Death might actually be the road to awe

There are portions of our Being that are not lighted up by the light of our Awareness.
In the lack of this light, these dark portions – similar to a place with no sunlight – are devoured by creatures that work to consume them.

Many portions of our Being are currently undergoing death and decay.
This is why there is so much pain in this reality.
Many of us are dead, without knowing.

And only few, very very few to none, are still alive to a certain degree.
And almost no-one is fully alive in this current reality or realm.
Those who are alive don’t seem to be here, in this realm, at all.

So this realm appears like a cemetery or an underworld.
A place for beings to die and decompose themselves.
A place of transition from a world to another world.

Maybe this is why this place is called: duality, light & dark.
Similar to the sand moving in an hourglass, our Being moves from one state to another,
this current reality being the middle ground, the part where we transition from one state of being to another state of being.

Maybe we all died a long long time ago.
Maybe this is why we all have forgotten who we really are.
Maybe the loss of memory was only the natural bi-product of our cells (the carriers of memory) being decomposed.

Maybe there is nothing to be done anymore.
Maybe we are not able to be saved, nor go back.
Maybe there is only the faith of letting go…
Letting death consume the very last of our memories, our cells, our being..
Surrendering fully to it.

Maybe we are here, on this earth, to learn how to die.
How to surrender. How to let go.

And maybe only after the last of our memories has died, we shall be free of them.

Free from all that we ever were, free from all our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, strivings, desires, preferences and personalities.
Free from this cosmos and all of its stories.
Free from all what our ancestors have ever thought, done or believed.

And within that total freedom, we might find again the road to who and what we really are.
As The Fountain movie has hinted: “Death is the road to awe”.

Yet death might be something completely different than anything we have imagined.
Death might not be something that happens sometime in the future, but something existing right now.
This might be death.

And this might be the road to awe.

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