Tips for a healthier food consumption

1. Only consume food when the body feels hunger. Stop eating just because it’s morning, or afternoon, and this is how the mind is trained. You need to un-train your mind from eating by repeated patterns. The best time to feed your body is when the body feels hunger.

2. In the morning try sensing what type of food the body really needs today. This way you are getting more aligned with the needs of the body, rather than stuffing the body with food the mind craves for. It’s easy to listen, the body speaks to you since birth. You just have not been MADE aware of that. But your body ALWAYS speaks to you. Go ahead, try to listen a bit right now.

3. Start respecting your body. Feed it with good food, as good as you can manage. Less is more and you will get to see that if you feed it with real nutritious food it will require less.

4. Start paying all of your attention to the consuming process. While you are consuming food you need to be 100% present – or at least as present as you can manage – in that experience. It benefits you to have a clear mind while eating. This means: zero phones, tv’s, music or other distractions. Especially avoid annoying conversations 

While eating try to notice the tastes, the textures, the impressions and sensation the food brings to you. This is how you pay respect: first to yourself (are you a robot or an animal that eats food recklessly only to shit after? ) and then to the life you are consuming.

5. Slow down your pace. While eating try to feel the tastes, the food itself. Why should you rapidly stuff your mouth and body with food you are not even aware of? If food does not speak to you, you need to slow down and listen to it.

6. Stop any diet ! You need to listen to your body. Your body is your best friend, the closest partner you have, who really cares for you. The body tells you everything you need for staying healthy in this environment. Learn to listen to this life by learning to listen to your real best friend: your body.

7. Before eating anything take a quiet time to look at the food for 2-3 minutes. You need to be aware, calm the mind and observe your inner sensations before starting to eat.

8. Any food you eat has to be prepared by your own hands, as much as you can manage. This is how you start taking ownership of your life. Are you cattle that opens its mouth and waits to being fed? Then why are you feeding your body with food prepared in production lines, restaurants, etc? It’s ok to do it when there is a situation, but otherwise you must be the preparer of your own food. The food has to always be your creation. This is one important way in which you define yourself as the owner of your reality. Remember: food is one of the main reality changers. Do you want to consume reality produced by others, or do you want to consume your own reality? Ask yourself.

9. Always try to prepare your food from raw, unprocessed ingredients. Food should be prepared by your own hands, or in your family. If you are a family you need to have a constant practice of all the members cooking food for the others. This is actually the form in which that family grows stronger and more united.

Remember: The way you eat is the way you live.

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