Lymphatic human parasite – part 3c

This information is part of a series published by Dmitry Mylnikov, in his website: mylnikovdm . I used google translate to copy and reproduce the material in english. This material covers the lymphatic system which acts more like a parasite for the human body that feeds from us, not only physically. Please draw your own conclusions and study forward.


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Hydra, part 3c

original text in russian :

January 4th, 2016

In the 11 (114) issue of the journal “Science and Technology” for 2015, the article “In search of the causes of aging: epigenetics” was published. It describes the research on the effect of DNA gene methylation, which I mentioned above, as one of the most important mechanisms for changing the genetic code that is recorded in the DNA of cells, which is very strongly reflected on the organism itself. For example, it was found out that from the same bee larvae that have the same DNA, both working bees and queen bees can develop. It depends on the level of DNA methylation, which is regulated by the enzyme DNMT-3, which enhances this process. In the larvae that are supposed to become working bees, the amount of this enzyme is increased, so part of the DNA code is blocked. If the larvae continue to feed the royal jelly longer, which reduces the amount of the DNMT-3 enzyme, the gene methylation process is blocked, so the genes that turn the larva into the queen bee turn out to be active.

When this effect of gene methylation in DNA in animals and insects became known, research into these processes in humans began. And then it turned out a very interesting thing. It turns out that people have a slightly different picture. The highest level of DNA gene methylation is observed just in children, that is, in young organisms. And as they mature and age, the level of DNA methylation begins to decrease. That is, those DNA fragments that are turned off are starting to turn on. At the same time, in 2013, a group of Italian geneticists, led by D. Vitale, published the results of their work, during which they found out that there is a direct relationship between life expectancy and the level of DNA methylation. People who live less have lower levels of DNA methylation, which means

Further, the authors of the article in the journal Science and Technology draw conclusions that the behavior of parents, their lifestyle, in fact, influences the heredity of their children through epigenetic mechanisms, which makes them look at many processes and their behavior quite differently. This is, of course, a very interesting and important conclusion, but I propose to look at these facts, confirmed by research, on the other hand. But before that I want to mention one more important fact, which today is also confirmed experimentally. There is a whole group of viruses that do not just penetrate into the cell, disrupting its work, and forcing them to produce their copies. They can embed fragments of their code in the DNA code of an infected cell. At the same time, the process of recovery of the body, including methylation, that is, shutting down the infected area. If the body was able, by methylation, to block the malicious code introduced by the virus, the body will recover. If you could not, then the body dies.

And now let’s take a look at the whole picture. What do we actually have? We have human DNA, in which, firstly, there is a mass of fragments that are not used and turned off due to the mechanism of methylation. Secondly, we have viruses that can embed a malicious code into the DNA of the cells of an infected organism, which disrupts the functioning of the cells, which ultimately destroys the body and leads to its death. Thirdly, it has been established that the aging process of the organism is directly related to the decrease in DNA methylation and the inclusion of “junk” fragments that are present in DNA, which ultimately leads to disruption of the cells and the death of the organism. Including some forms of cancer are caused by just such changes in the DNA code, when the cell begins to divide uncontrollably, while losing its original functionality. Separately, I want to note that the “Hayflick limit” does not apply to cancer cells, that is, they have no restrictions on the number of divisions, which in itself raises a lot of questions. Why do healthy cells have a limit on the number of divisions, but there is no cell with “damaged” DNA? And what is this “accidental” DNA damage, according to many articles about cancer, which all the same way disable the “Hayflick limit”?

In fact, all this is more like some kind of targeted negative impact. In my other articles, I have already mentioned various signs that a global war has occurred on Earth relatively recently, with the use of nuclear or some other powerful high-energy weapon, which causes similar destructions and consequences. This is confirmed by the mass of craters of a regular round shape with a diameter of hundreds of meters to tens of kilometers, which have already been found several hundred across the entire surface of the Earth. The last interesting material on this topic was recently published by Nikolai Subbotin “Traces of an ancient war. New facts “, (to which I have already given a link ).

But if we have traces of the use of high-tech energy weapons, it is logical to assume that other types of high-tech weapons could be used, for example, biological, acting at the genetic level. And it is precisely these traces that we see inside our DNA in the form of a so-called “trash code”, which, when activated, as DNA methylation decreases, causes the so-called “age-related” changes in the body, which lead to shaking and death.

