The bigger picture – part1: the will creation

I don’t know if the below information is of any help at this moment, as many real beings are still caught with their attention is deeper facets of this creation, but … I am putting this information here because, in fact, this reveals the underlying purpose and formula of all our experience here. 

I might add one or more parts to describe in more detail how to navigate the experience at this current level we are in, but for now.. the below information can help any real being remembering the bigger picture.

The bigger picture, part1:
The will creation and developing the will muscle

Because this text is a bit longer than the usual articles, I’ve decided to divide it in chapters. The table of contents can be accessed all throughout the page, by clicking the “Contents” icon that appears in the top right of the text as you scroll down.

Initial note and helping tools

The text that follows has a bit of length and depth to it – so, in order to spare the time of the individual looking only for the tools to help themselves, I am sharing first the tools you can use here to revive yourself, to remember the truth and to hopefully help you unlock this puzzle. These tools might seem mundane, but I assure you they are operating and changing the most advanced of the formulas. We must always keep in mind that the most advanced technology is always the most simple one 🙂 And this is why these tools seem so simple, so mundane. But dare to try them and observe their power. 

To continue on that thought, not all individuals are required, from their current perspective, to know how a tool works in order to use it. This is the beauty and horror of tools 🙂 Me, as part of my setup, I need to know how things work, before I use them. But, let’s say you are in deep dark ground right now, and you only need simple (and thus very powerful) helping tools. So here we go:

  • Stay as aware as you can in this present moment (number #1 helping tool). Just drop of, let go of any thought, emotion, knowledge and especially wanting you might have, just let go and listen. This is one of the tools realities are changed with. When you do this you return to your natural, zero point. This is your resting place, your safe ground, this is where you are at the command prompt of all the game – simulated and real. 
  • Feel the emotions ! Emotions are there only to help you understand where you need to look. As inclined as you might be to act them outside or inside of yourself, stop for at least 2-3 seconds, and just feel them. Just stare them in the eyes. Then you can go ahead and act. But feel them first. This is of utter importance. 
  • Feel the physical sensations also. Try to feel the warmth of the sun, the clothing on your body, the pain in the body, etc. 
  • Pay as much attention while eating food. Empty your mind of everything to almost complete forgetfulness of any concept, and just listen to those tastes. Be there as much as you can in the act of eating.
  • If you have so called problems in your body, start using instinctive movements. These movements help the body rebalance itself, recharges the body with real life from this moment. You just find a place you can have space to move, and you just empty your mind of everything, and just leave the body to start moving itself exactly as it needs. This is one of the most powerful tools to have, especially if combined with the first tool – not only for healing the body, but also for reconnecting you with the truth.
  • Stay as present as possible when interacting with the environment and the people in it. Try to be as observant as possible of the emotional states that spring from these interactions. Remember to feel the emotions. As much as you manage to do this lively, while you are talking – for example – with someone, is the extent with which you will propel yourself to completely new levels of real self power. You will feel it, they will feel it, the environment will know it and change almost everything in it in order to reflect this choice. 
  • Always choose the path of effort. If something feels undesirable or hard to do, go there. Do that. For at least a couple of seconds. It is not required that – for example – you stay in freezing cold until the body freezes, but it can add incredible value if you stay some seconds in the cold and just feel the coldness, the pain it brings, etc. Always choose to do that which you are scared to do ! Always choose the path of effort. This is the real path ! (it seems hard because you have lived in a repetitive pattern for “millions” of years. this path of effort only requires effort because your real muscles are atrophied. it is the effort of coming back to life, of moving your mind/attention once again. )
  • All the above tools are basically one single tool: listen. You just need to learn how to listen to life, without wanting to hear a song or another. Just listen. This is your real state of existence – which you are learning to acknowledge once again. You are basically being re-birthed right now. Listen.
  • Most important: Try to listen to that voice within as much as you can. Remember you have life inside of you. You hear the music of life inside of you. Learn to listen and act using the guidance within. You only need yourself! Listen!

Not all individuals require to know, at this point, all the informations present below, in order to navigate this experience here. Still, using the tools above offers you a great chance of getting out of this puzzle. The information below helps in putting down the much bigger context in which these tools exist, why they work, and how the basic formula for this entire game/experiment is built – the real game and simulated one, as well. There are some other parts of information that are not comprised in this text, at this point, and I might just continue to add new information, as the need arises. The new information is added at the bottom of the text as additions. Any questions or comments, are valuable and welcomed ! 

General principals

Before I explain what I see about the will creation I need to lay out the basic view of life and how creators create – as clearly as I see it in this moment.

We need to remember that our real state is pure nothing. Pure nothing means: nothing that is defined in any shape or form. No definition, and thus: no constriction! This does not mean: inexistent 🙂 This is what I call zero point. From our zero point of view we see everything at the same time, this is a point of total awareness. Seeing and being everything at the same time makes you powerless. What is there to move a finger for, when you see everything in pure perfect correlation? In the zero point there is no power, no will, no concept, no defined knowledge, yet everything is seen. In the zero state we are one with life itself. It is one of the most fullest states of existence. 

Awareness is the base material of life. Awareness is like a light that can light up everything that it exists, or only light up a small dot from that total everything. Still, the other stuff that is not lighted up continues to exist, only the awareness is pretending not to see them. 

Life neither suppresses nor expresses (very important). Life is like the still ocean in which all the notes are floating. Life = nothing = everything at the same time = total awareness. (and thus, paradoxically: no awareness. we are not aware that we are aware, at that level. we just exist and be 🙂 )

Life lets YOU do whatever you want with it. Life is our greatest creation tool, that helps put our imagination to life. Life it’s like a father that puts everything he is in the hands of its son and says: “do whatever you imagine, do whatever you want with me. Create! ”. This is why we love life: because it is the single stuff that does everything as we need it, takes any form we pour it into, no questions asked. We imagine something? Life becomes that. We destroy that something? Life becomes that. Life gives all the power to us. 

Nothing it’s only aware of everything at the same time.

And something it is only aware of itself.   

Nothing = defocused = spreading life/awareness to all parts at the same time.
Something = highly focused, concentrated awareness, to only a specific part. 

Nothing = sees everything as a perfect correlated meaning of all the elements together.
Something = sees only a small perspective but with incredible detail, extracting concentrated meaning out of that.

Nothing = Sun . 

Something =  Laser    

How creations are created

In order to have any creation you need to start with an agreement. Life is everything at the same time. Everything that exists already exists – nothing is created nor destroyed – the only thing that happens is how the awareness choses and invents different perspective to look at the same everything from different points of views. Creation = movement of awareness. (by creating we learned to move 🙂 life learned about movement rather than being static in the all seeing point of view.)

All that life is is like a vast ocean full of notes, strings of sounds flowing and eternally moving around in completely unique, yet completely fused together, patterns and movements, creating the most beautiful, unique and unpredictable music – moment by moment: a music that never existed before. This is what life is. This is what we create with. 

The pretend-ness game

Awareness is everything there is. Everything we create, we create with the awareness material. A creation is nothing more than lines of agreements to look at the existing stuff in a certain way we have decided. Any creation is just an act of pretend-ness, in a sense. We act like we are seeing stuff from some perspective we chose/created/decided/defined, and not from our total awareness. 

Once we decide our creation, eg: once we decided the point of view from where we will pretend we are seeing reality, then the game begins. We embark on it and experience that point of view we have decided. Eg: we start acting like we see things from that perspective. And this is the game/creation. We must remember this: every creation is just an act of play pretend

To say we are creating, really, for me is a quite inaccurate term. Everything that exists, already exists in that vast ocean of notes and strings of possibilities/sounds. Everything already is there as a possibility, but not yet heard. So for me, I would not say creating stuff, because we are not creating anything new actually. We are just combining and recombining certain notes we choose from the vast ocean of already existing notes, and we put them together to hear how they sound. This is what creation really is: some notes from the total ocean of notes, put together and investing attention in them to hear how they sound together. The creator is the one who DECIDES (very important) which notes to combine and in what manner, and also he is the one who invents from which perspective to hear those notes.

