The path to the Self

First thing one needs to do, before doing any further step, is to relax.

Relax the body. Relax the mind. Relax the senses.

One needs a calm, relaxed inner ecosystem, before starting on this Path.

For the one who manages to relax its inner ecosystem (mind-body-soul), half of the Path is already traversed.

Within the acquired safety of a relaxed inner ecosystem, all the further steps will be met with ease.

After relaxation has sinked within one’s bones, one’s mind, one’s being – the next step is to forget everything.

Forget whatever one has ever read, ever learned, ever acquired in terms of knowledge.

Human Knowledge. Spiritual Knowledge. Inner Knowledge. All Knowledge.

Mental or Intellectual Knowledge only acts as a bagage, weighting the Traveler’s steps.

Then, with a clear, empty, baby like mind, ask yourself:

What do you already know, prior to any knowledge?

Relax within this question.

Where do you already are, prior to any location?

Breath inside this question.

What do you already are, prior to any idea?

Surrender within this question.

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