About emotions and the path of the soul

I have written about emotions more than one time. This is almost one of the subjects very close to my eye, and I see it and explore it the most – giving also my own construction that permits a high emotional intensity, I had the means to study them close, to dissect them to the level of their blueprint.

And so… now I talk about the robotism of emotional response. Before I go deeper I need to mention one important thing about emotions: emotions are of a nuclear importance in the way life is experienced at this moment. The only thing is that… emotions being something more similar to nuclear weapons, have totally been employed in a very primitive way that actually made them destructive.

First thing: emotions are beings! I think any person with a bit of sense of self observation has spotted the beings that come in and out of him, inflicting him with emotions. Emotions are beings. At the next level they are a kind of alive substances, beings yes.. but more of a substance, a chemical substance let’s say.. then what we are accustomed here to consider as a being. Because at the next level everything is somehow a being, everything! Even an object, even an ant, even a particle of dust! All are beings.. because they work, they think, they act more importantly! They act! Of course they are created beings and this makes them robotons/automatons without having the possibility of free choice, nevertheless in the spectrum of the possibilities given to them they act!

So.. emotions are substances and also beings. And how do emotions interact with people, and what do they have to do with our experience here? Think of yourself as an observer who is watching a movie. This is our most real condition! You are watching a movie with infinite scenarios, you can move through the movie with your choices and actions. You choose one thing, the movie changes to reflect that choice. You choose another thing.. the movie changes to reflect that other choice. This is the basic of this game! And what emotions do is that they lure your choices, they are substances that once inflicted in your structure… lure you to take different actions than what you would choose if you had zero emotions. Imagine you are going to a movie to experience how to drive an airplane. You want to experience this, and you go to this highly advanced cinema, to this incredible 100D “movie” where you can experience almost anything you want or imagine, but in order to be real.. you need to act like you would do in reality: meaning, you choose, you do actions that lead you to different re-actions! Of course. And in order to get to learn to drive an airplane you must take the proper actions that would lead you to learn that. Of course. And let’s say you enter the movie with stone sure determination and will, you know what you want to learn and experience: learn how to drive an airplane. But once in the movie.. you are inflicted with different substances and now you are either caught up in fear of heights because when you were little the parent has “accidently” dropped you from its arms, or.. now you got caught up in passion and romance and the desire to procreate, or.. you get caught up in the emotions of financial succes, and now all you do is to please those hungry emotions that desire you to strive for a carrier. All the while.. something deep inside you knows, still KNOWS your real desire! Something inside of you always KNOWS your real will ! But let’s continue. Emotions come.. and now.. you are inflicted with passions, with desires, with fears, or longings.. what do you do? Emotions are – because being part of the game – also constructed to help you choose. Once you are inflicted with emotions, now… is when you are able to exercise your devotion to your real will. Because once inflicted with emotions you will have all the reasons to choose something else than what your heart tells you! And most of the times.. we do choose that something else! This is how strong emotions are. Emotions are constructed only to help one harden the connection to his own will, by luring that one into choosing something else. They are a brilliant creation, and its creator deserves the highest respect ! Yet, at the level of the experience you must understand that… if choosing to do any ACTION out of emotion that will always keep you in circles.

Emotions always create repeated scenarios, and I think you have spotted this. For example: you are gelous you act fiery, every time! How much creativity can that scenario hold? You feel fearful, you feel pity .. then you act kind. Again a robotic response. Emotions lure your actions into taking the same actions over and over and over again. And this is because… it’s giving a chance for you to see, once and once again, that that is not your true path. We are lucky that in this level of the game emotions lead to such repeated scenarios, because it makes it so obvious for us what we need to look at. Other more advanced levels might not have emotions do this at all! One might not have the helping hand of emotions to keep him trapped in the same scenarios, to show him the same repeated scenarios for him to be EVIDENT what the key is. One might get in a level where if he doesn’t hears his initial will he can get lost in the game for milions of years, let’s say. This is why we – of course – constructed openings in the game, to be able to get some beings out that were lost for so much time.

Because the game it’s here for all of us to learn something, let’s say. Not something someone wants for us to learn, like they say here.. that god wants us to learn to choose good or any other nonsense like this :))) It’s about you intimately acknowledging your own soul. This is what this game is about. By using one theme you yourself set for yourself OUTSIDE of this game, and this “theme” becoming your true will, your “heart’s desire”, your “voice of the soul”, you dive into the game to delve deep and touch your own soul! It is one of the most holy experiences available! We get to touch ourselves! For real.

But.. let me try to get back to emotions. If choosing from emotions you are always led to patterns. You cannot finish this game until you deliberately choose your soul, your real will. Emotions lead us to patterns. And they do so.. attention! only when we DO AN ACTION from them. If we don’t act them out, they have zero capability of influencing our movie. It is only our decision: do we want to construct our movie from the illusion of emotions or do we want to construct our movie following our soul? Do we act on emotions or on the will of the soul? This is the entire choice we ever do. And emotions need to be there, of course, to help strengthen that choice. To create an opposition in order for us to make a deliberate, conscious choice! We need the monster in order to fight it! If no monster would exist, no choice would exist. We would only have our soul and will and that’s all. We would go inside the movie.. but how to learn to drive an airplane, when… everything goes smooth, you would go and learn that in 1sec, the experience is almost reduced to zero. Experience is always created by our ability to choose. When there is nothing to choose from, there is no experience. You directly have everything you will… instantly. Creating opposition gives us the illusion of time, and it helps us delay the choice, delay the will. And in that delay-ness… experience happens. Basically we experience what it means to go agains life, in those moments. Because we literally go agains our own will, our selfs. And going against our self is experience. This is the only way of ever experiencing something.

Now.. to get back: one who has understood these things can now take the next level of the emotional tools. Now one can really use emotions. Not for acting, but for travelling! Yep folks, emotions are actually travelling devices. You can travel in any world ever constructed (or at least the worlds and sub-worlds from this main game) by using emotions. You can travel in and out of any level, in and out of any game and sub-game by using the emotion devices. Think of them like a drug of a sort. I told you they are substances. You take in one substance… and it takes you to such various places, all within yourself and all of utter importance to you alone! And so.. it is only up to the user itself if he remembers how to use the opportunity of having emotions! (btw: very few beings here actually have emotions, the majority of them just pretend they do) For example: some people take in marijuana here and they play video games with their friends. Other take marijuana and re-unite with their spirit. How a person uses a tool is only up to their intelligence and will. A tool is built to hold a field of opportunities. An animal takes the tool and tries to eat the tool. An intelligent being takes the tool and explores the deepest part of life itself. Any tool we invent we invented it to take us to the atom of life eventually – but it is only in the hands of its owner, that that tool really is put to work to the highest of its ability.

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