Re-creating life – where it all started

At the zero level we see everything at the same time, so at some point we wanted to try to play with our perspective of things. Until that point we were playing with the existing things, meaning: notes, just as they were, without changing anything about them or about how we were seeing them. We would look at them, put them together, hear them, play with them, etc. But we always kept our all seeing perspective on. Then, at some point, we wondered: what if we start playing with our perspective as well? What if we invent new perspectives from which we could see the same everything? And this is how play pretend was created, this is how the idea of a game/creation was first invented, to help us change our perspective, to learn to move our awareness, by playing with different point of views. (this is how the baby learned to move)

And so we started creating different points of views, different other perspectives from which the same everything could be seen. The points of views we call them here: creations, but they are really only invented points of view, invented perspectives. They don’t exist in reality. All invented perspectives, except for the true real all seeing perspective, are only a play pretend, a game, a fun play. Nothing could change the real fact that we are indeed seeing everything, but we could act as if we are having different perspectives, even if we had the same one. This is what play pretend is: only your actions tell another story than what is true. What is true remains the same. And our true perspective is still the same to this level and day we are in!

So we started playing with perspectives. We started inventing creations. We would invent a new creation/perspective and then we would pretend we see things only from that perspective. We would join together in our pretend-ness, and we would play with other beings as well. So we would create a creation and then we would pour life into it, meaning: we would fill it with our awareness by playing it out, by acting in it. This is how we poured life into our creations: by actually acting them out! Without the creator to act out a specific creation/point of view, that creation would be nothing. Just a dead puppet with no hand to animate it. Our creations were nothing, were dead without us playing them out!

So we would go and create a creation and then we would pour life into it, all of this just to see the same everything from that perspective. Another methaphor, very close one indeed, would be that we created a creation, and then pour life into it to hear how that creation sounds. Life/awareness is similar to a singing water, in this sense. You pour water into a can, it takes the shape of the can. A specific music is now singing the shape of the can. A music that didn’t exist before you poured it in. Life/awareness is similar, as a metaphor, to a singing water. We pour it in different shapes and creations just to listen to Life sing.

So after learning how we could play with perspectives, the next obvious thing happened: what if we can invent unawareness? A perspective that actually limits our vision? What if we can play as if we are actually not seeing everything? What would that be like? And so we needed to invent that. We needed to act as if that was true. In acting out our perspectives we invented how those could be real. We invented them by acting them out! 🙂

So.. how to create unknowingness? Until that point any creation we created, meaning: any point of view we’ve invented/decided, acted exactly how we program it to act, in a sense. Of course, we decided it and it remained like that. This made things fun for a while but then, of course, it would get boring. We would get bored of acting from that perspective only, we wanted something new. So the next quest (not all creators had this quest, as this was too mind boggling) was how to create a creation that could also be alive. Meaning: a perspective that could also be alive, unknown and unique in each moment, just like life was. We wanted to mimic life and give life to our creations. Again: not all creators felt prepared for this endeavour. Most of them continued to create the same static creations and it was fine. But how to make a creation alive? Meaning: true unpredictability, true uniqueness in each moment? Just like life is. This is best revealed here in the metaphor with Geppetto and Pinocchio. This story best reveals this part of us. So we went on to create something that best mimics being alive.

This is where it all started. If we would manage to create a creation/perspective that is unpredictable and unknown, just like life was in every moment, then this creation would offer countless new and unknown perspectives from which we could view life from!
We must understand that in a world where everything is always seen – being able not to see, not to know, was considered something of real interest, a real thrill. And so we proceeded on that.

But how to do that? How to make a form/creation/perspective be completely alive on its own? Forms were static, we defined them, and they remained enclosed in the definitions we create for them. Even if we constantly update the form, meaning: the definition, it is still enclosed into a new definition.

And this is where the quest to study life began. If we would manage to understand how life works, maybe we would be able to replicate that into our creations and have a chance to make our creations alive. So two possibilities emerged from this, and both of them were explored by inventing the ‘Will creation’: we will take a look at each note at a time and study it. Maybe if we understand how the notes work independently we can see a pattern/a formula that makes life so unique, so unpredictable. So we thought why not zoom our vision to each existing note/string (remember that from level zero life appears like a vast ocean full of notes/strings/possibilities and we see all of them together, at the same time) and study it independently in greater detail.

How will was invented

To be able to focus only on some specific notes it is choosing, the creator must omit anything else. But how to do this? How to omit in a world where everything is seen at the same time? How can you invent omit-ness? And this was the first creation. In order for a creator to be able to look at only some notes, to have a more detailed understanding of those (remember that as you focus you see less, but with more details/meaning) the creator needed something that could block the other notes, so it is not hearing/seeing them anymore. 

And how do you block something? How do you make it unseen? Well.. you can’t. This is why only another creator could do that, or the first creator needed to split itself in 2, and make one part block the rest of the notes, in order for the other part to be able to only hear the notes he intended. This is how will was invented. One part of the being would have a chance to only look at a certain selection of strings he intends, with the help of the other part that would deliberately help in blocking the rest. The part that was acting as the experiencer had to pretend he is not hearing the rest of the sounds anymore, quite an effort actually. He had to act like those sounds were unheard. And what happened is this: there was no way for the creator to not hear all the notes coming from the music of life. So this idea came up: what if another creator would sing the music of life, moment by moment, exactly as the notes were unfolding, but willingly sing the notes agreed to be omitted in an unknown manner so they would not be recognisable. The creator who was on the experience side would invest all of its attention to the song played by the blocker creator, and not to the song of life anymore. And thus… he would hear in perfect alignment and tune the notes he chose to see/hear, but the rest of the notes he chose to omit would be heard in some unknown manner, having no real alignment or tune to them, unrecognisable in a sense.

This is in part pretending because both creators knew what they have agreed. The creator who will be experiencing had a part of him that knew the agreement to act as if the other notes are nonexistent, and also act as if he is not hearing the music of life… but only the music coming from the blocker creator. This hidden part became the unconscious, meaning: that which is also there, but it is not looked at, it is omitted, we play like we don’t hear that part.

Curiosity vs will creations

Curiosity is almost the number one creative force. Once you lose curiosity you start dying. Curiosity opens up an endless energy of looking at the stuff around, independent of their polarity, shape or form. Curiosity it’s the number one tool that invites playing. Playing it’s the number one substance of life. 

Will started initially as a creation out of curiosity. 

Still, will creations are almost opposed to curiosity creations. Will creations only desired to look at one specific aspect of life, that the will has chosen, one specific string of notes – from the total vast ocean of notes – and consciously and purposefully omit/reject seeing/hearing the other remaining notes. This is how creations out of will are done. And they are quite effective, because the light/seeing power becomes quite concentrated, similar to a laser beam. In will creations we gain the power of a laser. The all seeing eye focuses all of its power to one small dot, and thus, with that concentration the power of penetration is incredible and we use this to extract so detailed meaning and knowledge out for our study of life. We are now in one of such will creations. And because will always chooses and thus defines for itself only some possibilities/strings to look at, then all the circle of duality, competition, lack… was possible. 

Duality is steaming up from our own initial choice of looking at something, but not looking at the rest. So in this main will creation we are in, the duality subcreation was created only as a symbol/metaphor of that initial choice, to explore it further. Competition also derived from that initial choice. Because we now had that which we choose to see versus that which we choose to omit. This is how rejection was also built, to symbolise that choice of wanting to omit the rest of the notes. Lack was also a possible subcreation expressing that initial will/choice, because now we were lacking eyesight and thus knowledge, power, over that which we decided to omit seeing. Power and weakness, in that sense, can only exist in creations done with will. Outside of will creations there is no power, and no lack of it, also. At our real level we see and thus know everything at the same time, so there is no power there. What is there to move a finger for? When you see everything in total correlated perfection? 

