The orange team and the blue team

One of the baffling evidence of what is happening to some of the players playing out in this “world’s championship” :)) is the following cvasi-paradox:

The “bad” guys are honest while the “good” guys are stupid :)) Well.. let me explain this. Let’s say you board up for a video game. Let’s say in the video game you can choose one of the two teams available: the orange team or the blue team. Orange team is primitive, violent, caring for blood and destruction. Blue team is advancely intelligent, highly intuitive, creative and imaginative. What the paradox of the situation here is is the following: the orange team while so primitive are acting true to their nature. They are playing themselves out as truthful as they are. And because they are using truth as their tool, they have speed and power. Truth is the language of life. Those who use truth have life. And the blue team while so much more advanced psychologically, mentally and from many other factors, they are not using the truth tool, they are actually rejective of their own nature. They try to play as if to please the orange team, trying to be like the orange team – because the orange team has many more players or god knows what other ideas they have in their minds. And so the blue team – while much more advanced – actually looses at the heart of the game because it fails to be truthful. The blue team rejects its own nature.

This is one of the core conflicts we are here to resolve.

And it’s so interesting for me to see the orange team having so much confidence and power just because they are so true to their nature. They have zero interests as wanting to be something else than what they are. Instead the blue team always questions its own nature – is it good for me to be blue? Why did god made me blue? How can I be more (or less) blue? And all this kind of questions that actually only helps them to stumble on their own two feet, and be incapacitant of moving with velocity and power.

We need to start accepting our own nature. The prize of the game is as high as the difficulty of this challenge.

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  1. Brilliant! Ca o completare, de cativa ani, scos din pepeni, am decis sa spun adevarul cu brutalitate, fara sa imi mai pese de reactia celorlalti. Am fost uimit sa vad cum acestia erau ca izbiti de un val de energie. Practic, sinceritatea avea efect, era un mecanism ce functiona, acolo unde alte mecanisme dadusera gres. Sa ai un nou an cu multe constientizari, insight-uri, energii, ce-ti doresti tu.

    1. Aproape de cand am inceput sa scriu siteul asta una din temele principale, recurente, este adevarul si puterea sinceritatii. Adevarul este limbajul vietii. Cei ce folosesc adevarul au viata.

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