The analog and digital mind

There is a formula I constantly end up looking at, a formula between what we usually perceive as negative emotions and rejection.

It appears rather simple at first. Negative emotions are those which the psyche refuses to feel. Positive emotions are apparently those that the psyche accepts to feel. Yet, years of self observation led me to see something different.

In our present human condition, our mind rejects feeling all emotions, being positive or negative – although it doesn’t seem so at first.

In order to understand why our conscious mind rejects emotions altogether, we need to take a closer look at how our mind works.
Our human brain has 2 sides to it: the left, analytical or digital brain, and the right, analog brain. The analytical and the analog mind create together the grander mind, our holistic psyche, yielding for us all our perceived experiences.

Inherently our analytical mind (the left side of our brain) is programmed to look for patterns and “readable” information. Just like a computer our analytical mind, by design, is made to search for mental information that is easy to categorise, organise and process. The analytical mind inherently, in this present human design, is weary of other streams of information that are not mental or methodical, like emotional information, raw electro magnetic information, cosmic information, and others. The analytical mind looks for chunks of information already “translated” into analytical mind language. That means especially, yet not restricted to: concepts, definitions, words, labels, axioms, patterns. That further meaning: digitalised information. Information that has been already boxed in, labeled, defined and organised, just like digits in a computer. Meaning: the digital mind looks for digital information.

The digital mind – in its current format – can hardly understand analog information. Information that comes in waves, rather than concepts, like music or a painting or a poem. This type of information for the analytical, digital mind seems like foreign language that it cannot use or process, thus: it tends to reject it.

What the analytical mind does, in this case, is to take the analog stream of information, be it emotional information, soul information, cosmic raw waves of information, or others, and miss-route these analogue streams of information away from our conscious mind, directly to our subconscious mind. And, as our body is in direct connection with both our subconscious and conscious mind, it is up to the body to store the discarded subconscious information. Thus, many times, the brain discards emotional information to the body, surpassing our conscious mind.

The body, by itself, is incapable of processing emotional information. What the body does, in this case, is to “store” the emotional information in the cells, for “later” use.

Originally this trait of storing information for later processing, was one of the role of having a physical body. A being could go in creation and gather many types of experiences and store the information of these experiences in its body, that later it could go on and process them, like a camel or a cow first eating a large volume of grass and later starting to chew it and digest it. A being could have multiple physical experiences, in multiple parallel dimensions and even parallel versions of the same soul or of the same body (the soul is as physical as the physical body, btw) and then, at a later stage, it could go in “hibernation” mode and process all the experiences it gathered in its “cells”.

Basically this “photographic” function of the body allowed for us to be able to have many more experiences in a shorter amount of time, and do the processing and integrating later.

We can better see this mental trait in action when put in front of a threatening situation. When we feel in danger, we tend to act fast in the moment, with less or no process or thinking altogether. Later, when our mind feels the body is safe it can start to process what happened, learning and integrating the information for the future.

What happened to our present mind, though, is that our brain lives mostly in survival mode, and that makes for our brain to constantly discharge any information that is not deemed “vital” in that moment. That usually includes: soul information, emotional information, cosmic information and so on. In our present survivalist living mode our brain tends to paradoxically discharge the exact information that would lead us out of danger in the long run, and that is : our soul data stream and our emotional data stream. The survivalist mind shuts down almost all non-critical mental processes to dispose the maximum amount of energy to the critical mental processes ensuring survival. That including most of the access to our analogue mind. That means, in our present human condition, we live with an almost non-functional brain, as even scientists of this reality concluded when saying we generally use about 2% of our brain’s capacity.

And how can we aspire to experience the fullness of being a human being with only a 2% processing mind? It’s like wanting to play a high end video game with only 2% of your computer’s processing power. The video game will run in slow motion, lagging, black screening or completely shutting down most of the times.