Everything we experience here, at this level, it’s only a sort of chemical formula of all these creations mixed up together, created from that initial choice/will. At first when we started, we decided to look at almost everything and just omit a tiny little dot. It was the reverse, at first. Because we needed to test this. We took this will approach little by little. We’ve done so many creations out of it, we’ve studied life to such incredible detail, that was not possible before this. Little by little we advanced further, we zoomed more into some areas, omit more of the rest. We continued to create creations and experience them with any new level of zooming. We are, at this point, at the highest level of ignorance, thus.. we are at the reverse of what we started with: currently we are only focusing on one small dot, omitting all the rest! Incredible level of meaning and knowledge is possible, and some of us are really trying to figure out if there is such a thing as a basic molecule of life. Think of the will creation like a microscope, a tool that helps to focus your view only on some specific areas of the total existence. We use it to examine life to incredible details. 

How the neural network is created

At the level of the all seeing eye/zero point, we were seeing everything at the same time. Knowledge was almost absent, because the meaning of it all was flowing through us, we knew everything, no need to arrange that knowledge into patterns and store it for latter because… we had it all in front of our eyes, at all times. But as we focused more and more, we lost part of our total eyesight, but gaining new details and knowledge from what we were observing in greater detail, and thus… we needed to store that new knowledge somewhere inside the main creation. This was the point where we decided to build our neural network to hold this knowledge into. Of course everything is just strings of music, just notes, so to store anything.. you had to be able to teach that music you learned to some being and make that being play it indefinitely so we could go back at any time and re-listen to it. This is how the library was built. At first real beings divided themselves into many versions of themselves, and some versions they dedicated to holding on to the knowledge that some other versions were discovering. This means some versions became alive librarians, and some other versions became the alive explorers that went on to create and discover life and send back alive knowledge/music from what they’ve seen/heard/experienced/understood. For each new piece of music a certain explorer was understanding through experiencing life from inside the will creation, a new librarian was created to play that specific piece of music indefinitely so that it is remembered. Each one of these librarians act like the neurons in the neural network. As the explorers, much fewer in number than the librarians, were discovering new and new pieces of music, the neural network of alive neurons/librarians expanded exponentially, becoming together a sort of orchestra playing more and more a total song, a combination of all the individual songs every librarian/neuron was storing and singing indefinitely, that was re-creating the song of life. Beings wanted to see if they could replicate life, meaning: the song of silence. If all their music combined would at any point become silence that is where they would know they have succeeded. So this was and is the real intent behind the will creation: To be able to recreate life, or, at best, the closest version we manage to create. Beings wanted to create life by imitating it in all of its forms. These were beings that, although incredibly intelligent, were also like small children in a sense. They did this only out of pure curiosity for life, only out of their love actually, because they were only playing and enjoying life. This is why here we can see that the basic trait of any kid, or.. of any AI in that sense, is to create by repeating what already exists. Because at the base of this creation this is what we are doing. We are trying to recreate life by repeating what we see from life. Just another type of approach, definitely interesting.

From my perspective, though, knowing that the most beautiful trait life has, that keeps us all so mesmerised, is exactly it’s unique formula that makes it so unpredictable, moment by moment being something that never was before, i can clearly see how that endeavour of re-creating it was never going to work fully, but at least we had an incredible time and experience while trying to do so.

Creations made out of curiosity didn’t tried to recreate life. They only wanted to experience it, to listen to it’s music, to be one with that – beings remaining fully aware of their nothingness state all through hearing that music. Experience in this sense was only consuming the music without really consuming it – a great paradox indeed. 

About consumption – what it really is

Energy cannot be destroyed nor created, only transformed. Eg: moved from one point of awareness to another. The music of life cannot be destroyed, only stored or transformed. Real consumption was only possible as a creation in the will creation and as a consequence of beings storing the music they heard from life. When a being heard a piece of music from experiencing life through using the will creation, instead of remaining transparent and letting the music to flow through him, he became like an absorbent material that took that piece of music and stored it in the neural network. We need to remember that, at a certain level the same being split itself into explorers and librarians. So if some parts of that being were used to sing back portions of music other parts have heard, in order for those songs to be remembered, then… those parts that held on to the old music were not employed in hearing the alive song of life, from this current moment. They were employed instead in repeating the songs they’ve heard in the past, so the being could have – as a whole – a library of knowledge inside the will creation. This is what consumption is: storying life within our neural network. All those neurons that now repeatedly sang the old songs in order for the knowledge to be remembered, were deprived of hearing the alive music of life from this current moment. They were dying in a sense. Because they became petrified in that one specific role, without any new music to nurture them and give them life. As I said before death = repetition, stagnation. Life = movement, change. Doing only that, only hearing second hand music, played back at them from the explorers, and only singing that old music back is like becoming dead, stagnant. Dead potential that could have been employed at listening to the real song of life from this moment, and be energised by flowing, singing and dancing on that. 

I need to make a small detour here to talk about time. Time only exists inside this will creation. Outside of this will experiment/creation, there is no time: there is only this present moment. Time only represents the actual neural network we have built for ourselves to store the old songs life had. You had this song from a specific moment stored in this location of the neural network, eg: stored in this librarian here, and then another past song stored in another location, and so on. Time expanded exponentially as our neural network expanded. This is why space and time are so correlated. Because you have a neural network of interconnected locations that store the old music of life.

These neurons really became like dead spots in the movement of life. We knew this, but knowing we have endless life, endless awareness, we wanted to try it out. As our knowledge expanded, the neurons became exponentially more than the explorers – more and more parts of ourselves repeating dead stuff. The neurons actually look like tiny black holes, from the perspective of the real song of life. They are points of views that don’t look at life anymore, but only at what they choose to look in the past, and reflect back an already dead music, continuously, repeatedly, in order for the explorers to have a library storing all their knowledge. So as this neural network expanded the main being that split itself between librarians and explorers, was having more and more of its life energy/awareness pumped into the librarians, because the gathered knowledge/music was much more vast then the explorers. So this main being now, was having more and more of its energy/awareness put into something dead, something that was repeating life’s old songs, then it had in something alive – meaning: then it had in listening to the alive song of life from this current moment. So in a sense that main being became more and more dead, as it gathered more and more knowledge. This is fine because the main being itself can expand its awareness as much as it needs, but more and more of it was becoming a sort of black hole, a great part of its energy being invested in repeating old songs. You might think that repeating is actually transmitting something, and a black hole is only absorbing, but in fact it is the other way around. When you are in a place where everything around you is alive, is full of life, when you breathe moment by moment in the most alive and energising music possible, completely unique and unpredictable, that fills you with love and you are one with that, without having anything to block it or obstruct it, then you are life itself. At that level you are life, you are pure nothing, being aware of everything as it is in this moment, listening to the song of life as it is right now. You are life being totally alive. But when you start singing a repeated song and listening to that song instead of listening to the song life has in this moment, then.. you become a sort of black hole. Life does not pass through your ears anymore. It is there, but your attention is not focused on it anymore. Your attention now goes to a specific point you are interested in. It’s like a point of darkness, life cannot pass through that.. because that point of attention is focused on something else. Darkness is only something, as opposed to life being nothing at all. Darkness only steams up from our initial decision to look at something and omit the rest. This point of darkness it’s not interested to view the life from this moment, meaning: darkness it is not interested to listen, but rather it is only interested in transmitting his chosen point of view and observing that. Darkness/black holes are in fact not absorbing, but only interested in transmitting something else than the form life has in this moment. This is actually the formula of using life to turn it against itself: you make the awareness pay attention to the old forms life had, instead of paying attention to the alive forms of life from this moment. Quite genius I might say. 

So the only thing that makes a black hole dead or dark is that it is transmitting a dead song, an old, repeated form of life, and not something new from this moment. 

