Physicality is will in action

People think that physicality is physical when, in fact, in couldn’t be further from the truth. What is physical? What do we call physicality? When we touch an object and we feel it? When we hear a sound and we perceive it? When we see with the eyes and we gather visual information? All physicality is .. is just agreements, rules, and codes inside the mind. When the “light” hits an object, it “reflects” and then hits the “retina” of our body computer, known as physical body. Then the eye “interprets” the information, arranging it in patterns and building a sense from the previous info we gathered, only to translate it at the end for our mind: this is how we make sense of what we known as “sight”. If we touch a wall, and our hands feels it’s texture, and our hand doesn’t pass through the wall, in other words: the wall has the property to block some of our actions, does this mean the wall is physical? Nope. It’s something very similar to a line of code, the wall has the property to block certain actions, it is agreed to be like this. All “physicality” is only line of mind codes, describing the properties of the “objects” and their programmed way of interaction.

Even and most especially our own body. Our physical body is just an agreement inside our mind. A set of rules, or programmed actions and behaviour.

How can we tell that something is physical? What do we define as physical? Our observance of the things around? We observe with our eyes, we observe with our years, with our body, tongue and nose, we observe with our mind, with our emotions, with our inner bodily sensations, with our heart … and most of all we observe with our attention/awareness/observance. Basically the awareness observes all phenomenons going on in front of it – translated as sight, smell, taste, emotion, etc. So… basically, physicality is only our own awareness of the scene around – “outside” and “inside”. So in this light of thought, physicality is just our own awareness of stuff. Awareness is what physicality really is, not just the walls, objects, flesh, etc. An emotion is a physical thing because it has interactions within the presented environment and leads to consequences. Thus is physical. A thought is physical because it has interactions and leads to consequences. Everything that affects the environment, has interactions and drives actions, results and consequences it is physical.

Physicality is only will in action. Something is willing everything we experience to exist. For example: a smartphone is a product of someone’s will. Someone used his will and the available materials to create this object. Then, other means were used to make it available to the public, and the “public” is willing to use this object. Their collective will, then, is what drives more of these objects to be created. We have will that emits a certain order or wanted/needed behaviour or outcome, and then we have the awareness of the results that will is making. So will is different than awareness, it is a different substance.

Will is always the force behind anything that we call “physical”. Will takes certain possibilities out of the ALL available, unites them and gives birth to some creation. Will is the driving force that takes something out of the infinite nothing, and agrees to only look at that selection and to omit the rest! This is what will really is. Will is only an agreement for the awareness to only pay attention to some possibilities, and not ALL. In that inner agreement to only look/pay attention to only those possibilities the observer starts observing his selection/creation. He starts observing the effect of those possibilities interracting. Is similar to strings of sound. The will comes and takes 2-3 strings with different notes, unites them .. and then… listens to them .. to see how they sound. This is how any creation is created and e.

The mystery, beauty.. and love of it all is the nothing, the total silence from where the will has the means to take the strings of sound. Nothing is everything, and this is the purest form of love. We consider it to be love, only because the observer, even though he agreed to only pay attention to the selection/creation he decided, that agreement created an opposite form of attraction to what he already knows as ALL strings, meaning: total silence. In our desire to explore part of the total nothing, when we decide to only look at something a natural force of attraction is created, that pull us back to the awareness of the ALL. And to help us remember the pure nothing which is the truth of everything. So a part of us decides to only look at something, but another part remains objective and KNOWS the truth of everything else. And that knowing is the attraction force, and here we perceive it as love. But when we return to it, it becomes.. once again: nothing. We cannot distinguish it, or feel it at all. We become it.

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