The magic mirror

The physical – at least the one I find myself in – seems to me like something static. This physical realm here seems like a multidimensional static image. It has sound, it has odor, it has taste, it has even thoughts and emotions, but it looks to me like a static construct. Left alone this construct, this physical reality, would never change. Would never move. What moves the physical is the driver behind it. The energy, the soul, the life pulse – call it whatever you want.

The physical – on its own – it’s just a multi dimensional representation of a certain energetic state at a certain time. Change the energy and the physical changes. The physical seems like the lymph in the body. Left alone it cannot move itself. It needs an outside force to move it. This is why – without an outside force, this place here would hardly ever experience change. Would just continue to loop itself out possibly for eternity. The only time this place has ever experienced change is when a driver or another had the interest of boarding up to the wheel of this “ship” and drive it out. Each driver picked up this “physical” reality and drove it for a time, leading it to new different “places”. Then when the driver felt it had enough of experimenting with it, would just leave it together with the improvements it made, for another driver to pick it up. And so.. this reality here has had many drivers, many beings over the course of “time” picking it up, driving it, improving it, adding technologies to it, enhancing it, etc. Many times many drivers would even destroy technologies brought by other drivers in the past, or destroy the entire form of this reality altogether. Other times certain drivers would reformat the entire “picture”, making this reality almost completely in their “image”.

This is what this physical reality here is: a mutual canvas, a mutual ship, that drivers can come and play with, to test or improve on some of their abilities. Some drivers made this reality heaven. Some other drivers made it hell. And so many others made it any degree in between. And when more than one driver would want to play with it, multiple copies of it were made. Copies where even multiple drivers were driving it together. Copies where even multiple players could play with multiple versions of it, at the same time. And even though this physical reality here is like a static modelling clay, a morphable substance that lends itself to any hands, it has a property of its own. The property of showing one the next truer level of itself or its journey. A sort of magic mirror.

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