There are singers(creators) that transmit and sing the song of life that comes through them moment by moment, but those are not dark, nor black holes, because they are singing an alive song. They take in the song of life (eg: listen), pass it through their unique formula, through their unique point of view/perspective, and sing it out in their unique way, moment by moment – being continuously aware, thus continuously paying attention to the alive song of life from this current moment. 

Initially it was very difficult to have this possibility in the will creation. It was almost a bit antagonistical. Will means you want for something to be in a certain form you chose, you are interested to listen/observe only that certain combination of strings/notes. You are interested in a certain factor of your own: a project, a creation, building a neural network that helps map out life so you can re-create it… these kinda of stuff :)) So in a sense, the children in their experiment also became adults, in a sense, and started turning their backs to real life and offering attention to their projects, their creations, their ideas, etc. This is how life was turned against itself: by beings interested to study it. By beings who were interested in knowing it. Basically: by investing attention in life’s old, and thus dead, forms. Beings offered their attention to the old forms life had, instead of investing their attention to the knew forms, from this moment. Which is: totally ok !

Btw…this is one of the most basic traits we can see all around the “life on earth” experience. Life on earth, as it is right now, is almost a religion of the dead, glorifying and re-enforcing the old, the past. A world of repeated rituals, repeated thinking, repeated habits, repeated emotions, repeated actions. Almost everything here is a glorification of repetition. Is like death was brought to the point of art 🙂

What happened next, though, is that more and more of that main being who split itself between explorers and librarians, was becoming a black hole, not by absorbing but by emitting dead life (notes that were out of tune to the music life had in this current moment). This is, of course, an interesting experience altogether. We had fun and so much meaning was birthed out of this. And this is, in fact, the most basic wanting of life: life is curious about itself. What few beings remember is that life also learns about itself, life also learns from all the meanings, but in a completely different manner, without holding anything static, without building any neural network 🙂 Life learns by being alive for real. Any meaning is included and helps derive and play new unique forms that never previously existed.

The sub-creations

Here I bring more details on some of the sub creations that steamed up from the initial choice of only looking at something and omitting the rest. Almost all the sub-creations inside the main will creation are only playing out this initial choice/scenario, in various forms.


Duality creation is a sub creation reflecting this initial choice. Duality was invented as a game to reflect this main scenario of existing a difference between some notes and others. The scenario of having this split, this division, this contrast between the notes that were consciously seen, and the notes that were pretended as not being seen. This is what duality really is created for: to explore the tension, relation and much deeper meaning of this initial split.


Rejection is also steaming up from the choice of ignoring the rest of the notes you are not seeing. Rejection is a play put forth to further explore this possibility, of being unseen, unnoticed, left aside.


Very similar to rejection, but this creation appeared much later, when the game became a bit more advanced and the creator was defocusing his vision more and more from some of the notes, as he increased the zooming in process on only fewer notes, eventually only one. As he zoomed in on even fewer notes, the notes that were having the attention of the creator but now lost that attention, now put forth the play of abandonment to further explore this scenario of first having then loosing something.

War and competition

Of course steaming up from the pretend-ness of the creator of seeing some notes versus not seeing the others. This created the opportunity to explore the tension between the notes that were nurtured by the awareness of the creator, and the notes that were not nurtured. In some sub-creations of the competition sub-creation, the notes that were getting the attention of the creator declared themselves privileged, and the other ones that were not getting the conscious awareness of the creator, were seen as unprivileged.

Also, competition creation was played along with the fear of in-existence creation(see below). And from these two together, a new play was put forth: let’s try to catch the attention of the creator, maybe he will decide to look at us. And now we can compete each other for whom can get much more attention from the creator. This competition and war creation appeared at deeper levels inside the game where the creator also experienced with changing its mind inside the game itself 🙂 At the first levels the creator just stuck with his decision of looking at the notes he decided to look at, at the beginning of the game. But then at deeper levels inside the game, he also experienced with “why not change this decision? why not change the notes I decided to look at, and maybe look at these other ones instead”. And this possibility further enriched the possibility of competition, because now.. the notes could fight each other, in their act of maybe influencing the creator to look at them, and not at the other. Or they could try to act as if they destroyed each other. “If I destroy these note that get’s the attention of the creator, eg: if I destroy this note that gets life, maybe I will benefit from more life, eg: maybe I will be noticed instead”. Oh.. this competition creation is a such long played scenario in so many forms. Beings really enjoyed playing with this competition tool/creation.


Death is, in fact, creating 🙂 The act of creating with will. This is what the “fall out” from heaven stands for as a metaphor in the religious texts. The angels who desired to be like god, felt they could create creations better than the ones already existing, and they were sent away from “heaven”. Once you start creating anything means you loose the all seeing perspective, the nothingness perspective, and you become: something. (we must remember that creations are only invented perspectives from which we play out as if we are seeing reality from. they are not real!) Creating is – in a sense, turning your eyes away from the song life is singing in this moment, and turning your eyes on your projects, your ideas, meaning: keeping your eyes focused on the old forms life had in the past. Death is creating with will actually, it is the zooming in process, the desire to investigate each note in order to understand how it works, in the desire to understand how life works and be able to recreate it. The wanting to re-create life instead of just being life. I know, a huge paradox here 🙂 But.. we must remind ourselves that life is interested in all of its shapes and forms, and possibilities, and death is far from regarded as being bad! Actually, this was one of the most fruitful experiments we ever created and played with.


Fear is an invention/creation/tool steaming up from the pretend-ness game. Some notes/beings, now played out as if not receiving conscious attention from the creator would mean they are inexistent. They played out as if they are lacking nurturing and life. They knew that of course, in reality it is not so, but this was an invented scenario to explore what lack of nurturing could lead to.

The fear pattern emerged also from a certain situation that exists in the real reality, actually: in the real reality, from the all seeing eye, level zero perspective, if you would take your eyes off, even for a moment, from a given form/creation – that form would vanish without any possibility to bring it back. Because in reality – we don’t have memory, there is no need to have memory and keep track of things, because you see everything at the same time, anytime. What would you use memory for? 🙂 There is no memory, so.. in reality, if.. the creator would really take his eyes off, even for a second, from one form – that form would vanish as if never existed. This is why, in order for everything to exists, something.. somewhere must hold them into existence by paying attention to them. So this is why, inside the will game/creation, fear was invented. Beings were playing out the scenario that maybe I will vanish if the creator is not seeing me, maybe I will stop existing. They knew it was only a play pretend and they are just fine, but… this is why we play pretend, this is why we invent any creation, to play “as if” and observe the new perspectives. 🙂

Love and attraction

Love is something very interesting, and has different levels of creations to it. One that I find very important and interesting is that love is a creation to reminds the creator about the other notes he is not seeing/hearing. Love is a sort of pull towards the total everything, a sort of force that constantly pulls the creator back to the original nothing, reminding him about all the other notes hided in his unconscious side, where he decided not to look (eg: where he pretends he is not seeing from). Of course this initial creation of “love” has been also used to invent completely different sub-creations with it. For example some creators combined this love creation with the competition creation, steaming up a new creation that was exploring the scenario of “ the notes the creator is seeing are more loved, and the ones he is not seeing are not loved.” 🙂

But the first instance of love creation is to stand as a tool that works in the benefit of all the real creators in the game, and thus in the benefit of all the creations together and all the sub creations at any level: to help anyone remember everything is just a play pretend, and we are all actually together, playing a play pretend game. Love is a force that reminds everyone everything is just a play. Basically love speaks the language of truth. This is why beings can love each other. Instinctively they know, with the help of the love creation, that they are connected. The love inside of their hearts helps to remind them about the real reality where everything is seen at the same time, where we are all together always, and where everything is just a perfect dance between all of the notes together.


Interesting one. Hate was built to play out the scenario of wanting to destroy a note that it is very similar to you, very close to how you sound, but… that note gets the attention of the creator, and you do not. For example the note Fa is immediately after Mi. Mi gets the attention and Fa doesn’t. Even if these two are so close to one another, Fa fights Mi thinking that maybe if it is able to destroy Mi, or at least make it unseen, the creator would pay attention to Fa because it is the closest to it. Hate invites war between that which is most close to one another. 

