in place beings would carelessly continue to ignore emotions, and just go about their supposed “life” here – and the game would be endless. They did that actually – so then to make the loop even more evident the physical body had to react and show them as evident as possible that they are in rejection, in a loop – to help them get out of the dungeon.

So basically this is what happens with emotions. Emotions are tools of understanding creation, tools for unlocking the game. And I need to write separately about how to properly process an emotion, even though I wrote about this in a number of times.

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