There is no looking back when walking out of hell

A short comment I wrote on this youtube video.

I completely endorse the fact that 99% of EVERYTHING that has ever been written or said or given as information in this reality has been a lie. In the best case scenario it has been a truth mixed with a lie, as you also mentioned. Especially in the so called spiritual or esoteric mediums, mostly all of it it’s compromised, fake.

Rarely one can imagine the level of mental debilitation and soul torture we are actually under. The horror of our actual condition is so bad, that this is why few… really really few of us even manage to sum up 1% of courage to look at it. We find ourselves in a devastating state, which only few ever realise.

Your described method of walking with no food, no water, no sleep.. reminded me of what it took for Truman to find the door out. It had to put his entire life at stake, almost nearly dying, to be then allowed to reach the door. This is why Chiron Last spoke about being ALL IN.

I also think we are just at the start of the road, and I do feel we can do this. I feel it is “designed” for us to succeed, but how..? We don’t know. We have to do it, to see it. I have also seen that some form of internal effort has a certain effect over this reality. But this effort is herculean, and only some are ever willing to take it up.

I do feel there is no turning back though, and we need to burn the bridges behind us.. There is no looking back when walking out of hell. I actually did a video about this, I think I might publish it in the near future. Anyway.. loved most of what you stated here, my approach is somewhat different, but ultimately I see the same.

Feb 14, 2024

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