Attention is the water of life

Our attention is what gives life to the things around. Our attention is the water of life.

When we invest our attention in something it becomes energised and grows like a tree. And then it reflects back our energy to us – and we feel energised by it. This is the real perpetuum mobile. We energise ourselves by energising the things around.

When we take our attention off of the things around… (by let’s say: keeping our attention in imaginary worlds) the things around become weary and died off – poorly energised. Then we feel less and less energy coming from them… and without realising the truth, we start pushing more and more on the things around.. thinking the energy was coming from the things, rather than from us.

This is what happened here with SO MANY THINGS! People’s energy / attention was derived from the real reality -> meaning: the real world around them, and sucked up in imaginary constructs / never-lands in their minds. Now beings started side fuelling those imaginary never lands instead of investing their attention in the things around them. For example: when someone does an action and he feels fear inside of him, that fear eats out his attention. He barely sees the real action he is doing, he barely understands its own connection to the things around because in fact.. he is consumed by the fear. His attention is unconsciously harvested by the fear machine. And obviously: the machine does not retrieved the energy back 🙂

So people became more and more wore off, depleted as their attention was more and more pulled in the side worlds. Their attention was sucked up and so little remained for them to actually lively interact and correctly make sense of the things around. And then they started blaming the things, or wanting to bring more and more of the things to them.. believing that this is what will bring more and more energy to them.

This is one thing that amazed me through this “human” experience. Take sex for example. Little by little people took more and more of their attention away from the actual experience, and started energising fears, images, constructs from their mind… Then the sexual experience soon started to feel more and more wore off.. and people started more and more abusing it in so many “creative” hoping that they will feel once again that energy from it.

It’s simple: when you want to feel energised you go and energise the things around with your attention: being a partner, a garden, a business, anything! Then the things reflect back to you – many times multiplying the energy you give them!

DN 2020

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