Poem: Here I am, again.

You might have been
a leaf falling on the street
Sometime in my 20’s
When I would cry
after a breakup.

I might have stepped
over you
Full of sadness
and disappointment
That again…
I haven’t found you.

You might have
held me in your arms
Nights and nights again.
And I might not
have known.

While looking
everywhere for you.

You might have been
too close, too real,
too palpable
for me to notice.

Searching for you everywhere
Finding you nowhere.

My eyes fogged
by the deep desire to
see you.

Like a childish game
of hide and seek.
The pleasure of seeking,
taking over the pleasure
of finding.

So here we are.
Renounced of all my search.

Bare foot, naked.
Homeless, thoughtless.

No more jokes.
No more sorrows.
No more wanting.

Just truth.

Here I am.

Nov 25, 2022

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