Experience is imagination

There can be no experience in total acceptance of life. Experience – or what we call experience – is only possible when you have a certain degree of rejection. And what is rejection? Just a being who split itself into multiple perspectives, some perspectives deliberately ignoring the others. Basically us splitting ourselves into multiple point of views is the rejection. All experience is a product of our rejection, in a sense. This is the “fall from heaven”. In heaven there is only one state of being. That’s all. Our curiosity killed the cat, and ourselves 🙂 because actually in experiencing life we are dead in a certain degree. The most full aliveness is a state outside of any experience.

Experience is only possible through contrast. Not necessarily duality, like here, but any sort of contrast. You can have 10.000 points of contrasts, not just 2, like here. Either way.. you need friction. You need the being to have some parts of itself refusing to see

or rejecting other parts, in order for the being to be able to “experience” – aka: taste its own inner natural fluid of tension. Experience is only the tension between 2 different atoms, 2 different points of views. That space between them, that is experience. We needed to invent the points of views, we needed to split ourselves in order to taste ourselves. Life is more related to a state of pure unknowingness, pure tensioned moment. A stretched arc. Where will the arc spring after it is released? No one knows. That question, that potential, that unknowingness, that super position of all the states in one.

Because the paradox of life is that even though all the outcomes are known, still you don’t know which one will be chosen. Life likes to make wild guesses. Even though we know everything we really can’t 100% predict the choice. Where will the arc go?

It is in fact this fluid, this tension, this state prior to making a choice – that potential and the endless moment of decision – that is the core of life. To be able to experience ourselves we need to stretch ourselves in order to taste out this tension. We are the arc never shoot ! Never! But we imagine so many ways of how this arc is shoot out. Experience is only our imagination 🙂

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