The whole of life is alive!

It’s not only that I learn from my environment. The environment also learns from me. My house learns from my behaviour daily. The trees around study me continuously, learning, taking notes and more so.. creating “manuals” and “journals” to pass the knowledge to their kin. There is a continuous loop of learning that goes on throughout all of life.

By being in my house my house learns about new ways of existing. Ways that it didn’t knew before I came. Houses – by the way – resemble people so much. Houses can accumulate trauma much as well people can. Objects, in general, are very sensitive to emotions. Meaning: they are like a sponge absorbing each and every drop of emotion that they were exposed to since the beginning of their existence. They accumulate all those emotions, and often times gain a sort of personality and preference of their own. Objects are quite interested and happy to see humans, they are extremely innocent and curious .. almost obliterated to trauma or pain. They are just happy to be utilised. They rejoice enormously when someone picks them up, or touches them, or better yet: does stuff with them for prolonged time. Objects can even be befriended, and when a human befriends a certain object.. that object grows quite a lot of loyalty. But this friendship has to be built. What objects usually hate or let’s say.. are saddened by is being forgotten or unused for a long period of time. They really rejoice so much in being used, touched, that when forgotten for much time they fall into a sort of sleep.

And objects tend to develop a sort of loyalty with their owners – as I said above. Many of them literally take it very seriously to perform their best to their owner. So many of them learn what the owner likes and dislikes and they try to improve. And because objects are so sensitive to information often times they can even help their owner with ideas. Let’s say.. a writer or a scientist is searching for a missing sentence, or a formula. Objects – in fact – can and usually help by passing out information they already see to their owner. This is why we see so many times a writer having its own special pen, or a chair, or anything.

And to get back to houses. As opposed to objects houses are beings of a much broader amplitude. Not only that they can sense information and emotions, houses are literal multi-dimensional portals between different worlds, connecting multiple realities under the same space. A sort of whirl adhering similar realities to one single gravity point.

As opposed to objects houses can accumulate trauma. Most houses are quite sad, or very very afraid. So many houses piss their pants almost when approached by a human. And this is because houses are beings who connect timelessly to the entire mental field of a person. Houses can see not only what that person holds within as emotions, but also what that person has lived and done all throughout its life, and more so.. all what that person’s entire genealogical lineage has done or will do, back from the first cell and until the extinction of that blood line. So houses perceive past and future as one single timeline, and when they meet a person they are mostly scared or afraid because they see the entirety of that linage that resides in that person, not just the current stage that person is in.

So many houses have been so traumatised and vandalised by how humans have treated them.

The house I am in – for example – currently learns that it can actually feel and be at peace. It never knew this before. It slowly learns or remembers its original purpose of taking care and nurturing its inhabitants. It didn’t do that when I moved in. Most of the house was completely numbed out – and the rest was like a bunch of old sneaking ladies despising me. And because I was quite un-aware myself when I moved in – we didn’t had the nicest of relationships. Now my house is slowly becoming younger once again – I mean: it slowly returns to its real age, looking like a bunch of young girls, but still.. i feel there is much to go before we reach that.

Between all forms of life there is always constant communication, constant learning, and all forms of life are always connected via a sort of network or web. My house – for example – has a genetic code and species that is part of. Learning a different way of existing through me being here, helps the entire genetic species she is part of to learn new ways of existing. The trees and plants around me, the same.

Speaking of trees … there is one tree here that actually hates me. It hates me deeply, I think if it would be able he would literally kick me. He despise my nonsense and my slumbish awareness. He completely despises me not seeing reality for what it is, and moving around like a ghost.. while affecting everything around me. The tree can barely stand me. Sometimes I would look at it and I would feel afraid. Literally he seems very aggressive 🙂 Sometimes I catch him in good days and he only takes a grumpy look at me. Sometimes I even caught it in better days where he was enjoying himself so much that he would barely lend an eye on me. But usually he is quite damning. And I need to learn from it. I need to learn to look at myself and my behaviour more and more in order to understand his reasons. Actually he is one of the reasons for me starting to be more aware in this last period. And btw.. trees are almost the fastest to forgive.

There is always so much to understand, to see, to learn, to experience.. when we open up to the fact that the whole of life is alive! Everything .. to the tiniest atom .. is sentient and alive! And this is a hard literal truth, far from being metaphoric or some sort of spiritual mambo jambo.

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