The Call for Adam!

The original sin is a play in two acts.

First Eve – our Soul – consumes the “forbidden fruit” and does the original “mistake”.
Then Adam – our Mind – turns against Eve, blaming her for the mistake.

This is when the Mind separated itself from the Soul.
And this is when the true real malady started.

If we would have stuck with Eve eating the fruit, falling into the “great sleep”, and experiencing all the pain that later followed, that would have been manageable. With the help of our brilliant Mind – Adam – we could have found the solution to any problem.

But once you separate the solution finder from the problem, when you separate the Mind from the Soul, you get a problem that never ends.
Which we have been experiencing, perpetually, since the beginning of this story.

This second “sin” was the real “nail in the coffin”.
That set us all on a path of perpetual death.

Adam should have never left Eve!
The Mind should have never split from the Soul!

Most human beings are children of Adam.
Progenies of that choice that Adam made.

And hence, most human beings have a Mind that acts separately from their Soul.
They – unconsciously and without their will – despise the very nature of their Soul.
They still blame Her.

This is why most human beings on Earth are psychopaths.
Their Mind is divorced from their Soul.
They literally are: Soul-less.

(They can have Spirit, but the access to their Soul is sealed.)

Until the very last drop of blame is extinguished in a person, one’s Mind cannot truly re-unite with one’s Soul.
One must stop the blame, entirely, so that one’s Mind is able to re-find one’s Soul.

This is when the Mind can restore its brilliance, and be able to “save the Soul”, restoring our world to its natural sense.

C’mon Adam, come back to Eve!
We need you in your full capacity!

Nov 23, 2023

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