The body of knowledge

At a real level of ourselves knowledge is physical.
If at this game like instance of ourselves we experience knowledge through the mind – via abstract, invisible, un-palpable concepts and ideas – at a truer instance of ourselves knowledge is a concrete, manifested and palpable thing – just like physical objects or organs in a body.

In fact, our true body is made up of what here we call knowledge.
If at this level we work with knowledge through the mind, at another level of ourselves we physically experience knowledge.

In a way we can say that: at a real level of ourselves we are inseparable from the knowledge we own. At that level, knowledge is not knowledge, rather: knowledge is the very own physical body we posses. Knowledge makes up our physical body, our “organs, cells and vessels”.

This is why in many writings and literature of this world, you can find this expression: “a body of knowledge”.

And we can palp our own body inside out, being able to physically experience ourselves, meaning: the “knowledge” we are.

This is where this concept of “god wanting to know itself” comes from, as well. “God” tries to “know” itself, meaning: it tries to understand its own body. It palps, touches, experiences its own body.

And we can experience and touch this body inside out. Meaning: unlike how we can touch our body here, where we can only touch the surface of our body, at another level of ourselves we can touch the insides of our body just as well. We can palp and touch each “cell”, each organ, each “blood vessel”, each “tissue and bone”. We can even go inside these organs and touch their very own fabric of reality, experiencing these organs first hand.

Thus, what here is called “god” is actually a newly born cosmic child. A child that has been born with a body it is currently working to understand. Hence: we are currently on the lookout for “knowing” ourselves. Meaning: understanding our cosmic body.

This is why even the word “remember” is made up from “re” and “member”. Meaning: to put one’s members back together. To re-build oneself.

That means that remembering or understanding some information means: re-establishing the contact with a part of your cosmic body. This is what knowledge is: you feeling, touching, palpating, tasting your own body.

This is why at this level the staple of human spiritual endeavours has been framed by the phrase: “know thyself”. Meaning: to re-establish the connection with your own cosmic body.

The cosmic child was born with a body he had to learn about. In order to understand how his own body works, it needed to experience it. It needed to go inside each and every cell, each and every organ, and experience them first hand. Thus, it split itself in countless souls, countless points of awareness, countless myriads of selves, each entitled to experience a part of this cosmic body. By experiencing its own body, basically this child becomes “in contact” with the workings of its body.

At first he had the body, yet.. just like a newly born child in this reality, he didn’t knew how to operate his body fully. He had “arms” and “legs”, yet he didn’t knew how to use them. Even if having the body, the cosmic child was somehow unconscious of the workings of its own body. It needed to become familiar with the functions of its own body, on a one by one experience.

The child chose, in a way, to “de-fragment” or “decompose” its own body in order to understand it. Just like in this reality we see that children decompose a radio, or a toy, in order to understand how it works.

Similar, this cosmic child chose to “dis-member” its own body and watch the different parts on a one by one experience and learn about them. This event has been portrayed even in some major creational myths of this world where, for example, the Babylonian creational myth recounts how earth was created from the different parts of Tiamat’s body.

Thus, Knowledge is body and body is knowledge.

Knowing one self only means: understanding and establishing connection with your own cosmic body.

The mind was build to help us keep track of own own body parts, while we are experiencing our body from inside out. Thus, at this level of inside experience what we consider to be knowledge are just mental maps of our cosmic body. Basically the mind is working at creating a map of our cosmic body’s functions. Basically we are experiencing the building of the neurological system of the cosmic child, first hand.


From wikipedia:
“In the second form of world parent myth, creation itself springs from dismembered parts of the body of the primeval being. Often in these stories the limbs, hair, blood, bones or organs of the primeval being are somehow severed or sacrificed to transform into sky, earth, animal or plant life, and other worldly features.¬†“

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