The fountain of life

We are consuming energy when we are not being truthful to ourselves.
Some of us consumed the energy of others to fill back the missing energy.
Some of us consumed themselves up until almost extinction.
And most of us just used different proportions of these two.
The need for outside energy (food, sleep, attention, sex, etc) gets lowered as we start living more and more authentically from our real selves. That is far from saying we stop eating or sleeping, or having sex. What it means is: we can start experiencing these things for the treasure of what these experiences really are, rather than for the need of them.
And even more: such a human can start transpiring true life, like a fountain.
A true fountain of life: one that if you happen to drink from, you are never to be thirsty again. Reminding one of one’s own spring.
This is due to one main property of water: it holds memory. By touching, the molecules remember.
Such a water could even be regarded as poison or avoided by the ones still wanting to play the game.
In the end.. “energy vampires” were actually consuming one another.

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