Moreover, if high-energy weapons, causing massive destruction and death of all life in vast territories, were used to exterminate the excess population and destroy the original nutrient habitat, as well as physical conditions on the planet, then the genetic weapon as we see it today. traces were obviously used not so much for extermination as for suppressing human capabilities and subjugating the remnants of the surviving population. In this case, a sharp reduction in the lifetime is in this case one of the key factors. This helps the invaders to introduce a false view of the history of the planet, allowing to hide the fact of invasion, capture and enslavement. When you do not see the enemy, moreover, you do not even know about his existence, it is very difficult to defeat him.

In the course of working on this series of articles, I received many different comments and comments. At the same time, many of them mentioned the positive effect of ordinary baking soda. He mentioned the positive effect of using a solution of soda in his fight against the “hydra” and Konstantin Khvatov, the author of the source materials about the “hydra”. Including I watched a very popular film with Anna Chapman from the “Secrets of the World” series, which some of the commentators recommended to me.

The film is entertaining, it contains a lot of interesting facts, but nothing really explains why there is a positive effect. It turned out that this topic is very popular on the Internet. Different people write articles and shoot videos for the use of baking soda, and against. Naturally, I could not get past this topic and decided to look into this issue deeper. And I not only conducted a search for information on this topic, but also tried the method described below on myself for one and a half months.

It seems that we are dealing with a multifactorial impact that suppresses a person’s capabilities and shortens his lifespan. In this case, the so-called “hydra” is only one of many factors. The second factor is the mechanism described above for introducing into DNA with the help of viruses that destroy the body programs that are activated as the body grows older. The third important factor is the violation of the physical conditions of the habitat, in particular the decrease in atmospheric pressure, which in normal conditions should be significantly higher. I wrote more about this in the fifth part of the article “The Beautiful World We Have Lost” , as well as Alexey Artemyev in his article “Atmospheric Pressure and Salt — Evidence of a Catastrophe” .

Alexey’s article details the so-called “osmotic pressure”, which compensates for the high internal pressure inside living cells. And it is in this very osmotic pressure that the whole focus lies, which explains the positive effect of using baking soda solution or sodium bicarbonate.

In order to maintain an appropriate osmotic pressure, which should compensate for the increased pressure inside the cells, it is necessary that the blood and intercellular medium contain the appropriate concentration of sodium ions. The lack of sodium ions or their excess will lead to corresponding disturbances in the cells. In this case, the body can regulate the excess of sodium ions, removing them from the body through urine, but the body can compensate for the lack of sodium ions only by consuming substances that contain sodium. The main substance from which we are all accustomed today to get the sodium ions we need is ordinary table salt, which has the formula NaCl. That is, it is the sodium salt of hydrochloric acid.

The trick is that we need the sodium ions, but the chlorine ions contained in table salt are absolutely not needed! At the same time, chlorine itself is a very aggressive substance. Hydrochloric acid is one of the strongest acids. In its pure form, chlorine is generally a poisonous substance. Chlorine ions are very strong oxidizing agents, therefore, when interacting with many organic compounds, they either destroy them or join them, significantly changing their structure and properties. It is hydrochloric acid, that is, chlorine ions, form the basis of the gastric juice, which is necessary for the digestion of organic food. In this case, our stomach is the only place that can somehow withstand the aggressive effects of chlorine ions, and even then with varying success. But the content of chlorine ions in the blood is minimal and the body tries to remove excess aggressive chlorine ions from the body as quickly as possible, but with a large concentration of them all the same enters the bloodstream, starting its destructive effect. In normal condition, the acid-base balance in the blood and intercellular fluid is not supported by chlorine ions, which come from the salt, but by various organic acids and carbonic ions, which either come from food or are produced by the body itself.

When we use a solution of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate, we thereby obtain the sodium ions we need to maintain balance, but without accompanying aggressive chlorine ions. And carbonic acid ions in baking soda are exactly the same as those already found in blood and extracellular fluid. The composition of sodium bicarbonate in addition to sodium go carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, that is, exactly the same chemical elements that serve as the basis for building the majority of organic compounds. What to do with them and how to regulate their excess the body knows very well and knows how. Unlike chlorine, they have no destructive effect on the body tissues.


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