Aiding kit: #1 healing the words

There are a few things that impact, alter and change reality:

  • Words
  • Food
  • Movement (Action / Choice)
  • Awareness
  • Will

Here I will describe for you the first tool to re-gain ownership and control over your reality. It is of utter importance for any PLAYER now to understand the tremendous thing words really are.


Heal your words, heal yourself 

Please recognise we are living inside a software

The software works with command lines – that is: verbal commands, that is: words. Words are not for communicating (which we have been brain washed to believe), words are for giving commands to the software and for “lively writing the story“ inside the story itself.

Please continue reading the below to understand some important tools of recovery. The info might be a bit extensive. Please give it time and read it carefully.


We write our story as we go along – we tell our story to the software by using “words”. And then the software makes it “real”. This is how it always is.

Now. Once we understand/remember this fact, we need to re-format our own software – meaning: our brain, as much as we can, so we can take back control of our story. Much of the words we were taught to use are genuine poison codes, meant to almost destroy our real story, us. So we must reformat much of the way we speak. Many of you might already do this intuitively, but … take into account the following tools:

I. Stay away from accepting definitions of yourself!

  • Stay away from definitions. As much as you can please PLEASE remember to always stay away from defining yourself at the command of others. Please try to be that present and aware when interacting with them that you can control almost every word that goes out of your mouth. They will almost ALWAYS try to submerge your brain in a hypnotic trance state, where they will try to make you respond to them, in a sort of slavery like state. They have this sick manoeuvre of mental control where they always ask questions in order to make one define itself for them. Refrain of answering to anyone! Rule #1 ! Answering to someone puts the brain in a subversive mode where the brain now subconsciously thinks this person is above you, this person controls you, and thus: you respond to them, you are their slave.
  • Remember: You are the slave of whom you answer to!
  • This is why they always act so inquisitive! Not because they really care what you do, how you are, what you have been eating, etc. But because they ALWAYS want to train your brain to think that you respond to them. That you are their mental slave. Remember this and always refrain from defining yourself at the will or demand of others. Always avoid as much as you can answering their questions! Any question! This finally helps you regain control of your own experience. This tells the brain and the main “software” you are now the one writing your story.

When cornered you can use these techniques:

  • Say nothing at all. As if you didn’t notice or heard, or as if you were thinking of something else. they do this all the time, if you noticed. So you can start using this technique.
  • Answer with a question. Example: Q: “How are you?“  A: “What’s up?” . Q: “Do you like this?” A: “How could I not like it?” Be smart and figure out creative responses. Make sure you are the one who poses the last question, whenever it is possible.
  • Repeat their question. Example: Q: “How are you“ A: “How are you?“. Q: “Did you eat today“ A: “Did you?“

II. Ask questions

  • Start being inquisitive. Start using the power of questions. Please remember this: Who holds the question holds the reality. Please remember this: The question is the #1 tool of reshaping reality! Please re-read this statement a couple of times, until it syncs. The question is the #1 tool of reshaping and controlling reality. Who holds the question holds the reality.

Start using a good amount of questions in your conversations, and observe the results. Be sure to always ALWAYS ask any of them questions. Be sure to just ask stuff, random stuff, you can actually play a bit of crazy, be creative, but always have as much questions as possible. This will make them respond to you, and their brain will understand the balance of power.

III. Delete the common words

Refrain from using common words or phrases that everybody uses. Why? These words are exclusively “created” to act as a sort of mental bars, mental prisons – encaging the user into a sort of prison bar reality/timeline. For example: when you use the word “f#@!“ (and I refrain from spelling it correctly exactly for this reason) you are now sharing a common timeline with ALL the other individuals that use this word. Think about that. Think about them – do you really want to share your mental space with all those individuals who use this word? Not the best or smartest of them, either. And this is true for ALL the words. Can you imagine? This is why one must introduce in its vocabulary un-used words, un-popular words, words that are scarcely used. This brings “fresh air”, “space” into one’s mental realm .. stating your own reality independent of them. This is a statement one makes – and the brain and the main “software” understands it!

Example of common phrases and words to be avoided: “hello“ “Sorry” “Thank you“ “F$#@$” “Bro” “Man” “Morning” “Good night” “What’s up?” … and other common cultural phrases that might run in your area. Just be creative and invent your own way of saying these same things, but with your own words. This is how you define for your brain and the “software” that you are presently retaking back and re-owning your reality! This is how one stops being a mental slave! By retrieving back your language, your words!

Please remember the software of this place is always neutral. It has always been neutral. The only thing that happened is that some beings took advantage of some knowledge and started stating their story over and over, ultimately convincing everyone that this is the only real story – and then the software was obliged to respond and “show” in physicality the story that now was believed by the majority. Do you understand how it works? Please remember.