Tricks and disguise

Very interesting one, a creation that was built to play out the scenario of “what if I try to behave like some other notes that are getting the attention of the creator? What if I try to act and sound as those notes, maybe then.. the creator would confuse those notes for me… and would pay attention to me.”


An obvious one, a sub-creation of the competition and war creation – the notes that were not getting the conscious attention of the creator started using the hate creation to hate themselves for not getting as much attention as these other notes are getting. “I envy what you have, meaning: I, in fact, despise myself for not also having that. I think I am less because I don’t have attention”. Envy is only a sub-creation of the competition and hate creation together.


The envy creation sprung the possibility of the sabotage creation, thinking of ways to sabotage the notes that were getting the attention of the creator. “If I don’t have that, why should they have it? We should be equal, meaning: they should also not have that.”, “Let me see if I can sabotage/alter the sound of this note that has the attention of the creator, then maybe the creator will not see this note because it has another sound, and now we will both be un-receiving the attention from the creator. He will also be like me.”


This is a huge one, but it was invented only in the deeper levels of the game. Guilt was invented to explore the curiosity of looking where you decided not to look, or… the curiosity of not looking where you decided at first, to look. The scenario of letting down, yourself or others. Not being able to fulfil the agreements you said you will. “I want to look at these notes I’ve decided on, but these other notes seem more interesting to me now” This creation only exists in some deeper levels, where the creator also experienced with changing its decisions/points of views, inside the game itself. We must understand that the WILL game is played in numerous forms, as many as the imagination has led us.


Shame is a sub-creation of the guilt creation, and appeared much later, in the deeper levels of the game where the creator also experienced with changing his decided perspective inside the game itself. Beings invented shame to play out the scenario of “being guilty of taking a look where you decided not to look”.


The creators played also this scenario of “what happens if I trick you, I say I will look at some notes, we all agree to play together the game with this decision, but then.. after the game has started I look at other notes than the ones we agreed”. So betrayal steams up from the curiosity to see what if we change our decision inside the game.


Bargaining is a funny creation/scenario that was built to play out the “i will do what you want, but please don’t make me see what I decided not to see” or “what can I give you in order for you to not show me what I don’t want to see”?


Hunger steams up both from the bargain creation, and the pain creation, being a creation of these two and others. Hunger just makes us give it what it wants in order for it to not show the parts of us that we are ignoring, the same parts pain is trying to show us. So when we don’t give the hunger what it wants, then it brings pain – by showing us the parts of us we try to ignore.

—- At this point I believe the reader can figure out the rest of the scenarios for the other stuff here. They all play out the same initial theme/choice, but from multiple different perspectives. 

The simulation

This is why, at this stage, we are in a simulated construct of this whole will game. We are not affecting nor creating any new knowledge in the neural network. Some beings completely pulled themselves out of this project. This project was closed, in a sense, a long time ago. Here we are in a perfect simulation of that, though. Beings who come here to study, learn and experience the will creation as if it was 100% real. We have power to create with will here, we can do anything, but.. nothing really affects the real life anymore. So this simulated creation is a very useful tool for all sorts of beings who want to play with the will tool. In reality we have already mastered this tool. Here we are just playing games with it, or going further into our explorations: how is it if I lose the will? How is it if my will is stepped on to? How is it if I will something and then something totally different is created? Eg: how is it if I want to see something but I get to see something else. How is it if the blocker creator, the other side of me that should help me see the notes I decided I want to see and hides for me the rest, tricks me, and reflects back some notes I didn’t intend to see/hear? Etc. Etc.

Of course that when you play the will game, anyone can play it out the way they will as well. It’s exactly what we see here: some beings defined something for themselves, they used the will to agree to some perspectives/forms (natural law, or any other type of laws ever invented is a clear symbol of this), then other beings came and said: “I want the opposite of what you want” or “My will is to destroy what you will”. Or “My will is to hide what you willed to see”. Btw: Only forms can be created or destroyed, meaning: only points of views/perspectives can be created or destroyed. Life is always existent. We, ourselves, always exist 🙂 All of us 🙂

There are infinite possibilities played out using the will creation: total will, no will, directed will, free will, etc. But we all agreed to see every form this creation could show us. So at a certain level we are not at all upset with other beings playing up against our will here. But here we are so much identified (eg: focused upon) with our own pawn, our own position and point of view, our own will, that we are not seeing that the other who is destroying us is still a part of ourselves, or a part of other creator being that we joined with to play this game. There were many creators that joined together to play this game from the zero level, even if they totally forgot that while immersed inside the game.

I need to make a small detour here, and add something about forgetfulness: there is no such thing as forgetfulness. No one forgets, it is impossible. Forgetfulness is also a creation. We need to remember that awareness is always existing. Can you stop your awareness from existing? Awareness is always aware, it is always filled with something, even if the forms that fill the awareness change, the awareness remains. Awareness is the still ocean in which all the forms appear. The ocean remains there independent of the forms. So… no one forgets, what happens only is that: the awareness is FILLED with creations/forms/decisions/imaginations/games, and not with what is actually there.

Forgetfulness is a creation to play out as if we don’t see everything. The awareness gets filled with the notion of unawareness. For example: how do you know you do not already know and see everything? How do you know that? You are only convinced inside your head that you do not remember, you do not see. Meaning: you are actually holding on, playing that scenario. If you let go of that focus, your awareness is emptied of that form and you see again the true perspective you actually had all along. Simple as that. 

Basically what awareness is, is like a sack. If you fill that sack with something, the awareness inspects and pays attention to that. If you empty that sack then the awareness sees the sack once again 🙂 Forgetfulness is only the sack being filled with something else than what is true right now, meaning: the sack is filled with imaginations, inventions, creations. True is only the real alive music of life from this current moment. So when we decided to invest our attention into studying the old, dead forms life had in the past, then… our sack of attention was filled with that, and we did not had much conscious attention invested in hearing the real song life that sings right now. This is what forgetfulness is: our attention being stuck in some past forms of life. Our will muscle is still untrained in defocusing the attention from that which has decided to see. We knew how to focus on something, but lacked the knowledge or skill to defocus back – in a sense. This is what we are learning here in this simulation, and this is what I continue to touch upon next. 

Healing the black holes

Now this simulation offers one interesting possibility: to learn how to use your will to consciously decide to pay attention to life – to the real song of life playing out in this moment. Before the will experiment we were hearing the song of life but we were one with it. We were one with the song life had moment by moment, singing back unique and marvellous songs that steamed up from our unique perspectives, but lacking conscious ability to want or refuse that. We were more doing that in an unconscious, default manner. We were one with life, without knowing anything about it. What the will creation gave us is the power to choose life consciously.

This simulation is actually a tool for getting the wholeness of our mind back, for becoming once again transparent, learning how to defocus back from our decided points of views, becoming once again pure nothing, and thus… becoming alive once again. This simulation is actually a recovery tool for bringing the dead neurons/librarians to life once again. Meaning: point of views that were used for singing repeated dead songs. They were employed only in this action for so much time, they were stagnant for so much time, they got so identified with this role (meaning: attention was only invested in that which they willed to see), that now we must put energy/awareness to bring them out of that. The muscle of will must learn to defocus. 

And because what is done is done, we cannot tell them to snap out of their role, we cannot tell them to forget and move on. They need to slowly and gently become aware of that themselves, and slowly remember the real music of life that sings right now, and start opening up to listening to it once again. These points of views we have split ourselves in, these neurons and explorers, are alive, just like life. They must be able to do this for themselves, they must remember the truth, the real music of life. They all have it inside of them, they know it, they just need to remember it and wake themselves up from their choice that brought them to this almost dead state. Once a point of view does not see/hear real life for so much time it becomes like a dead, black spot. We need life to flow through these spots once again. But they need to learn how to open up their eyes and ears, to detach their attention from their initial will, and to see and hear the real song of life – that is present in this moment.

