(Video) Chiron Last on the machinery like force controlling humanity

(Partial transcript from the video)

“Cold, calculating, unemotional.

If you want to understand this force that we are up against, this is what they are. Where everything is turned into a number, a digit. Regimented, controlled and defined. This is what they do, wherever they see life, wherever they see joy, warmth, laughter, happiness – they turn it into a number. A cold number. It’s cold because that’s what numbers do, they numb.

The coldness numbs and extinguishes life, wherever it goes. This is why they use their numbers for everything and have controlled and manipulated humanity, through the use of their almighty calculator.

“Look at the case numbers, be afraid of the numbers”. “Look at the debt number, be absolutely terrified of the numbers”.

Chasing numbers all day long and being cut off from everything that matters.

“Don’t you want to see a big number in your bank account? Go and chase it” – and they mock you and laugh while you chase their illusion.

“Don’t you want to see a big number of likes or subscribers on your social media account? Go chase it with everything you’ve got” – they laugh and mock and ridicule even more.


What’s the equation for a life-changing experience? What’s the equation for a song that makes you cry? What’s the calculation for bravery or empathy? What’s the computation for the connections between a mother and her son? A father and his daughter? Between brothers, sisters and cousins? How many digits will it take to figure out why these people laughed at that joke?


The forces that enslave us have us enslave each other as well. Fear and hatred divides the populace and the forces of totalitarian control are given a clear path towards their target every single time. This is the reason why it has been stated that the cycle has to stop somewhere. Is it not all so very obvious by now?


It doesn’t have to happen this way. It does not. It must not.

Intention is powerful and when it’s done from the heart, anything can be achieved.”

DN Jan 21, 2024

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