Into the Unknown

As much as one is able to accept dying, this is how much one can experience True Life.

Any change is a sort of death.

To change something means to let go of the old so that space is created for the new.

Any change implies a death.
And any death implies a change.

And any change furthers then a birth.
A methamorphosis into something new.

True Life can enter our being only when dead life has been allowed to die.

To die for the dead means to be birthed for the living.

Any change can bring with it a sense of loss, of fear and of pain.
As any change implies an adventure into the unknown.
For a brief moment suspended in time, we plunge into the very unknown.
For an atemporal time we forget what we ever were and are.
We become nothing at all.

In that space of pure nothing, this is when change is ignited.
Only through that bleak leap of faith can we have a chance at something new.

Only in surrendering all that we were, all that we thought we were,
can we have a chance at truly gaining what we are.

Novelty and True Life only happens at the edge of all that’s known.
After plunging from that cliff, stepping in thin air, only then the next step is created before us.

All other ways of advancing forward, are just ways of forever turning back.
All other ways are just mirages, if they don’t take one through the abyss of death.

Only in the heart of that void, only in that true surrendering, can one find the heart of all inspiration and life.
The fuel that makes one truly move forward.

True Life can only happen within us, when we make the courage to let go of all we know.
All we have ever been, all we have ever imagined we were.
Only in that death, in that surrendering and trust, can the touch of True Life be felt.

The golden touch that propels one forward, into unimaginable, uncharted lands,
yet more familiar and natural than what one has ever known.

DN, Jan 10, 2023

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