IV. Change the words to change the scenario

Whenever you want to make a change in your scenario – for example: let’s say you want to have a better financial situation – start changing some words you are using and see what happens. After you understand this with the words, you can understand that everything is like this. Anything we use, any physical thing, acts similar as a word. Everything we use is a metaphor which portrays a certain reality, a certain story. For example: if one wants to change a scenario he is in, he can start changing some common words he is using, some 2-3 common foods he is eating, and maybe change the clothing style. By changing some of these “metaphors”, the script and scenario changes! Please try it out.

V. Invent words

If you want to see some drastic change .. to the point of starting to enjoy and have almost a fun time, start inventing some words! Start inventing – for example – a sound, a word that you use it instead of “hi”, or instead of “good morning“ – it could be something funny, stupid, or some old word. This will put them out of their mental circuits and into pause mode. Play with this and see what happens.

This is how new codes are introduced into reality, btw.

VI. There is no No

Please remind yourself there is no NO. When you want to change something.. always keep away from stating something like “I don’t want that anymore”. The software of this place and the brain only works through and understand subjects, facts, affirmations. When one says, for example “I don’t like the smell of fish” – the subject is “like smell fish” – this is how the software understands. The brain and the software only understand subjects. So please be very aware of the subjects you are placing on yourself. For example: someone once told me he feels tired. He actually wrote an entire poem about this – where the word tired was repeated more than 5-6 times. One needs to take back its control over these emotional states that makes one give into these self-attacking subjects. When one actually feels tired, one can phrase that as “I need some rest“ – or “I feel un-rest-full” – now you just changed the story from “tired” to “rest”.

Remember: taking control over your words means taking control over your life !

VII. Speak from a first person perspective (vital!)

Start being the author of your own story – by understanding everything that happens is your own story! Please refrain from labelling people, events, ideas… and then have your own mind really believe those people really are those labels! Please always keep in mind that a certain perspective is only your perspective. This tool – as strange as it sounds – it will help you greatly once you understand its tremendous power. For example: start taking responsibility over your story – by expressing through phrases that depict that YOU are aware this is YOUR story, YOUR perspective.

Example: when you see something that you like. Let’s say a female. You see a female and you like how she looks. And you want to tell her that. What an usual individual would do is to tell her “You are beautiful“. But.. let’s take a pause and analyse this. Is this really true? Is she really beautiful? How can we know that? It is only ME who has this impression of beauty when I look at her. So the real genuine thing one more appropriately could say would be “You look so beautiful to me” or “I see you being incredibly beautiful“ – because it is “I” that sees it like this. This is my perspective. Maybe another one sees her as ugly. Is she beautiful or ugly?? None of them! She is she! So she is beautiful through my eyes, through my perspective.

As much as you are able to take back your ownership of your own perspective this is how much you will start feeling empowered, calm and almost joyous. This is why it is important to start owning your perspective, and start phrasing your sentences expressing your perspective. Eg: “You look so beautiful to me“ instead of “You are beautiful“

This is how we take back our ownership of reality. As simple as these things sound, as crazy maybe, this is how reality is manoeuvred at this level. People always expect some incredible SF magical things, shamanism, aliens, or god knows what other techniques and practices – when the true real power and tools have always been the most simple ones, so simple they appear as mundane, un-important, like: words. The tools to revive ourselves have always been here, under our nose – but we dismiss them searching for outer worldly things which we were once again mentally trained to search for.

I know you already know these things are true and are maybe also shattered by the recognition of them. Please remember: reality is nothing more than a story we tell to our minds! Who tells the story makes the reality!

VIII. Delete the labels

Please always delete and refrain from accepting labels others put on you (extremely important). Labelling is their way of controlling reality – and thus: controlling you. This technique is the one they employ the most, along with the inquiry technique. I always say that “they are using labels like dogs use piss – to mark themselves over one’s mind“. How and why this works? When they put a label on you (eg: “you are smart”) they try to make your mind define itself as that label they invented. They use labels to make you confine and define yourself as that which they define you are. Labelling is one thing they do over and over, they are almost enamoured with this, because they push as much as they can to keep players in a state of mental slavery.

Examples: If someone tells you “You are smart” – please refrain from accepting and believing this. God forbids you actually go on and even thank them as if they did you a favour :))) Thanking them for labelling you is like willingly throwing yourself into a pit and allow yourself to be eaten by bulldogs :)) Please stop accepting labels others try to put on you, even if they seem the most brilliant ones. You are YOU. You are zero label, you are EVERYTHING all at once, you are the ENTIRETY OF LIFE! How could you allow your mind to think for a second YOU are one of these labels, for example: “smart” ?? This trait needs to be de-cast, de-spelled from your brain as much as you are able to.

