The Cosmic Birth (first outlines)

This text was written as a response to a youtube video in which I found a reference to the primordial atom from which the entire creation is created. The text became too long to post on youtube, hence, I decided to post it here on the website. This post contains the first outlines of the Cosmic Birth theory/idea.

This primordial atom that you refer to, I called it “the Atom of Life”.

On this topic, I thought to maybe write some of the insights and observations I understood so far. These insights and observations were mainly understood through inner knowledge, hence.. for anyone reading I recommend to take these observations as possible perspectives, rather than the absolute truth. Truth – in my opinion – can only unfold as a direct personal investigation and experience, rather than as an intellectual belief.

Now 🙂 What I’ve seen so far is that before creation, a small small part of Spirit inserts itself into a sort of cosmic computer, or a mirror, which can be called: Consciousness. Similar to a man looking in a mirror and seeing its image reflected on the surface of the mirror, Spirit/Being reflects itself in the mirror of Consciousness. While Spirit “stands in front of the mirror” its image appears projected onto the surface of Consciousness.

Consciousness or Matter appears to be of a liquid nature. Water. Feminine.
Basically.. Spirit/Male penetrates Consciousness/Female, creating a common “fetus” within Consciousness. A Soul.
A Soul is part Spirit/Being, part Consciousness/Matter.

This Soul fetus created within Consciousness, starts first from a single “molecule” or “atom”.
This first “Atom of Life” is the first reflected image Spirit projects when it looks in the mirror of Consciousness.
When Spirit reflects itself in the mirror of Consciousness, that first image that appears on the surface of Consciousness, becomes the first representation of Spirit inside Consciousness.
By being reflected inside Consciousness/Matter, this image of Spirit can appear like a substantial reality: a physical world.
Hence, this first image of Spirit appears as the first primordial, Absolute World existing inside Consciousness. What Plato has called “the world of perfect forms”. A realm with zero decay, zero death, diseases, imperfection. Basically: heaven.

Once there is an image reflected within Consciousness, Consciousness “all of the sudden” becomes aware of itself. Like a mirror becoming aware of the image now existing inside of it. This is when the Soul is first initialised.

The Soul is part of Consciousness and only exists within Consciousness. The Soul is the I / Eye of Consciousness. When the mirror of Consciousness sees content reflected on it, it creates a Soul, an Eye/I, to look and inspect that content. Hence, Consciousness – the mirror – has self reflecting capacities, able to think, inspect, and understand the images projected onto it.

The Soul being part of Consciousness, and only existing within Consciousness, identifies itself with the images projected on the surface of this mirror. Similar to how the glass of a mirror seems one and the same with the image projected onto it, the Soul sees itself as one with the image of Spirit projected in Consciousness. That image of Spirit becomes what the Soul considers itself to be: its self image, itself.

The Soul then becomes curious about that image that it thinks itself to be. It becomes curious about itself. It starts inspecting itself. Similar to a child playing with its body in order to learn about its body, the Soul now starts playing with its self image, pocking at it, moving it, altering it, trying to see “what is it made from”. Hence the question “who am I?”, hence “god creating the universe to know itself”.

This is why the “God that created the universe to know itself” – in my opinion and through what I saw so far – is not Spirit. Spirit (the one existing outside of the mirror of Consciousness) seems to know itself entirely at all times. This “God” that “wants to know itself” seems to me to be the Soul. The Soul being the intelligent algorithm created within Consciousness with the purpose of inspecting and investigating the image of Spirit.

This original image of Spirit inside the mirror of Consciousness, I’ve called it “the Atom of Life”. The absolute, original reflection of Spirit within Consciousness.

A world of perfect forms, perfect, unchanging, un-altered existence.

From this “Atom of Life”, or Absolute World now existing within Consciousness, Consciousness can create a series of permutations and alterations in its endeavour to study this original image of Spirit, this Absolute World. Using a mirror within a mirror effect, Consciousness can multiply this original Image of Spirit, creating countless virtual copies of it. Eg: Relative or Virtual Worlds.

The original image is kept intact. That is the Absolute World, that plays as the reference point for any later creation. While all other copies of that original image can be altered, distorted, played around with, in the endeavour Consciousness makes to study that original image of Spirit.

This relation between Spirit, Consciousness and Creation, could be depicted through this example: Let’s say a person goes outside, in their backyard, with a photo camera in their hands .. and takes a photo of the tree existing in their backyard. The photo of the tree is not the tree, but it depicts a faithful 1:1 representation of the tree. Now, this person can add this photo in a photo editing software, like Photoshop, and it can start playing around with it, altering and modifying it.