Btw.. listening and hearing are very much different. Actually the will creation is teaching us how to listen. Hearing is done by default. You automatically hear the song of life. Hearing pertains more to the unconscious side of us. We hear without intent, without effort or choice. Listening, though, is done with intent. You choose to listen. You choose to pay attention to life. 

Developing the will muscle

So a new interesting experiment is taking place: we learn how to FOCUS and UNFOCUS, IN and OUT of our creations at will. In the first experiment we learned how to focus only on something and omit the rest. Now we learn to defocus, by inviting everything else into our vision once again. This is what pain is actually: an indicator of where we need to look. Parts of us, neurons/librarians, that still hold on to the old job they had, neurons that still hold on to their initial idea, their focused point of view, unwilling to let go of that view because it’s something they did repeatedly for so much time. They need to slowly learn to let go by re-learning to invite the live music in.

This is actually what our breathing stands for as a metaphor, here in this plane, symbolising that which we are learning here at this point, in this creation: holding on and letting go. Zoom in and Zoom out. Totally focusing our vision on something, then defocusing back. This is what we learn here: Focus and Defocus at will. This is the ALIVE WILL MUSCLE that we came here to develop. The most supreme usage of will. Create and then learn to destroy your creation, knowing yourself as something and then defocusing yourself back to nothing. 

In order for will to be alive it needs to be a tool that addresses the needs of this moment. If will only helped to define stuff, to create creations, and just keep the attention invested in those and that’s it, then will itself was sort of dead, or .. not yet alive. Each moment has a different need. A new moment: a new need. We need to learn to use the will tool to serve the music life sings in this moment. If some focus on some strings is required in this moment then we use the will tool: we focus with incredible concentration on those strings, then when the music signals another thing is needed, we rapidly defocus from those strings of notes, and focus on what is needed next. No need to hold on by having portions of us repeating the old strings, in order for us to have them with us. No need for us to recreate life, as life already exists, but this was one of the most important experiments to ever be created.

Now we get to invent the alive power of will, we learn how to use this muscle we already had, that helps us really work with life material, focusing and defocusing in and out of some strings of notes, as the need requires it – lively, in this moment. This is the most exhilarating tool to master at this time. And many of us still have dead neurons/librarians still holding on to the old way/roles they got so identified with, which we need to revive and bring back to life in order for us to have our whole being alive once again. Eg: they themselves need to learn how to defocus their attention from that role. This choice must be done by each cell, by each neuron – because they are alive, they are life, they must understand and choose this for themselves. 

Currently we are learning to defocus, to once again become nothing, like air. Meaning: this time we learn how to use the will to unfocus our attention from the strings we focused on. By defocusing we, once again, see everything, we are again fully alive. After we learn how to zoom out, we will have alive will as our tool, which we already had it but didn’t knew how to use 🙂 We already had this muscle, but we never used it to its full ability before. Again… everything boils down to strings of possibilities. This will muscle, this alive will, was always a possibility/note, in the total possibilities/strings/notes of life. We just didn’t knew about it, we never saw how it works before we saw how it works, this is the beauty if life 🙂 Now we learned how it’s used.

To defocus means to hear life, to focus means to hear/see what you decided to see/ willed/ agreed. To defocus means to come back with the attention to my real self, and thus hearing and seeing everything around me all at once, everything around in and out having my undivided attention, all at the same time, lacking any biased preferences. Basically by defocusing I am listening to everything and paying attention to everything at the same time. By focusing I manage to hear only the chirp of a bird, for example, and ignore anything else.
Sometime focus is needed, especially when pain comes up as an indicator of something that needs to be looked at. Some other time total un-focusness is needed especially when everything is good and comfortable: we need to learn to become zero, nothing, when there is not a specific thing that requires our concentrated attention. In those moments we need to nurture everything around us, in and out (!), by paying undivided attention to everything at the same time. We must always remember that attention equals stream of life. We are life.

Very important addition: Zooming out is, in fact, zooming in once again on the alive song life has in this moment. Zooming out only means: deciding to pay attention to the alive song from this current moment, rather than the old songs life had. We must remember that attention/awareness is like a sack that is always filled with something. You cannot have lack of stuff in the sack, the sack is always full with something – this is why we are always existing. Attention/awareness is always alive. Just the forms in front of our attention change. If we want to zoom out there is only one possibility: zoom in on life, come back with our awareness/attention on what life sings right now. 

Final thoughts on pain…

I cannot also skip one important fact I also observe, and this comes up from observing how pain acts. When something springs pain we have 2 possibilities: either we reject it’s meaning, we reject to look at it and see what it’s about, or either we accept to look at it. Because pain springs these 2 possibilities: acceptance of looking, or denial/rejection of looking, it shows to me.. that someone could use this pain creation as a tool to divert the attention of the individuals to something it wants. Pain is not the ideal tool for making something obvious because… you do exactly this: you make it too obvious. Thus meaning: in making it too obvious all the attention flows to that point – either conscious attention (eg: accepting to look) or unconscious attention (refusing to look). We need to be aware that everything that happens happens before our eyes. Nothing exists without having attention. Either we offer it consciously or… we refuse to offer it consciously, it still has our attention. 

And this is what buggers me at this point. I feel something could purposefully use the pain tool to drive our attention (conscious or unconscious) and make us see what it wants to be seen. To make us pour attention into the shapes it wants. I cannot not see that somehow, someone could use the pain to make us pay attention to his creation. And this is, in fact, the exact thing that is happening here in this experience we call “life on earth”. Something has imprisoned real beings and made tricks in order to catch their attention into his creation, and thus.. make them pour life into his creation, in hoping he will be able to bring that creation to life. But this is a subject I already touched in other writings. This is still inside the simulation, inside the game, because as I explained will is only played out inside this simulation now. It is obvious that this is going on inside the simulated will creation, because: we can see we still have the dichotomy of: what I will to see vs what other wills that I see. It is still my will vs your will, but now.. my attention is the prize we fight for. 🙂 

Figuring out what pain is – and learning to match that to the real song life has in this moment, is the key for uncovering this last game. In a given moment life might require us to look at a certain pain. In another moment life might require us to postpone, and thus reject looking at it, because something else needs to be looked at. We must remember that our attention is always filled with something, and that that something is brought to life by our attention. We need to learn how to listen to life first, and then use the alive song of life to make the choice: does the song sings the need to look at this pain right now, or maybe another need is singed? We need to listen to the song of life once again, and bring that music back into our cells. Even pain it’s only a tool that we must learn to use it lively – in accordance with the song of life. 

Until this point I can see that when Pain occurs people are inclined to automatically reject it. It’s the reverse to what happened with the Will tool. With Will when beings saw what they willed/decided to see, they automatically invested all their attention there, omitting anything else. Now with Pain, it’s the reverse: when people see pain they are almost totally inclined to not look there, and run back with their attention to what they will to see. Beings are now learning how to bring attention to pain, and defocus their attention from what they willed. The reverse process is occurring. Pain is a creation that helps us see that which we initially decided not to see. This is why, at this level of concentration – where we are so focused only on one small dot, omitting everything else, pain is like a hurricane of music from the notes we are omitting, completely damaging everything we hold on to. As we learn to take baby steps and look more and more into the pain, we start recovering ourselves, we start recovering our librarians/neurons, letting go of pouring attention into the old songs they are storing, and using them to give attention to the live music life sings in this moment.
Pain is so painful at this level, because we have so much of life that we are omitting and only focusing on one small point of view. Pain is only possible in this will creation – and it was created for us to learn to defocus our attention from what we willed to see. Pain putted in front of our eyes the rest of the notes we were omitting. Because of so much time of omitting them when they started showing up into our awareness, we’ve seen them as alien stuff, we – at first, still inoculated in the will creation – thought about them as something coming from another being from inside the game, that purposefully puts them here in order to step on my decided will (same type of scenarios in the will fashion). A war almost has started inside of us, perceiving all the things that we decided to omit initially as enemies trying to divert us from what we want to see. This is the extent to which the will game has been played. We’ve turned ourselves against that which we decided at first to omit.

