No one is feeling safe here

No one is feeling safe here. No one is feeling embraced, protected, nurtured. Everyone is striving to survive. We can see this from the tiniest cell to the bigger organisms, like stars and galaxies. Everyone just scaringly consumes others in order to sustain itself. We have an epidemy of pain of not being cared for. Our hearts know that this is, in fact, just an illusion, and in reality everyone nurtures themselves and thus creating a nurturing environment, and then the environment reflects that nurture back.

Everyone is scared here. No one feels at home, at rest, at peace. We live in a kind of unseen internal war. We are scared and feeling under attack. We can see this by the way we breath. Our breath is short and rapid, just like we would be in an attack.
People need to be nurtured, and most important to re-connect with one’s own way of nurturing. No one will ever have the exact water for your thirst, then your own heart. By starting to nurture your heart you automatically create nurture in the environment you are in. You are giving back and not just consuming. And then the environment takes your nurture and multiplies it and reflects it back. This happens in the same way when you are consuming. The environment multiplies your choice and reflects it back. And you perceive consuming at so many levels, all of them consuming you.

How can we feel safe, how can we regain peace here ? How can we make this place be home ? How can we teach this environment about nurturing, feeling safe, feeling protected and like someone has his back ? We need to have the back for this life, it’s like a scared child.

How can we feel protected here? How can we feel embraced? In our total freedom of expression? People need to be able to express themselves however uniquely life is pouring through them. It is only in our denial of life that we ended up this scared. Maybe pain, death and anything else people are scared of are more desirable than fearing, rejecting and denying them. Maybe pain is as painful as our capacity to reject it.

How can I make this place my home ? I don’t know anything here. Seemingly I have no power. How can I feel at home in having no power? How can I nurture and embrace even my total unknowingness and powerless? How can I accept my lack of power, and make this my strength? How can I accept apparently having no power, no will, totally at the wilsome of others, of the body, of the environment. Currently the movie is mainly decided by outside factors of my will. How can i be at home in that? How can I nurture that? How can I accept that to be and encourage it to exist? How can I give life and help something to live that takes my life and power away? How can I love even that? How can I love this song that contradicts and inverses the real song ? How can I love it? How can I, once again, become neutral and impartial and just be like the air, the water, the sun, the ground? All of them sustain everything without biased preferences. Maybe my preference for the real song is what keeps me from going forward. Seems like an impossible journey… at this time. But I think the clue lays in playing. Playing is the alchemical process by which all the elements are united – effortlessly and even full of exhilaration and joy.

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