And this is what our conscious mind does when it encounters an emotion. It mostly shuts down, diverting that emotion to our subconscious mind. And that is simply due to the fact that, in our present human state, our mind is mostly running from the analytical left side of the brain, and less from the analog right side of the brain. The survivalist mental state resulted for our mind to mostly switch to analytical, rather than analog. And that, over time, resulted in a current human brain that, as a whole (left+right) has little experience with processing analog information, that means: emotional information, soul information or cosmic information.

What our analytical mind learned to do – in this survivalist crises – is, whenever an emotional stream of information reaches our awareness, that emotional stream of information gets routed to our subconscious. From the subconscious it is stored in the body, through cellular memory, for later processing.

Before existing as an “emotion” mostly all streams of information we generally call “emotions” are universal, cosmic or soul data streams. These data streams in their original format are non-emotional. They are just analogue streams of information our body receives from our soul or from the mind of the cosmos – streams of data that the body needs in order to function here as integrated organism on earth. These type of analogue data streams are mostly rejected by the analytical conscious mind, and by this rejection they become what we generally know as “emotion”.

That’s right: an emotion is only a rejected analogue data stream.

Before being rejected an emotion is mostly an unfelt, un-perceived stream of cosmic information. What makes an emotion perceivable, in the way we are accustomed, is our brain’s rejection of it. Rejection turns cosmic or soul waves into emotions. Without the rejection we would not perceive emotions in the way we do. We would not know anger, fear, sadness, joy, happiness, in the way we do. What makes these emotions stable and recognisable is – paradoxically – our stable rejection of them. Keeping them unprocessed and looping in our psyche, and thus becoming recognisable as a perceivable pattern or entity.

Our universe is made up of endless cosmic streams of informations, endless rivers or rays that continuously flow, mingle and mix with one another, creating the physical matter we perceive. Physical reality in itself is just a result of cosmic information mixing within itself – like waves in an ocean – in different patterns and flows, yielding and projecting the physical reality our senses can perceive.

Before being rejected an emotion is just one cosmic stream of information, flowing in the ocean of life. In life’s setup emotions are used to bind realities together, forming relations, creating matter – just like molecules are created by binding atoms together through atomic bonds. In the grander scheme of life what we call “emotions” are life’s atomic “bonds”, the magnetic forces – relations, ropes or connections – that connects concepts, forms, definitions together.. creating conglomerate of energies, resulting in stable physical forms. Without the magnetism of emotions we would not be able to experience a stable, physical reality. We would not be able to experience even a fluctuating, morphing physical reality. There would be no pattern, no memory, no time, no space, no previous thing to relate to, no nothing. We would not be aware of our own existence, in a way, as there would be nothing to relate it to. We would just be in the raw state of our pure beingness, experiencing the entirety of life at once, with no notion or concept of the fact that we are experiencing it.

What creates the “feeling” of having a perception is our mind’s capacity to relate information to other information. To create bonds and patterns. The capacity to relate one bit of information to another bit of information is what, in the end, makes perception possible.

Perception can only exist in the presence of relations.

Thus, life uses emotions to create relations, bonds and magnetism between bits of information. Information adheres together in patterns by the magnetic use of emotions. A pattern can then hold its “shape” and be recognised as itself. A pattern can then be called a shape. A shape can be called a letter. Letters can be combined to create words. Words to create sentences. Sentences to create stories. By using emotions life creates the stories we live.

Thus, we all bathe ourselves in a sea of stories that are ongoing eternally in the vast ocean of life. Without our brain’s capacity to perceive emotions (consciously or subconsciously) we would see all of life at once, with no correlation or preference for a story or another. We would just be life, instead of living life.

By embodying ourselves into a physical body that has a brain equipped with the possibility of perceiving emotions, we become immersed in life’s grand game. Instead of seeing the game all at once, like observing a movie from “above”, we get a change to see it from a first person perspective, being fully immersed in it.

By having the “device” of perceiving emotions we can observe patterns in the flow of life, we gain preferences, individuality and personality. We become “something” or “someone” that develops more and more a sense of “self” – as it experiences itself more and more in the grand play of life. Like developing your character in a game the further you play it.

