The woman’s body

Being a female in this “human” experience it seems for me quite a challenge. Holding within this immense sphere, this multiverse of all the worlds ever invented, sensing every pulse, every thought, every wave passing through this reality at all times. Waking up in the morning in a certain “mood” just because … the moon is in a certain phase, or the planet goes through a certain climate, or the people are beating about a certain subject, feels overwhelming at times to say the least.
Experiencing myself in a woman’s body feels to me like the most marvellous thing, that is after I learn how to master and understand this body (ship).
This body connects me to every world ever experienced and invented, sensing and feeling almost every single thing from this entire creation. So much that usually women bodies are mostly always completely in sleep or idle mode, compared to their real way of existing. A woman’s body translates so much experience, really.. for me it feels like a pot of gold, that without a proper driver that can withhold it: that whole experience can not only be missed but also miss-used.
Like we would have an un-experienced car driver put at the stirring wheel of a powerful race car. This is why most women bodies come with a sort of built in prevention device. Until the driver doesn’t fully understand the ship, the ship runs under a sort of protection code, barely showing its real functions and capacities.
A woman’s body can literally destroy anything – any world within this creation – just as much as it can create anything. It can morph things in and out of existence, it can alter life forms, it can create completely new dynamics that never previously existed. Definitely being inside a woman’s body feels like being at the command prompt of life itself in this creation.
A woman’s body controls its environment by hormonic translation. Basically shaping the environment around by the use of hormones. Hormones are in every living thing: plants, animals, insects. A woman’s body can direct the flow of hormones so that the entire environment changes.
Usually, in the majority of living things, hormones just act metabolically conformed with their programmed routines. But a woman’s body has the capacity to direct the flow of hormones at will.
Usually.. a happy woman means a happy environment and vice-versa.
Although a woman’s body can do so much, feeling almost intertwined with life itself at this level, it can also – as is usually the case in this time period – cause devastation.
I could almost say that reality at this level is the way it is just because women live in such a self destructive state inside. Cheer your women humans… and you might be amazed of how rapidly your whole reality might change 🙂

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  1. Asa am simtit si eu lumea, de mic, ca baietel plin de iubire, compasiune, empatie, mila, bunatate, generozitate, prietenie, caldura, omenie. O orga de emotii, atat de coplesitoare incat imi provoca dureri, pentru ca nu stiam sa cant la ea.

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