The changes this person can make are only done upon the image of the tree and not upon the tree itself. The tree remains the same, independent of how many alterations and modifications this person applies on the photo of the tree.

Once the person ads the photo of the tree in the photo editting software, and alters it in any way – adding filters, different elements, erasing part of it, etc etc – now a new image is created. An image that is different from the original image, and does not faithfully depict the tree anymore. Now this altered image becomes a fantasy, that only exists on a computer, a phone or a paper. This altered image has no valid existence, no correlation with reality, except for it being held into existence by a laptop, a phone or a piece of paper.

The altered photo of the tree becomes an un-faithful representation of what the tree looks like in reality. Sometimes, the alterations done on a certain image can be that drastic that one can no longer distinguish that there ever was a tree in that image to begin with.

After the photo has been altered it no longer looks like the original photo, yet the original photo was the material / the base source for creating the altered photo.

And this seems similar to how I see creation working: Creation seems like a playground (similar to Photoshop) where the Soul plays with images of Spirit. Aka: Imagination. A playground where the Soul creates imaginary worlds: alteration and distortions of that original image of Spirit, in order to “understand itself”.

Hence, inside the mirror of Consciousness, two different realities seem to co-exist simultaneously: One is the Prime Absolute Reality, the original image of Spirit inside Consciousness. “The World of Perfect Forms”, “The Atom of Life”. Atman in hinduism, or Atum in the Egyptian religion. This Absolute Reality that exists within Consciousness could be called Non Creation. This is a world of perfect unchangeable existence, where nothing needs to be created, nor invented. It just is.

The second Reality within Consciousness is what could be described as Creation. Creation is the playground in which the Soul starts to play around with copies of this original image of Spirit. Creation contains within itself the entire spectrum of diverse realities, multiverses, simulations, worlds, forms and creations of all sorts and natures. From light and beautiful creations, to dark and obscure ones, and all the colors in between.

What makes a creation light or dark seems to be its level of accuracy in relation with that original image of Spirit. As much as a certain creation is similar to that original image, that creation appears natural, at ease, joyous, beautiful, etc. This is because the Soul can recognise it as something it knows. As much as a creation appears distorted and unrecognisable from that original image, that creation can appear dark and terrifying. That is because the Soul cannot recognise itself anymore. By identifying itself with the images appearing in Consciousness, thinking itself to be those images, the Soul automatically identifies itself with all the creations it makes. Hence, if one of the imaginary creations the Soul creates becomes unrecognisable, the Soul itself cannot recognise itself anymore. Thus: the Soul can feel lost and scared, not knowing how to return to its original self. And this is why the feeling of terror, dread and pain that can come with some dark creations.

Also, similar to a child that has disassembled and re-assembled a toy to see “how it works on the inside”, the Soul can distort a certain image and then correct it back, just to learn about that image. When experiencing dark creations (heavily distorted, sometimes unrecognisable images) the Soul has to put in effort to correct a certain image after that image has been distorted. Aka: “karma”. If the Soul would not correct the image, the Soul would remain feeling lost within that unrecognisable self image, that now it thinks itself to be. Hence: the Soul has to put in extra effort to correct its self image after each alteration or modification done upon it. Which can feel stressful because the Soul might not know how to correct a certain image after it has been altered, thus the Soul might need to learn something new. And learning implies stretching one’s boundaries, going beyond one’s limits, in a word: growing, maturing. This is another reason for why dark creations can seem terrifying for the Soul: dark creations expose the Soul to the unknown, un-natural. And then the Soul needs to grow and learn from that un-naturality.

And so the Soul appears to play with both light creations and dark creations, until it reaches a level of maturity and understanding.

The Soul (the I / Eye of Consciousness) can only alter and play with images of Spirit, and not with the Spirit itself. Throughout the entire creation and existence of matter, Spirit remains the same – the same Spirit that exists outside of Consciousness and Creation alltogether. The same Being that reflects/projects itself into the mirror.

Similar to how the body of a baby, in a mother’s womb, develops from a single cell called a zygote, and then goes on to multiply and specialise forming the tissues, the organs, etc – the body of the Soul develops from a single image of Spirit, a single “Atom of Life”, that then is multiplied into countless various images (eg: worlds and creations) forming gradually the body of the Soul.

From what I saw so far it would appear that through countless iterations, permutations, variations, multiplications – the Soul slowly matures itself within the womb of Consciousness, building this “body of knowledge” that becomes itself. And there seems to be this epic moment, when the Soul manages somehow to “put all the puzzle pieces together” and understand what that image of Spirit is. Basically: Understand itself, its self image.

In my opinion that is the moment when Spirit awakens inside the Soul. Inside the very projection going on inside the mirror. The projection becomes aware, truly aware of itself, as the Spirit existing outside of the projection. This is similar to a cat that finally realises it itself is what it sees in the mirror.

