Fear and will

There are a few basic emotions circulating in this whole reality.
These emotions influence almost the entire scenery of this reality, including the way nature looks, the way our bodies look, the way our mind works. Our thoughts, our actions, our impulses and preferences.
Emotions are magnetic forces that pull reality to them.
From the ocean of different reality waves forming the multiverse, emotions are able to materialise a certain reality around them. Like polarising the atoms in the air with the energy of that emotion, making the atoms bond in a certain way forming a certain physical reality.
And in this current version of reality we are in, there are only a finite set of emotions circling around and keeping this whole mass reality in place. And these emotions act like a tree. At the root of our present reality, there are the emotions related to survival. Fear, dominance, anger. These emotions form a base reality characterised by war, violence and protecting one’s own interests.
At the next levels of this reality, like trucks and branches steaming from a tree, we start to find finer emotions like sadness, joy, hope, misstrust – that can develop in more and more complex physical realities.
I sometimes view emotions like colours on a canvas, only instead of retaining a fixed position like a colour on a canvas, they constantly move around the canvas, mixing and blending with one another, forming the reality before our eyes.
Few people are able to see how this whole reality is a product, a child, of these base emotions perpetually combining with one another. Even if we look at the most basic appearance of one of our daily lives we can see how much our actions are a direct live enactment of these base emotions. We wake up in the morning and go to “work”. We pour our life energy from the core of ourselves (our soul) and transform this inner energy into actions needed at our “job”, that are later rewarded with a “coin”. The coin allows us to get food and clothing, and to satisfy the rest of our finer emotions, like the need for social interaction, curiosity and exploration. We basically use our inner energy, our soul’s substance, as a coin in exchange for a human experience.
People can rarely notice how many of our conversations, many of our actions, many of our behaviours, moods and preferences are all emanating from these base emotions of fear, anger or misstrust – with fear being at the very root of the emotional tree, in my opinion.
And what is this fear? What is the role of fear in the grander scheme of life?
To answer this question we need to look at what fear does. Its outcomes.
What does fear bring to a certain reality?
First of all I see the notion of control and stability. Curiously enough, fear appears to settle life down, to close it in boxes, to still it, to tranquillise it.
As much as fear makes us take chaotic actions, if we look at the result of our actions we see that somehow fear causes our actions to create coherent, constant, stable outcomes. People who feel afraid – in this version of reality – usually tend to create destruction around them. Destruction, in this case, becomes a constant outcome. People rarely deviate from creating destruction when they feel afraid. Even if this destruction is turned inwards, towards themselves.
In this case, one could think that fear is to be blamed or outcasted or destroyed itself, yet I almost assign zero blame to the fear itself for how our current world looks. Fear – just like any other emotion in the broader spectrum of life – feels just as a tool, a colour, with which to create and express with. As outlined above, paradoxically, fear is a substance used to create consistency, coherency and stableness in a certain reality. That means: order and stability.
From what I see, it is only by fear being hooked to destruction, that later yield constant destructive outcomes and a totalitarian flavour for our current reality.
And why the present reality feels that painful for some of the beings pertaining of it, is due to the fact that these beings have come to this creation or “life game” with a certain will in mind. Unlike some beings that chose to come to this creation to experience it “as is”, to enjoy its turn arounds of events, to witness it “first hand” like being immersed in an 100D movie, some other beings came to this creation with a set objective in mind. This second type of beings came here to experience a certain version of reality, and not another one. And this “version of reality” they came here to experience became written in the will of their soul. From the multitude of possible realities one can experience in this multiverse, these beings came here with a certain “picture” in mind. They had a specific direction, a path, that they willed to travel, inside this multiverse creation.
Unlike some beings that maybe came to this creation out of 100% curiosity, fully opened to experience the entire swift of events and random plays in this multiverse, some beings came here to experience some specific realities, some specific path or direction.
This will written in their own soul makes these second type of beings feel pain when they interact with a reality that feels off from the will of their soul. Off of their soul’s path. And, from what I see, these second type of beings came to this multiverse to learn just that: how to have a will of their own. How to stick to what their soul tells them. How to walk on the path that beats inside of them.
I sometimes describe this creation like walking in a dark forest. For many beings here this whole creation can feel unknown. The fact that, in most of the cases, one cannot foresee even the basic outcomes of its actions, makes this creation a pretty advanced type of darkness. One could do an action with a certain known intention in mind and see its action resulting in an outcome he has hardly intended. Much time can thus be spent in order to learn what works and what doesn’t in the rules of this thick dark universe. If one only decides to use his human mind to figure this reality out, it will need not only lifetimes.. yet cycles of lifetimes of trial and error, to try to pin point the rules of this universe, and even then.. (in the past at least) the rules could change unpredictably.
(currently this game has been halted, the rules are stables, the movie is ending)
This is why for a being wanting to have a better chance at surfing between the realities of this dark universe it needed a certain light to act as a guide. And this light – in my opinion – can come from our soul within us.
