The False and True Neutrality

On the Spiritual Path there are many traps and many distractions.

One such of these traps is the idea of neutrality.

Once we start learning about emotional control and how controlling our emotions yields a much more stable life experience, many of us can fall into the trap of sterile neutrality.

Sterile neutrality is a state in which, instead of transcending our traumas, we freeze ourselves in a state of detachment, imposing over ourselves a state of coldness and un-emotionality.

This is the false neutrality.

If the state of neutrality comes with coldness and lack of Love, True Love, then that’s how we know we are currently finding ourselves in the trap of the false neutrality.

The True Neutrality is one that makes us even more sensible, paradoxically, then we were before. More attuned and alive to everything that happens within us and outside of us: our feelings, thoughts, emotions, desires, preferences. And the feelings, thoughts, emotions and desires of everyone else.

True Neutrality is far from being about cold auto-imposed detachment, but about living in conscious presence our entire human experience.

It is this conscious presence brought fully to all our experiences that alchemises even our deepest traumas. It is this state of consciously living each fear, each shade of shame, each paralysing feeling of guilt, everything to its outermost intensity that – paradoxically – neutralises these experiences and makes us more wise and loving in return.

It is our vulnerability that becomes the most impenetrable shield.
It is the gentleness within that becomes the lioness without.

So True Neutrality is about living everything consciously.
Becoming transparent and fully vulnerable, like a new born baby.

And it is this internal transparency and vulnerability that – paradoxically – makes us the most solid and impenetrable mountains externally.

The true walkers on this path.

Briton Rivière – Una and Lion (Nineteenth Century)

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  1. My weakness is my strenght !
    And He ( Jesus ) has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast in my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.

    1. Hey Neutrality 🙂

      I think walking this tight rope between pure weakness and pure power, is the skill of the true magician.

      But.. from my experience, there is zero need of boasting in our weaknesses, as there is zero need of boasting in our power.

      It seems enough if we just manage to stand upright in both of them.

      I think self mastery lies in this balance.. were we neither boast, nighter hide from what we are.

      We just.. continue to walk the tight rope walk 🙂

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