What is reality?

What is reality? How do we define something is real?

Real is when something is perceived by more than one person. And a thing becomes more and more real as it is perceived by a lot of persons. So people consider reality to be the amount of shared perceptions.

And this is why the physical is “physical” – a construct so many agreed to perceive and be influenced by. The physical is a “reality” that holds all its participants like in an immense placenta – or immense network – let’s say. Anything anyone does in the physical it influences the perceptions of anyone else – even if they don’t realise it (the way it happens here on planet “errhht”)

This is the physical – a construct just like other – but where lots of beings agree to be influenced by. To have a portion of themselves changed by that construct. A portion of their attention – the fuel of life.

Our attention is what gives the “reality” the sense of being “real”. We look at something and that something becomes real because we look at it. Attention is the water of life. And we instinctively know that everyone else perceives the things we perceive. We feel the connection.

And this is why the physical – in its original form – was one of the most created levels of bond and trust between the participants.

We evolve through our creations. Anyone could construct any reality.. but without people coming and living that reality, or with only one or two beings living that reality – well.. the experience of it would remain very small. I could build the most beautiful creation / universe, but if beings are not interested to come and experience it .. then the experience of it remains quite small. I could build myself billions of versions of myself and populate that universe and world with them.. and still.. the experience of it would remain so little.

We expand ourselves interacting with others. Either by a lunch, a call, a conversation .. or by building and playing together in immense created worlds.

And this is why the astral/mental construct is considered a bit more un-real than the physical. In the astral/mental plane one can do pretty much anything he imagines. The imaginations takes place almost instantly – but one is only influencing itself and a few others he is interacting with. Because one is in its own mental reality – he reigns as a king there, but not much of what we call experience is derived.

In the end all constructs pertain to someone’s mind – all constructs are real. Even if they have one beam of attention experiencing them, 10 beams, or billions of them. They are all real. Everything is real! The thing that happens is the experience increases when there are more beams of attention fuelling the same construct. The beings change and evolve together at an incredible magnitude, because they are all changed by the others in un-imaginable .. semi un-predictable ways. And it requires beings some advanced level of self to agree to have a portion of them self changed by so many others in so many (sometimes unplanned) ways. Originally this is a symbol of love.

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