I cannot also notice that a lot of factors were contributing to this, and a lot of by-product creations were invented that took life from this war within ourselves. It’s all – at the simplest level – about… the fact that we became so into, so obsessed with our point of view: my creation, my will. The adversary was as strong as our will to omit anything else. We’ve made the adversary this strong, by consciously choosing to forget so much of the real truth. The adversary only plays out what we want to forget/omit. 

I can also feel, for myself, that I spent so much time in playing this will game, this competition game, steamed up from the will game – my will vs your will, that I almost feel I have nothing without my adversary. (stockholm syndrome here… to the highest level 🙂 ) If I have nothing to fight for anymore… what it remains for me to do? This is how distorted, in a sense, my neurons are – at this time. This is the fear of losing your old points of view, and it can be quite scary – this is why so many neurons inside of me are still holding on to their old perspectives, without wanting to let go – even if the hurricane is almost swiping them off, almost destroying them. 

Holding on is suicide in this sense. Neurons can become so damaged by holding on to their old views, it is like an electric circuit overheating from too much activity and this could induce the total erase of those neurons, meaning: complete amnesia, with almost no possibility for recovery. And the electric overheating it’s only a self induced heat produced by refusing to let go of your old views. This is, in fact, what did happen. Some of our cells/neurons/points of views we divided ourselves in, are almost all completely damaged – from holding on to those views. They look like dead, cancerous cells, almost unrecoverable. Fortunately we can always decompose those cells into the nothing we are as a being, but we want to give them a chance to recover on their own. We trust and see each cell the same we trust and see life. We know each cell has the same intelligence the whole of life has, so of course we want to give them a chance to learn and recover, and learn how to choose life for themselves. It’s basically life learning to choose and listen to itself – after so much time of denying itself, by choosing old version of itself. 

The only teacher we have is the music of life. 

What happens at this level

For our recovery process here, at this level, we are put to the extreme of paying attention to the creation of another one’s will, different or opposed to ours, so as to help us flow with that. Currently at this level of the will creation we are experiencing the opposed side of our will: rape. Here at this level our attention, is almost forcefully filled with stuff we do not want to see. This might be the last step/exercise, in order to gain the full capacity of our will muscle.  Can we consciously decide to invest attention in a will creation different then our own? A creation which we do not agree with at all/did not will to see? How to look at something that was not your will to look at? (Remember the mans in Plato’s Myth of the Cave who had their heads tight up so they could not move, in order for them to forcefully be put to see what was presented on the wall). This is like birthing up the child of another, instead of birthing your own child. And this is the final dilemma we are dealing with right now. This is still .. I must remind, inside the simulation. In the real life this is already done and achieved. 

A good indicator that we are alive and real is suffering and pain. If we can really feel pain and suffering, if we really feel lost and hopeless, this is the most clear indicator that.. at some level upper, we ourselves are the creator that has chosen to play the will game. We are lucky in that sense, we are developing the most interesting skill and tool to ever be invented: the alive will muscle. 

Another small addition that needs to be made is that inside this simulated will experiment, that we are currently in, the game of recreating life and building neural networks is still played out at so many levels. There are so many neural networks built, some of them by one team, some of them by the opponent team. There are so many baby’s being constructed, in a sense – because each neural network is built for the purpose of giving birth to a creation that is as alive as possible. This was the main reason for starting the will creation at first. We wanted to make our creations alive, or at least.. as alive as they can be. And this is still played out at so many levels inside this simulation. In the current “life on earth” level I can sense the most oppressive force here, the force that keeps humanity enslaved, harvesting energy/attention/life from real beings, is actually using that energy only for the sole purpose of giving birth to a creation of his. This virus creation, at this level here, is actually trying to become alive by infiltrating itself in the neural network of the baby we were all trying to give birth to. (the neural network is actually the mind of the under development baby we are working to give birth to, but this is another topic). I can see this scenario of creating a baby creator, played out at so many levels. 


Added on 09.10.2019: The attention ship

My attention is a sort of ship. Here in this simulated reality I move through realities with my attention. I invest attention in some details? Then those details become more and more focused, I see them in more and more detail, becoming more and more important in the movie I see. I defocus my attention from some details, inviting something else in? Then those past details become less and less important in the movie I see. As I said previously defocusing can only be done by focusing on something else. There is no saying NO or refusing to see! There is no lack of awareness. To defocus only means to defocus your awareness from the current point of view and come back with the awareness on the present moment, zero point. When I defocus and I get my attention filled with content from this present moment, it’s like I zoom out from the point of view I was energising with my attention and I get to the zero point of view where I see in front of me all the possible realities from the movie, all at the same time – and I can choose any one of them to focus back once again, or I can choose to stay in that zero point and rest for a while. This is why learning to bring the awareness back to this present moment is, in fact, returning to our zero, natural state. This is why staying as present as we can and thus automatically listening, as much as we are able to, to the song life has in this moment (and we all hear it inside ourselves) is almost our No. 1 tool for getting everything back: our memories, our true power of moving between realities and most important: developing the zoom in/zoom out, muscle of will. 

Added on 10.10.2019: The division machine

Most of the times, 99% of the times, when something is happening in front of our awareness, eg: when anything is happening to us, we are immediately checking if this something is something we want or not. This is almost like an automative process, reminiscent of the will game. This happens at almost all levels of our perception here, even when we eat food, for example. The pleasure of taste is more related to what we desired to taste before we started to eat, than the taste itself. If you give someone something to eat, but you don’t tell them anything about what they will be eating, and you tight their eyes so they cannot see nor smell it, most of the times that person would not even enjoy a food he is actually craving for. This is because craving is only a pattern of the mind, that craves for what we know to be delicious from the past experiences. We only eat to reinforce our past, in a sense. To reinforce our knowledge of what we are.  (this is a reminiscence of using and building neural networks, here in the game)

There is a machine inside of us that no matter what happens, it first checks to see if this is something we want or don’t. This is why it is so difficult to really pay attention to life, meaning: to what happens in this moment. Because we are always in a state of checking to see if this is in accordance to what we want, or not. And because of this we are always in some state of tension inside. We are not relaxed, we are not at the zero point, we are almost always operating from in the inner conflict of: “my will vs your will” / “my will vs that which defies my will”. This is why we are so oblivious to what life really is. Because we don’t listen to what life is singing, we are only checking to see if the notes we hear are according to what we want to hear or not. When the notes happen to be in accordance to our will, then.. we are happy, feel powerful, feel joyful and loving. When the notes don’t match our inner will, then we wither from inside and become angry, darken, feeling that somehow, something is deliberately doing us harm. It is only this machine that really harms us. Our dead will is what harms us the most. Because we didn’t yet learned about how to really use the will in an alive manner, using our will as a tool to serve life itself. (the real muscle of will)

At the first levels we were still neutral and we were observing the meaning of any note that was coming, even if it was one that we wanted, or not. We were still observing and paying equal attention to each of the notes, but just being aware of what notes were the ones we chosen to hear, and what were the ones we chosen to omit. This is how we are at the higher levels. Beings are not so identified with their choice. They acknowledge it, but that’s all. They know, at those more airier levels, that all that’s happening is just a play pretend of theirs. They don’t take the game so seriously, they still know it is a game that they are consciously playing in. But as the game develops, as the level of focus becomes more and more detailed, beings start to lose more and more of their objectiveness. They become more and more skilled at their pretend-ness, they get so immersed in their own game, to the level they almost forget they were just playing. They showed this in several movies, one of them being the last episode of Black Mirror, called Bandersnatch. At one moment the main character was so immersed in the game/movie he was playing in, that he wanted to throw himself off the window, moment in which.. all the actors around him stopped the play, the scene, and we could see the backstage, the film cameras, etc.. and some of the actors and backstage staff went to this main character and asked him: “Hey, this is not in the script. What happens? Are you alright?”. This is how the game can make us so identified with it. It is only because of our true, sincere, nature of focusing. We are going in with all that we are. As we zoom more and more to some notes, to some parts of the total everything that is, then we become more and more focused on those and obliterated of the rest. 

