You and the Lover

It can’t be obtained through a trick.

It can’t be obtained by ingesting a plant, by doing shamanic journeys, astral projections, lucid dreaming. Chanting mantras, doing poses, invoking entities, or any other ritual or practice.

It can’t be forced, nor tricked, nor obtained through a formula.

It has to be fully lived, experienced and understood consciously – through the will and effort of the individual.

And it requires full dedication, full involvement and attentiveness.
One has to be fully naked, fully open, fully vulnerable.
Like the most innocent and purest of children.

And then.. it itself unfolds itself.
Like a lover patiently waiting for the right moment.

And when you know it, you know it.
And it itself leads you on the way.

And zero other questions remain.

Only you and the Lover.

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