Some observations on pain, sound and movement

Pain is a very interesting and intriguing creation for me. I continue to be baffled while looking at it. Although I am able to see many of its facets and workings, why’s and how’s, and I am literally able to – almost – create maps of actions and pathways in the higher dynamics of things, still.. I look at its core substance with awe. The core substance that makes pain painful, is the same that makes a tree have a truck and leaves, is the same that makes this desk so physical to the touch. This substance – this underlying sound molecule of awareness that is forming these forms is what baffles me.

What is this awareness? What is this pain?

It’s obvious to me that pain very much relates to movement, lack of movement in particular.

Movement, by the way, is the base underlying principle and substance of all expressed life, and thus: experience. In order to have an experience you need movement. Action. Motion. Will. Choice.

Nothing could exist and be perceived without movement. In the still ocean of awareness something gets perceived as it creates movements/waves in the still ocean. This is how awareness knows something exists: by observing something move. Movement has a very special effect on the awareness: awareness focuses on that which moves. This is a very tricky and intriguing quality of the awareness. Awareness knows stillness, stillness is where awareness resides in its natural form. Stillness is the fountain, the ocean, from which the different stream of awarenesses spring and spread out to check one thing or another. When there is no movement, awareness is still. Nothing to perceive in particular, but rather everything is seen at the same time. Zero point. When something disturbs the still ocean, creating movement and thus: waves, awareness is immediately drawn to see what moves. To explore that, to view it closer. This is what will does! This is why awareness is so drawn to will, and this is why will can direct the awareness, exactly as a hand manages to direct a flashlight to light one thing or another.

Sound is will in motion! This is what sound is, what a wave is.. actually. Just moving will ! And with sound we create every physical form. And this is why sound shapes awareness ! Because it’s something that moves. Awareness folds and wraps around sound, looking closer to see it, to inspect it – and this is why awareness is so glued to anything physical. It’s because any physical form is a sound. Just will in motion. And for everything to exists, like it does now, you need to have a constant pulse of will ! A constant emanating beat – making a constant movement, creating music and thus: life. Music is the arrangement of will in specific patterns. And will is only a beat, a pulse. In order to have will you must beat a constant pulse. If you stop pulsating even for a second, the music stops… everything stops, creations are vanished. You need someone to always beat the pulse in order for anything to exist. Just like the rhythm in any music.

There is someone doing that right now in order for us to be able to experience here. The pulse sets the main tone, the main will, and with that anything is then created.

In order to have sound you need movement. Even if we go looking at the description of physical sound as it is portrayed here in this world, we see that the radio transmitter, for example, is a membrane that constantly moves in order to create waves of sounds. If the membrane would be still no sound would exist. Sound is created by movement. Movement and will are very much intertwined. Will is the movement. And in order to have sound, or a wave, you need a medium of propagation. No wave can form in total void. You can scream in total void but no sound would come out of your mouth. (btw: total void had to be invented, in reality this is inexistent). This is why we are underwater here, we are immersed in a liquid – even if we don’t perceive it. What we call air is actually a liquid but of different density. Everything that ever exists… only does so in the quiet ocean of awareness. We are underwater now. We are inside the still ocean of awareness, and everything that is ever created is only a wave in this ocean. We are the ocean…

And this is why here they have invented this saying: “we are water, everything is water”. Well.. yes, not your usual tap water, but yes.. everything is just this ocean.

And what pain is, actually, is just something that impedes movement. That draws awareness back from sounds. If you notice everything becomes statical when pain is present. Everything stops moving. The body pauses movement, the brain pauses movement. Emotions – as used here in this world we are in now – are a very interesting creation that use pain to drive more movement – quite experiential and interesting, I would say.

So pain is the antidote for will, for sound – even if, paradoxically, pain is a sound of its own – but it is a sound of a reverse wavelength to the will. Pain it’s the anti-matter – in that respect. Will is the creation force that expresses, creates movements and thus births sounds. Sounds catches attention/awareness. And thus sounds make the awareness move, because awareness goes to explore the sound, the movement. And in going to explore, it changes its point of view, it moves. Awareness learns to move with the help of sound, with the help of will.