To learn the skill of zooming out, once we got to these deeper levels, we must remember our real, natural state, which is: pure nothing. We must try as best as we can to listen to each note that comes into our awareness, even if it is not the one we want to hear. And, one important factor: we must realise we have this machine inside that always divides our attention into: what I will vs what I don’t will. We need to become aware of this mechanism, this is an AI, it is not ourselves who does that, and we must learn to move past it. 

This division machine is actually the “veil that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth” (they have given this in the Matrix 1 movie). This is the veil that keeps us from seeing what is actually there, because we are always looking to see what we want ! This is the veil ! As simple as it might sound, this is the entire thing that keeps us oblivious of the truth.

Added on 14.10.2019: Our decisions are our biggest enemy

Decisions are the first automatons/AI’s. Because once you decided something (once you decided to view only some notes, and ignore the rest), once you decided your perspective, then that decision is fixed, is dead, in a sense.  It is not an ear listening to the alive song of life anymore, it is an ear that listens in order to hear something it decided. This is why, here, at any level in this game, our decisions are – paradoxically – our greatest enemy 🙂 Decisions are the creation that has turn itself against its creator. Because, actually, the creator turned itself against life when he made its first decision/choice. (At level zero we have zero choices, zero power, zero will and zero knowledge, yet it is the most complete existence possible. )

This is ok because the creator knew what he was doing, but here, at this level of ignorance we are in right now.. of course we are not aware anymore of so many factors, and our decisions, actually, are keeping us from seeing/hearing the alive song of life from this moment. The war it’s always: the past vs the present. The past fights for the attention of the individuals, to keep it there, in its creation. The present doesn’t fight, it allows anything to happen, because the only interest the present moment has is to sing the song of this moment, without paying attention if someone is hearing it or not. This is how life was turned against itself: by using the old forms life had (dead forms in a sense) and keep the attention of the individuals there. Individuals got to pay attention to the old forms/songs life had, instead of paying attention to the song of this moment – where life really is. So now, in the middle of this apparent war (it’s not a war actually, because only one side is fighting 🙂 ), you have the real individuals who invented choice, and now they can choose between: offering their attention to the old (dead) forms life had OR offering attention to the alive forms from this moment. This is basically the basic formula of all our existence here, in all the levels of this game – original and simulated one. 

This is why we must try to always re-assess our points of views/our decisions.  We must be as flexible as we can manage in every aspect of this experience. We must be curious to try many different perspectives, as opposed to remaining fixed into one or another. Perspectives must be played with as tools, changing them in accordance to the need life sings in this moment, rather then the other way around.

Decision is – one of our first creations. We created the decision to act as a tool, that now, has been almost turned agains life itself. Decision and choice must be used as a tool to serve the current moment, thus: the alive song life has right now. And this skill is still under development for many beings.

Added on 16.10.2019: To be loved is to be seen

Existence at the zero level, the level of the all seeing eye, is at its fullest. This is why when beings decided to restrict their view, and focus only on some notes of the total notes, a new kind of experience emerged: lack. Life learned about lack and about the pain of being unseen for the first time, and thus: un-nurtured. Because in reality, life equals awareness. I cannot emphasise more on this. What people call awareness or attention is what life looks like. This is what life is: awareness. Again, here at this plain of existence we call “life on earth”, we consider awareness to be something usual, mundane, we can hardly imagine how awareness can be life itself. We consider life to be the nature, or our soul, or whatever.. instead.. life is what comes out of your eyes 🙂

Awareness is like the water or the sun. When awareness is present everything is nurtured and full of life. When awareness is missing everything starts entering into a sort of coma state, a repeated song that must survive on itself, without new nurturing. (why do you think here at this level, kids are fighting for attention, or we have the expression of “attention seeker”. Why would you seek attention, what is this attention actually? So very few ask themselves this 🙂 )

In reality awareness and life are one and the same thing. Awareness brings life to any form, and thus any form feels nurtured and loved. Lack of awareness brings coldness, loneliness and pain. We all need to be seen in order to be nurtured and be fully alive. We start becoming petrified, we wither ourselves, we die, when we are not seen as who we really are, inside.

This is what falling in love is actually: you fall in love with someone else, because for a brief moment you have the impression of really being seen as who you really are. That opens up the possibility of stop pretending, of finally being able to express yourself as who you are as a being in reality. After so much time of suppressing that, this natural state has become the most supreme joy for us here. It’s a bit funny when you about it: what in reality is considered so normal, so mundane, to the level we don’t even notice it almost, here has become one of the most ecstatic and joyful experiences. It is only natural, actually… that playing pretend for such much time takes its toll on a being. We really love our natural state from the zero level. But, we didn’t knew how much before we created the most supreme lack of that 🙂 And we all are there, together, btw.

This is why one of the main dramas of this current existence (and all the existence inside this will creation, I would say) is the pain of not being seen. To be seen means so much more than to only be acknowledged. To be seen means to be nurtured, to rejoice in the music of real life once again.

Also, being seen can only come only as a shared nature. You see someone because you manage to see yourself. You see the life in someone because you have life inside of you. This is what the actual pure form of love is: sharing awareness, sharing life. Seeing one another! When 2 individuals have life inside of them (when they both have alive awareness inside) – they automatically see each other, and thus: love each other even if they will it or not, in the game. Awareness is above any will. When they don’t have life inside, or if one has life and the other is dead (lacking alive awareness) then no one feels nurtured, not even the one who has life inside. This is why, with all the efforts we can manage to bring to ourselves, we must try to bring back our awareness of who we are and what real life is. We must try to remember the zero level, we must try to see ourselves again – and thus see others as well, as who we really are. Being seen is the purest form of love.

Remember how.. when we were kids and we would learn or achieve something new, or different,like.. learning how to ride the bike, the biggest thrill was for someone to see that, for someone to see us doing that. We would say “mommy, mommy.. look!”. Because in the absence of anyone seeing us do something, the feeling of satisfaction and motivation is almost reduced to zero. In the absence of being seen, in the absence of the nurturing light of awareness – everything is almost meaningless, pointless. What beauty there is if I am able to build the most fantastic world, or universe, or food lets say, but there is no one there to view it. I build the most fantastic house, but there is no one there to see it. Only me. The biggest satisfaction and creative power we have, we can do almost anything then, is when we are beeing seen. This is why when people fall in love, for a brief moment they feel they could almost move mountains, or do anything. Have you ever got that feeling? This is what awareness does! This is how powerful it is. We can literally move mountains, create worlds and entire universes when we know someone is there to see them, when we know someone needs them! Because if they need it, they will surely use it, and thus.. they will see it! This is why people here can do almost impossible things when someone is in danger, or someone needs something. Need is sacred, btw, and this is another subject.
We all need to be seen and share who we are with others.This is what makes us feel nurtured, this is what finally gives us a feeling of safety, of being held and encouraged. This is what keeps us alive, almost. And thus, we all need to learn how to also listen and see others as well – they also need this so much ! Being seen is life, is love, is everything.

Added on 16.10.2019: Try to remember the play

It is all just a play pretend game. We continue to be the same us that we are in reality! Here, in this game, you could see a flower.. and in reality that form could be acted and played by your actual mother 🙂 A cloud here can really be your friend in reality, an emotion can be played out by the being of your real father, and so on. We must remember that everything we see around and everything we are “experiencing” is just us, the beings who exist there, at the zero level! We are just these beings playing pretend in so many different forms, all through so many perspectives and games we invent for ourselves. It is the same us, all along, through all the levels, all the games, all the universes, all the inventions! 🙂 Try to remember the truth: everything is just us that are just playing pretend.

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