Our soul keeps the memory of all our experiences and much more: our soul remembers the will we have written in it. Our soul knows the path we decided to walk in this dark universe. Our soul knows where we wanted to get. And our soul beams to us – day by day, moment by moment – that will. Listening to our soul makes it easier to make a certain choice in this reality.
Listening to our soul also makes it clearer which emotion we need to transform into action and which not. One could think “yeah, but if fear is at the root of all forces that create my reality, how could I ever be 100% fearless, and thus: free to chose my own path?” And my answer is: I don’t think we are ever able to be 100% fearless, in this universe. Fear is mingled within all life forms of this universe, including the molecules and cells in our body, the nature, planets and galaxies around. As much as we are going to experience ourselves in this universe, we shall act (unconsciously or not) out of fear. The question is: what reality our fear will help us sediment? Will we use fear to stabilise the reality written in our soul, will we learn to do those actions that match our soul’s will, or .. will we continue to sediment the inherited reality of this random universe, being swiped away by the multitude of other will streams flowing in this universe? Will we learn to use our will? To give it credit, meaning and power?
When the antidote for fear is will .. will we learn to trust the will of our soul and learn to faithfully acting it out?
There are a few basic steps in the formula of healthy experiencing ourselves in this seemingly “dark” universe:
  1. Learn the skill of self observance and self awareness. You need to become aware of your thoughts, actions and most importantly: feelings and emotions. You need to be able to figure out when inner pain is being felt – that is your soul’s sign that you are making a choice / action / word that falls out of your soul’s will.
  2. Learn to know your feelings. At any time, before making any action, before speaking any word, you need to know the energy charge (emotion/feeling) you hold within. If it’s an energy of fear and destruction, even if your mind might think you are doing a reasonable, healthy action, that action will later result in more fear or destruction. Know your feelings to know your outcomes.
  3. Learn to feel your feelings. Rather than act them out. Feeling your feelings, before doing an action – especially if its a strong feeling – will discharge the magnetic force that emotion/feeling has to manifest reality around you. Remember: your emotions are the ones that coagulate reality around your senses. Your emotions manifest your visible physical reality. Feeling your emotions “quiets” them down, leaving room for the will of your soul to beam and coagulate reality around yourself. You know you have felt your emotions when you feel 100% peaceful inside.
  4. Learn to hear your soul. In your daily life, before doing an action or speaking a word, you can feel within yourself if that action or word feels heavy or light. This feeling of heaviness or tiredness or “danger” can depict that your soul signals you to avoid that. Learn to trust your soul and keep yourself from doing that action or saying that word, even if for your mind it might seem reasonable.
  5. Learn how to distinguish your soul’s “voice” from the voice of your emotions, thoughts or fears. Usually the voice of your soul might feel unlogical in that current moment you are in. The voice of your soul might indicate to make a certain action that seems to make little sense to your logic at that time. Learn to act out of what “feels right”, even if it means saying something that you feel afraid to say, or doing something you wouldn’t normally do. If that action feels right within yourself, if it leaves you feeling peaceful and light, learn to trust your soul and do it. Over time you can observe how that word, action or behaviour was the perfect puzzle piece in a grander situation you might not have been aware in the moment.
  6. Learn to trust your soul. And do the actions your soul signals as being right within you. Remember: your soul is your inner flashlight, guiding your steps in this dark universe. Doing what feels right inside yourself means walking on your soul’s path, meaning: aligning to your inner will, getting more and more close to your natural reality.
  7. Learn the light of honesty. One way in which you can fast forward yourself to your soul’s path and your natural reality, is by starting to accept the place you are in right now. Start embodying your current life condition, as painful or dissagreable as they might feel. Acknowledging the darkness shines light into it. Making the courage to be honest – to yourself and others – about who you are, what your life is, what your thoughts and real emotions are, ends the war between your psyche and this reality. By fully embodying your weaknesses, your fears, also your real strenghts and skills, you are telling this reality that you are ready to move on. Remember: the only thing that keeps a reality stable and in place is your fear of admitting it.
  8. Learn to identify the will of your soul. Start with small steps. Think: what would a natural world look like, for me? What would my human character look like in a natural, healthy condition? How would I talk? How would I behave? How would the people around me behave? What would I love to do if I would feel comfortable and natural in my surrounding reality? What passion would I have? What would my personality be? Remember: from all the versions of this multiverse, you do have one version that aligns the most with the will of your soul. That version feels natural for you. That version of reality is the one your soul wants you to get to. That reality is your “door”/”portal” home. In that version you have a body, you live in a certain world, you behave, think and feel in a certain way. You already know deep within you all the details from that version. Once you identify some cues of that version you can start acting out with that inner intent in your body. If you have figured out that in your natural world you behave in a certain way, you can start slowly embodying that. The idea is to unite more and more with the will of your soul, and start embodying that as your true nature.

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