Healing the body through natural, instinctive movement

I just noticed this article was missing from the website – so I am adding it here.

The body needs movement. The natural movement is the movement your body actually needs and wants, as opposed to all those “static” movements you learn everywhere (jogging, yoga, fitness, cardio, even many types of dances, etc). These static movements only teach the same static positions or practice and most of all they impose a specific move that maybe your body doesn’t need at that time. Almost all of these practices only do more to stun your already petrified body, by teaching how to use your mind and logic to impose what you “THINK” it’s best for your body, instead of just listening to the body’s needs and desire, and let it choose the type of movement it desires to take.
Your body is alive! That means each moment is different and thus requiring different actions/movements. One day your body might require slow, gentle movements, relaxation, stretching, slowly exploring the movement of one specific limb. The other might require more action, faster pace, jumping, stretching, dancing maybe. The idea is to just make room for your body to express itself the exact way it desires and needs. Doing this actually grants it the ability to become self balanced, and thus what people call “healing” naturally occurs.
Sept 2019

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