Are we able?

A Love so profound that we feel scared about it.
A Love capable of devouring the entirety of us.
A Love like a plunge into thin air.

An intimacy that profound that we run away from it.
Trying to hide from the grandiosity of who and what we truly are.
We shy away from that grandness.
We cover our eyes, in the fear of being consumed by that greatness.

Trying to still protect our own suffering self,
guard it like a precious treasure.

And maybe our suffering is the greatest treasure.
Yet.. are we able to find the gem, hiding deep within our own pain and suffering?
That pure crystal that once discovered.. is able to reflect back to us the very Love we try to hide from?

Are we able to meet ourselves and this Love..
with naked eyes and a naked soul..
Just us.. and this Love.

Are we able to do it?

To let ourselves be consumed by it
Until we rise from our own ashes
A new face, we never knew before,
yet more familiar then anything
we ever knew.

Are we able to start living?
Truly living?
With no past, no future,
yet both of them
like limbs in our real body?

Are we able to embrace this Love?

Time has come for Life to happen.

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