Learning to play the human game, tool #1: Understanding emotions

Emotions are dynamic invitations to write a certain reality together.

When someone is projecting an emotion to another person, that emotion is an invisible invitation, a proposal .. to live a certain reality/scenario/timeline/script together. The person feeling/receiving the emotion has two options:

  1. It can accept the invitation – and thus: agree to live that proposed scenario – by re-acting to that emotion (either internal reaction or external reaction) or
  2. It can decline the invitation – and thus: refuse to live that proposed scenario – by feeling (!) the emotion instead of reacting to it. Thus: that emotion flows like a wind through a transparent body. A body that holds no opposition, no resistance, no reaction to that emotion. A body that feels it!

When we re-act to an emotion (either internally or externally) we silently accept to hop into that mutual reality playground with the player that projected that emotion. Emotions act like silent invitations to live together a certain reality, generated live.

If in some games we agree to some scenarios before starting the game, and then we hop in the game and experience those agreed scenarios exactly as we agreed them, in some other games (like this one) the agreements and scenarios can be created while playing the game itself. And in this particular game we are currently in, these agreements are silently made by the use of projecting emotions.

When one feels an emotion projected from another being it has the option to go internally and “sense” the scenario that comes along with that emotion. Then that being can decide if it feels up for playing that scenario or not. The agreements are made on the spot by how we respond to a given emotion.

If we want to say “pass” to that specific scenario, we allow ourselves to be transparent, like air, and to let that emotion flow through us like a wind. We refuse “biting” that apple. We refuse buying into that story. We keep zero attachments, attraction or rejection towards that emotion. We allow ourselves to feel it entirely.

If we want to hop inside that specific scenario, we “solidify” ourself and we allow ourselves to keep that received emotion within us – by generating a reaction. The moment we react to an emotion it means we now insert a piece of our own energy into that specific scenario. We add our own “lines” in that story. We start writing that story together with the being that first projected the emotion.

In this reality here, this simple truth or simple game mechanic has been – of course – hidden from the general public, hidden, occult information for the general psyche. I – for example – had to discover this truth or game mechanic by myself, by going through some extreme scenarios.

In a more natural game, the rules and mechanics of the game would usually be consciously known by all the players involved. In this particular game, we all still know the rules and mechanics of the game, yet we know them with our unconscious awareness, rather than the conscious one.

In other natural games, we would all consciously know how dynamic agreements work, for example. We would all know what an emotion actually is and how it is used in the game itself. Thus, in a natural game.. when I would feel an emotion my conscious awareness would also “see” a sort of general view on the scenario that emotion invites me in, and I could consciously and knowingly take the decision to play in that scenario or not. Thus, many emotions would show me scenarios that I would love playing in and I would want in. Thus I would take that emotion sent to me – I would take that invitation – and I would react to it. Exactly as taking a letter received from someone, I would use it to write my response. I would send to the initial sender my continuation of that story. And then.. that other being would take my letter, my story, my received version of that emotion, and it would “formulate” its own continuation of that received story.. and it would send it back to me. And so we would play together in mutual stories, writing and living the scenarios together – at the same time – by the use of emotions.

Here, in this game, things appear to have been much obstructed or obfuscated from the general player. If in a natural reality, we would all have conscious awareness of being both generators and receivers of emotions, both creators of stories and players in the stories we create, in this reality – some selected number of beings have taken upon themselves the role of generating/creating some main story lines, while the majority of other beings have been taken upon themselves to only be consumers or players in those stories.

In this reality here the majority of people are mostly unaware of both when they are projecting emotions and when they are receiving emotions.

By first obfuscating how emotions really work, by hiding how dynamic agreements and lively writing the story actually works, by making the conscious awareness of the player forget their own decision power in the game they are experiencing.. some players managed to over impose some of their scenarios/timelines/scripts over a mass audience by creating and projecting standardised, mass emotions, and sending them continuously to this mass collective audience.

The players in the audience, now unconscious of their own innate decision power.. would all now re-act continuously (either internally or externally) to those mass received emotions, thus: re-enacting continuously the mass proposed story.

In this collective pool or collective mass story, it takes effort now to break the spell of this mass hypnosis. To take back the power over what scenarios I decide to respond to or not, and thus: enact, or not. To re-learn how to feel the emotion when that proposed scenario doesn’t “smell” appealing.

First thing to re-learn, in this case, is what I called: feeling the feelings. By feeling the feelings we keep ourselves transparent and thus: out of a certain proposed storyline. Projected emotions associated with that storyline come to us, we “sense“ them reaching our “emotional body“ .. yet instead of creating an opposition by reacting to them .. we allow them to flow.. by feeling them. Thus: we let those accompanied scenarios flow too, and we slowly re-learn to live only those realities/scenarios that “smell” nice according to our inner core truth and preferences.

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