The great priestess

The great priestess is the one governing this place at this time. Many are under her influence right now, working for her, without knowing.

She is the mother, the unifying principle, and also the destroyer.

This world was hers at the beginning. A long time ago, she was offered this realm as a gift, in order to maintain it, to manage it – in a sense. She raised warriors, beings of supreme mental justness, impeccable pieces of will aligned with the will of the universe. Her breath was transpiring through each and every living life form, each and every tree, leaf, bug, air, cloud. All wore her body. And she was driving this whole reality like a ship. It was her kingdom.

Then affairs happened. Experiments happened. And her herself was part of a bigger network of souls, so at some point she decided to put a bit of herself into some experiments, in order to sustain her partners and brothers. So Earth was also put in. A secondary, imaginary, virtual version of Earth, still.. Earth nonetheless. So she had to step back. Take a secondary, observant role. As she watched the Earth react to the new events, she was indeed seeing more of herself. And this seeing more, was only helpful for the projects this network of souls she was part of, was commonly sustaining. Brotherhood.

So while keeping the original version of Earth in place, she now had to dream a secondary imaginary one, and let that one sustain an attack. She let many beings join the experiment. Many beings even from outside of her network of souls – so it was the deal.

These beings brought a lot of unknown to the virtual Earth. There were, many of them, beings of supreme power. Beings that would teach this “child”, this Earth, some of their skills. It was genetics.

Some terms were agreed. Some timeframes. Some outcome was indeed looked for and expected. So she pushed her energy into the virtual Earth and helped sustain all the genetic experiments and everything that happened. It was her body that was experiencing the alterations, the modifications, through each and every life form existing. A part of her that got convoluted, distorted, combined with other essences, observed, measured, stored as scientifical alive data. Multiple copies were made. Earth was extended to billions upon billions of virtual copies. Each inhabitant having billions upon billions of alternate copies. All experiencing different outcomes, different experiments. She was in all of them.

At this time the copies are being retracted back. This process has started for some time already. Maybe before I was born. Maybe before this 2000-4000 years period. The copies slowly started to be pulled back, as the experiments were reaching their outcome, or clearly not reaching it at all.

The dream branches were slowly absorbed back.

What we are experiencing right now, is the end of the experiment, and the wovening of the integration part. The seed creation. This is where all the separate experiences, all the results, observations, data collection, genetics, are streamlined into one single, solid, piece of material. More than an experience: an evidence.

This is where true god material is being woven. A liquid information structure, a substance, of unmatchable life dynamics. It is far from being creational power, far from being absorption or integration power, but more: both of them united under one single liquid material. A truly new water of life, of unmatchable properties. The experiments succeeded.

So now many realities are experiencing the great priestess calling back her branches. And many beings now are being called back. Through so many different ways. In some realities she might appear like a true warrior, in some others like a singing ocean, in some others like a impulse, a knowing, a chant. There are many ships out-there, surveilling the Earth – right now. And many of them, are ships coming from races working directly for her. The ships send specific “waves” or “chants”, and people with some specific type of receptors are being resurrected at this moment.

The idea is to connect inwardly as much as one can, at this time.

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