Thus, emotions are waves of life, connections between life’s forms, adhering and keeping living forms together, in a stable, coherent pattern, yielding physical matter – just like atomic bonds in a molecule. Emotions are not something pertaining to someone or something specifically, rather: emotions are something cosmic and universal, pertaining to the whole of life at once.

Just like the bond between 2 atoms of Hidrogen has the same property of being a bond, and is similar to the bond of 2 atoms of Oxigen. The atoms and molecules can be different, yet the bonds, the connections themselves (just like ropes) can be the same.

Thus: when a person feels an emotion, that emotion is usually universal. Emotions don’t originate or belong to someone or something, even if they can be perceived by someone or something, and even though they can feel that close to one’s own self that they can feel as originating in one’s own self.

Emotions are cosmic waves of life that pass through millions of life forms at once. Like a wind, or a wave in an ocean. And these cosmic waves or winds are constantly flowing through the ocean of life, through galaxies, creations and universes, through people and plants, animals and planets. And all these different life forms (planets, people, molecules, galaxies) are constantly impacted by these magnetic waves of life we call “emotions”. These magnetic waves or winds constantly re-arrange life in newer and newer patterns, constantly restructuring life in newer and newer forms of itself.

And what our present brain does is that when one of these magnetic waves or winds passes through our awareness, instead of processing the information these waves carry, letting the psyche be changed by life, it tries to discard of that information by rejecting to process it.

Our brain tries to gain a control over life’s mechanics, by impending change in our psyche. Our brains – for a reason or another – apparently tries to reject change. Our analytical brain seems like this protecting bubble that does what it can to keep the reality inside that bubble stable and fixed, at the cost of impending change from life outside of that bubble. Our analytical brain tries to help us protect our version of reality, our personality and already established identity. Apparently our analytical brain fights hard to defend a certain story we have created for ourselves, from the real story of ourselves existing in the real play of life.

In the present survivalist mode, our brain tries to seal our awareness from everything else outside of that constructed mental bubble playing that personal story. And just like a sealed up room, our psyche slowly suffocates in the lack of life’s fresh air. In order for our psyche to have a healthy life it needs change, it needs fresh life pouring in. It needs our mind to openly accept emotional information – that is life’s way of bringing change.

And whenever a cosmic wave reaches our awareness, and our analytical mind rejects it, our body witters more and more from lack of real life energy. And any rejected cosmic wave, turns into what we usually call “emotions”. Before being “fear” fear is only a cosmic wave that comes to our awareness to bring change. A gift from life itself baring new living information for our system. After this cosmic wave of change is rejected by our subconscious analytical mind, this cosmic wave becomes subconscious fear.

Before being anger, or sadness, or joy, or anticipation – all these emotions are just cosmic waves coming to create a certain change within our psyche.

As our psyche wants to protect our closed reality bubble, it refuses to take in these new living streams of information. These cosmic information streams are then deemed dangerous.We begin fearing that wave of change that now inhabits our psyche. We try to seclude that wave, bubble it, quarantine it.

This is when these cosmic waves become painful for our subconscious mind, and we usually start feeling these waves as what we call: emotions. All emotions are actually painful, negative or positive emotions.

As soon as a positive or negative emotion reaches our conscious awareness, our analytical mind does everything in its power to protect us from feeling that emotion, and thus: impending our psyche to be changed. We immediately start to act that emotion out, being bluntly asleep to its real contents. Instead of feeling that emotion deeply, taking in its “raw” information, we shut our awareness down by starting to voice out specific words, or do some actions, take some drugs, eat, sleep, have sex. All in all: whenever our analytical mind perceives an emotional stream of information, it creates a distraction to avoid taking in that information.

Thus: even if we are aware of our emotions – being positive or negative emotions – those emotions are in fact rejected feelings. Rejected streams of cosmic change.

Our analytical mind cannot hide from us that that information contained in that emotion is real, yet it can try to create subterfuges to cloak it. Thus: our analytical mind will constantly try to find ways to escape really feeling emotions, being positive or negative emotions.

