Listen to the real voice within

Whenever you encounter a “problematic” situation, aka: a situation that makes you feel any type of pain (physical, emotional, mental) remember:
It’s not your job to solve it. It’s not your job to find a solution for it.
You as in your conscious mind, the mind of the body, or the ego mind.
Whenever a painful situation occurs remember: your conscious mind has zero real tools to solve that situation.
What your mind can do, at best, is to solve or hide the symptoms.
Yet your mind has zero capability of solving the actual cause.
What can heal the cause is some deeper or higher intelligence within you, which you need to learn to make room for, in such cases.
Hence.. whenever you find yourself (meaning you as in your body/mind/soul system, aka: your ego self) in a challenging situation, you can speed up your recovery by learning to surrender to this higher force or higher intelligence within you.
This means: give yourself up, abandon yourself, surrender. The solution is – in either cases – far from coming from you, anyway.
Hence: surrender yourself to not knowing, and open yourself to help from within.
This means: accept that you don’t really know the solution to your problems and you can’t actually ever know them. As you can’t actually know anything, as your ego self.
And accept that these solutions can come to you naturally, when you open yourself to your true intelligence within.
Open yourself to not knowing and many of your problems can disappear as if by magic.


The last things the enlightened said: “I don’t know”. (DN 2022)


And then.. learn to listen to what this “voice within” is communicating. Learn to do the things it indicates, without holding any judgements.
Many times this force within might put you to act quite in opposition to what your mind might push you to do. If your mind might push you to fight with someone, to reject someone or to leave a certain situation this force within might push you to accommodate this person, to show forgiveness or to foster more understanding towards that situation. This might feel from unpleasant to outrageous if you still keep the attachment to your ego mind.
Other times the same force within might indicate that you need to leave a certain situation, reject a certain behaviour coming from someone, even though that situation or behaviour would appear nice and caring in terms of your ego mind.

Hence: if you feel pulled towards healing yourself or re-becoming your true self, start listening to the true voice within you. Make that your religion. Listen to that “god”.
All other things deceive you from walking on your path.

DN 30Ian, 2022

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