If someone labels you you can use a question to infirm it. For example: “You are smart” A: “Do you think so?“ This tells that person that is his thought, not yours.

When someone puts a label, this label acts as a mental spell. Please keep away from accepting and believing any labels coming from anyone outside of you! They will sometimes play the “good” label cards (“you are smart”, “you are beautiful”, “you are so incredible“), sometimes the “bad” label cards (“you are stupid”, “you are an asshole“, “you brute”). They always play both cards to try to see which one your mind reacts better to! Refrain from believing any of them – always remember they always do this, not because they truly believe you are those things (they never really care about you) – but because they are always in a job to train your mind that they define your reality, that they are the creators of your reality and you believe what they say. All they do is to convince your mind they create your reality, your story, not you.

Also: be sure that you yourself stop automatically labelling people. You can start labelling them deliberately – out of your deliberate thought and strategic intent. You can learn to use labels when you need them – but first you must de-cast yourself from the automation of it.

IX. Write the story live

Deflect the story by accepting the story

One of the things they usually do to get a real player to click, snap and go into emotional strike is to use negative labels, negative questions, negative actions or negative statements. For example: X: “Are you stupid?” or “You look awful“ or “smarty” negative jokes like “A wet giraffe would look better”. Btw… please note that they never talk from their perspective. They never say “You look awful to me”. They always depict it as if that is the general reality.

When this happens always try to be smart and deflect the story by first accepting what they said! Please always keep away, always AVOID .. please remember: always keep away from denying what they said! Always accept what they said, always. Making one fight their statement is actually their goal, their purpose. They want one to go mad, or to become emotionally disturbed, because this is how now that one is once again under their slavery. This is how they show that they control YOUR reactions with their words – and thus, this is how they show the software and your mind that you are not in control of yourself, and thus: not in control of your reality.

When this happens you can use several tools:

  • Rather than denying what they said, or fighting it … use a question to turn the situation in your favour. For example: X: “Look how awful you look” Y: “Do you really think so?“ Then continue asking questions until they back off of the subject. They will usually continue a bit more but then back off. For example: X: “Yeah, don’t you look at yourself?” Y: “What should I look at?” X: “Straighten your shirt and get yourself together” Y: “Does the shirt really bother you?” X: “I just think you would look better if you straighten it” Y: “Would that make you happy?” X: “Yeah” Y: “How happy would that make you?“ – moment in which either they will laugh or change the subject. Anyway.. this was for you to get the point. You need to be creative on the moment – but always keep in mind to ONLY use questions. Avoid defining yourself. Example: X: “You look awful” Y: “I had a bad day“ – this is accepting you look awful!!! This is accepting that as your story. Do you want to accept that as your story?
  • Accept what they say but add your own story. Example: X: “You look awful” Y: “I look awful but you adore me” :)) This is how you are the last one to write the story. And be creative! Remember to play, to have fun. Remember that in the end.. the mental cold war they play is only for us to remember ourselves!   

You need to try to get into a place of such awareness where you can deliberately decide when to accept something in your story, and when not. But to do this you first need to un-bunk your head and de-program your mind from automatically accepting anything that comes, and be their mental slave. You can be the slave when you decide to, when it benefits you.

X. The real cold war

Please always keep in mind that this reality here is like a cold mental war – a sort of mental concentration camp! Everything that happens, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING – is only to make the real players BELIEVE. Only to train the minds of the real players to BELIEVE in the presented reality – so that their mind are so full with the false presented reality, that they do not remember nor SEE the REAL REALITY that is ALL AROUND THEM AT THE SAME TIME! The war has always been a mental war. The war has always been who what reality is inflicting upon the minds of the real players. Why, you might wonder? Because the f#@!$ real players here create that reality with their own mind! The real players actually create the entire reality by believing in it ! It is always just a bunch of real players that are mentally tricked into believing a false reality, and then through the power of their minds.. this reality becomes the actual reality of over 7billions people. There are only some players here that have this mental capacity – and for the mind of these players, the entire “war” is fought. You could not believe how many forces are fighting themselves for the mind of one of these players.

XI. Re-read this 

Maybe at first something will awake disapproval when reading the above. This is because there is a code inside the brain that tries to make one deny or think that even if it is correct what you just read, it should not be used because .. reason X, Y, Z. This is only a code that they installed, along with many others, to make us doubt, deny and eventually not make use of helping tools like these ones and OTHERS. Please be smart enough and check within the truth of these. And please re-read them at least twice. There is also a code that will try to make you forget what you read here, so either copy this text in a note where you can have it, or revert back to it 2-3 times to pin it down for your brain.

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