And you can witness this in your own being, by seeing how little can you remain focused and lucid when experiencing a highly positive or negative emotion. Even in a positive or negative physical sensation, like an intensely delicious taste. You can see how you either exclaim how delicious the food is, either you make a photo, either you start eating fast while thinking about stuff, either you are watching a video while eating. All of these subterfuges are your brain’s endeavour at distracting your awareness from really taking in the information in that pleasure.

Our analytical mind can also change our perceived reality, to a degree, creating for us all the needed reasons, all the impediments, all the distractions to avoid feeling a feeling, a physical sensation or an emotional information. Thus, ensuring the psyche remains unchanged.

Still, our analytical mind cannot shield us forever from life’s cosmic waves. Those waves are there, in the cosmic ocean we are in. Like gamma rays, whether we are aware of them or not, these cosmic waves impact us all the same. What the mind does, though, is try to buy more time, sending those streams of cosmic information in the subconscious or unconscious for later processing. Soon though, our body takes the toll, starting to witter and directly showcase the oppression the mind does.

And this is what I need to point: the analytical mind, by itself, cannot process analog information, like: emotional, soul or cosmic data streams. Even physical sensations. The analytical mind is constructed to process digital, analytical information, meaning: structured information, defined patterns and concepts. The analytical mind cannot process pre-digital information, that is: analog information. What can process analog information is our analog mind, the right side of our brain.

This analog mind (the right side of our brain) doesn’t “speak” in patterns or concepts. Rather it speaks in the energy and intent holding the patterns together. Our analog mind speaks in magnetism, relations and bonds. Our analog mind is able to understand the cosmic waves of life itself and process them in their natural language. By pausing our analytical/digital mind, eg: our constantly chatting mind, we make room for our analog mind to finally start processing all the postponed emotions stored in our body, that means: all life’s cosmic waves that have reached our awareness through time.

By making room for our analog mind to work, we can experience “miracle” healing of our bodies, of our life situations, of our psyche, and more.

And the curious thing is, at first, when we pause the analytical/digital mind, it can feel we are left in complete blankness within ourselves. It can feel like nothing, like all of the sudden we lose our sense of self. At first resting in our analog mind can feel that peaceful, that nothing – a space that for our analytical mind could feel unbarring. As mention above, the analytical mind usually tries any subterfuge to convince us to delay or avoid that empty space within us. And as we already know, our analytical mind is directly connected to our body, influencing our hormones and bodily chemistry, thus.. we can even feel physical discomfort, impatience, avoidance or fear inside our body when wanting to switch to our analog mind.

Yet our analog mind works differently. Our analog mind is directly connected with our heart and with the flow of life itself. Our analog mind doesn’t expresses itself with thoughts and not even emotions – which, as explained, are only rejected cosmic waves. Our analog mind doesn’t hold theories, notions, concepts or definitions, rather.. our analogue mind is the source emanating the notions, concepts and definitions that later our analytical mind goes on to categorise, organise and label.

When we pause our analytical mind – that is: the part of our psyche that digitalises our selves in finite observable parts, we are again united with the wholeness of ourselves, through our analog mind. In this case, by making room for our analogue mind to function we make room for opening our hearts. And through the heart we become connected with all that we are: our holistic psyche, earth, the universe, the cosmos.

When united with all that we are, we might at first feel like nothing at all. We can lose our sense of time, space, even the sense of identity or existence. Yet, in that space, although nothing appears to happen, much actually happens. From my experience, in that empty, non-logical, non-perceivable space, our analog mind actually works and processes all the information our bodies have been storing all this time, sometime .. through lifetimes or soul cycles. When we come back from that empty space of our hearts (the analog mind) we can usually feel ourselves different, our body can experience changes, our physical reality, the people around us, even our own thinking can become more and more at ease, more aligned, more breezier – as much of the stored information has been processed and aligned with the rest of our psyche.

In the end, I personally see that reconstructing the puzzle of our psyche can only happen by opening the window to our souls. That is: the window to our analogue mind, our hearts. This window, when opened it allows for new fresh air to come in from life itself. It allows for our psyche to naturally change and re-structure itself to align with the form life is having in this moment.

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