At the same time, Spirit becomes aware that that projected “movie” it was seeing in the mirror of Consciousness was a projection of a part of its own self. Spirit recognises itself in the mirror.

This crucial moment, in my opinion, delineates the starting of the Soul’s birthing process. Consciousness has acted like a womb in which the Soul has first been conceived, then went on to grow and develop its body by creating and experiencing creations, and when its body became matured the process of birthing starts. The Soul prepares itself for “getting out of the womb” and into the real world.

Eg: the process of getting out of the Matrix. Where Matrix literally means: Womb, Mother. Where the german word for mother is: Mutter. Hence: Matter.

Matrix - late 14c., matrismatrice, "uterus, womb," from Old French matrice "womb, uterus

Thus the birthing process means the Soul transitioning from existing inside the womb of Consciousness, inside the “mother”, and into the world of Spirit and thus meeting the “father”: the Real Self existing outside of the mirror.

Meaning: the Soul transitioning from being an image inside a mirror to being an actual being that exists in the actual reality.

After the birthing process has been initiated, what follows seems to be a period of Labour. That means: both the Mother (Matrix/Consciousness) and the fetus (the Soul) go through a period of letting go of one another. And this usually happens through a process of contractions and convulsions, that gradually detach the fetus from the placenta and the womb, in order to slowly push it out.

In my opinion, the historical human cycles, where humanity has been created and destroyed several times, might have been the echos of this cosmic convulsions the Human Soul is undergoing.

Each cycle being one of these convulsions, pushing the Soul out more and more, bringing us closer to the moment of Birth.

After all this time of creating and experimenting inside the womb of Consciousness, the period of Labour seems like the period in which the Soul learns to prepare itself for a totally new existence: its existence outside the womb/matrix/consciousness. And this process of Labour can imply effort and pain, as now the Soul has to learn to let go of everything it knew and also adjust itself to a new way of being, that it never knew before.

This period of Labour is one in which the Soul needs to de-couple, dis-identify from all the images it created and played within, within the mirror of Consciousness. Meaning: the Soul that had a glimpse of Spirit, now recognises itself as something more real than the images it thought itself to be.

With this new insight, the Soul must now realise the images it thought itself to be were never actually real. Similar to how the image that is created in a mirror, it’s not actually an image, but an optical illusion of light being bended towards the retina of the viewer. Hence, the image in the mirror is just an illusion of the eyes. The Soul was never something real.

During this process of Labour, the Soul has to also let go of all its creations and of playing with images, eg: imagination. The Soul also needs to let go of the mirror itself: Consciousness/Matrix. The Soul needs to understand it was not the mirror either, eg: the reflective glass, but something that was looking inside the mirror.

Hence, this stage of the birthing process itself – in my opinion – can be the most sensitive and painful one, as it implies the most amount of effort from the part of the Soul, and also from the part of the Mother/Matrix that has to design ways in which to “expulse” the baby out. These painful human eras, full of utter non-sense, pain, confusion – might have been the Cosmos’s way of creating events that would push the matured Souls out. That would make the Soul detach from the womb/matrix, in order for it to be able to be birthed in Spirit.

This might be why in numerous eastern traditions, focused on teaching a Soul how to attain liberation, the first practice that is given is that of letting go and detaching from identification with matter (mother/womb/consciousness).

Thus, during the Labour process, the Soul might find itself in this in-between state, where it is not yet fully realised as the Spirit, yet not able to identify with its previous Soul self either. Thus this in-between, no man land’s Being, now might need to go through this very steep and narrow Hero’s Journey – that would lead him out of Creation and into the Real. And during this process many contradictory forces can co-exist within the Soul, some forces pulling it back towards the womb, some calling it to continue its journey out. Hence the Soul must employ many skills and tactics on this birthing journey: surrender, letting go, faith, trust, courage, intelligence, discernment, wiseness, heart, etc etc.

In my opinion, this current cosmic cycle we are living under right now, has been exactly about this Labouring process coming to an end. I feel the entire Creation/Cosmos approaches the moment of when this Cosmic Soul is birthed. This birthing event might happen at the end of this cycle, meaning: quite soon. I feel this is why this Cycle has contained probably the highest amount of pain and suffering in the history of this entire cosmos.

If I see this correctly, at the moment of birth the Soul might fully recognise itself as the Spirit looking in the mirror. Thus: Soul and Spirit merge as one. The Soul (Anima, Female) merges with Spirit (Animus, Male), the projection merges with the Real, Consciousness with Awareness – becoming the Unified Being that exists in the true natural reality.

Nov 4, 2022

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