Pain invites listening, rather than transmitting, stillness rather than movement. Pain is what helps us become still, become observant, zoom out from sounds and back to the core of what we are. Pain always always always brings a being to itself, to its true nature.

Pain is the tool we invented to make sure we remember how to hit the brake, how to pause, how to retreat into our natural stillness. Because.. as natural as movement might appear, stillness is our natural way of moving 🙂 Stillness is the fastest way of transportation or movement, actually. Because when you are still, you become quantic, and you can teleport yourself in any point in space. No need to use will to get from A to B, because when you use stillness you directly show yourself in B. Or in Z, or in O. Without a fabricated order, without a static movement or action that needs to be done always in the same way (eg: moving 2 legs, driving a car, etc) in order to accomplish that. Will always invites repetition, rituals, because will it’s a pulse! It’s not a continuum 🙂 Even if it seem to be continuum, will is actually just a pulse. A repeated movement. Stillness is.. the continuum. That which is always the same, and thus offers the ground for all the diversity to be born and experienced. Will is not diverse, even if it’s seem so. Will is just a prolongation of the same movement. Just as the mathematical interval of 0 to 1, comprises infinite numbers .. but.. they are still defined, finite. Nothingness instead, is the supporting ground for all intervals, for all the numbers.

Pain is actually our tool to brake the pulse, to pause the will, to stop the motion, the movement. Pain invites stillness, invites movement by quantic speed.

Zero movement = highest velocity. Some movement = some velocity 🙂 

Quantic speed = no speed

Using will we live in pretend mode (imaginary/illusion). Using nothingness we live in truth mode/real mode.

In the real world we have quantic natural velocity, we can be anywhere in the same time. With will we can only be where the will is, because awareness follows movement. You stop the movement, you stop the will. You stop the will, awareness draws back to stillness.

Will is lying, in a sense. Movement is a lie, an illusion, an imagination we provoke. Something that exists only as long as you keep re-enforcing it – a pulse that needs to be pulsated constantly in order for it to exists. Silence/stillness exists by default, zero efforts or actions needed to keep it alive. This is why will and movement are lying, in a sense. They just repeat a fabricated story in order for that story to exists. You stop telling that story, you stop pulsing that beat, that sound ceases. Movement is not something permanent. Movement happens. It begins and ends. Awareness exists.

Pain is not painful when we make use of it. Pain is painful only when we reject it. If you embrace your nothingness… and most importantly: USE THE WILL TO BECOME STILL 🙂 then pain is dissolved – you return in the heart of the atom. You are once again the fully alive ocean.

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  1. De acord cu tine in tot ce ai scris mai sus. Insa cum putem intelege in acest context durerea produsa de cineva care te tortureaza sadic, pentru placerea sa? Este un aspect important care este intalnit peste tot in aceasta lume. Ma refer la doua tipuri de dureri: cea fizica (produsa de lezari asupra corpului) si cea psihica (atunci cand o ruda sau un sef face tot ce poate ca sa te opreasca din nazuintele tale, sa iti distruga destinul, sa iti distruga talentele, punctele forte, bucuria, stima de sine, etc).

  2. Pai se pune intrebarea: cum de reuseste acel individ sa ne creeze durere? Durerea exista in noi, ei doar o activeaza. Daca durerea nu ar exista in mine – individul ar spune ceva dureros, dar eu nici nu l-as pricepe. Eu percep durerea pentru ca am durere in mine. Ei doar o vad si impung unde trebuie.

  3. Din pacate raspunsul la durerea fizica e putin mai complicat. Atata timp cat mintea inca nu stapaneste realitatea fizica, e foarte usor ca realitatea fizica sa stapaneasca mintea. Si astfel.. multi au profitat de acest lucru.. si au folosit durerea fizica pentru a incerca sa controleze mintea si deci actiunile unei persoane. Singura cale pe care o vad este de a incerca sa ne reluam puterea asupra mintii noastre, chiar si dupa un eventual eveniment traumatic fizic.

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