On True Action

When an action, an intention, a thought or an emotion aligns with “What We Truly Are”,
then that action, intention, thought or emotion generates an inner feeling of freedom.
We can sense when our actions, our thoughts, emotions and responses are aligned with the blueprint of “What We Truly Are”, when internally a sense of peace, freedom, air and neutrality is felt.

This is how we can know we are walking “on the true path”.

When, in turn, our actions, thoughts, emotions or intentions generate an inner feeling of either fear, dread, impatience, anxiety, or any other feeling of weight or heaviness, that can be the signal that that action, thought, emotion or intention falls out of the blueprint of “What We Truly Are”, out of our real nature.

It can become easy, in a way, once such recognition takes place, to spot when our actions, thoughts and intentions are aligned with that true blueprint, and when not.

Jan 10, 2023

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