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Defining stuff is defining the story. Try to keep as away as possible or try to be as careful as possible of accepting definitions, especially of yourself, your thinking, your scenario, your story. I am now referring to definitions coming from the outside environment or other people. Please try to understand the huge significance and impact of definitions ! Defining means confining !! Once the mind agrees to a certain definition it has the tendency to lock it in place, to lock perception inside that circle. Be very aware of this !! The most mischievous thing about this world and its inhabitants is that it uses definitions to spell its inhabitants. For example: if someone tells you you are smart, or.. you are gifted, try to understand that if you allow that definition right now they have written your story ! This is how the story is written, it is written live! Remember how kids play, this is how kids construct their plays and stories, they make them up live ! This is how the inhabitants of this world construct their story upon the other inhabitants, they do this live ! Be aware of the definitions forced upon you or written so that you accept them in your story. Just stay away from believing any definition coming from outside and you are safer. Try to tell yourself  “it’s a definition” or “he/she is trying to define me” or “he/she is writing on my story” just for you to separate your perception of getting heads on the stories others write for you.

And then start manoeuvring their story. Try to always be the last to write the story. If someone says “you did a smart thing”, try to alter a bit that story. You could say “I did a smart thing but also stupid” or “Are you really sure?” or “Do you think so?” – be smart and learn the atomic power of questions – I need to write separentley about this.

Always avoid answering questions ! Please remember this ! The question is the number one tool of controlling and morphing reality. Please remember the sensibility and atomics of this. Stop or refrain from answering questions, you are the slave to whom you answer to ! It is a rule in the making of the story. A part of you already knows this. You should answer questions only to those people you really know and are sure of them, and you consciously decide you want to enslave with. Try to be smart of avoiding answering questions. The first thing at hand is to answer with another question.
Example: Q: “What are you doing?” Re: “What do you think I’m doing?” . Or just move your shoulders like “Ehhhrr”, or just say “What’s up?”, or be creative. Just refrain from defining yourself at the trigger of others. This is how they train people here to define themselves like puppets, this is why they have this automative questions like “How are you? ” “Whats up?”, etc etc. It’s to train the individuals mind to respond to their request in an almost ritualistic fashion.  Ex: “Whats up?” Re: “I’m fine”, etc etc. This is almost a ritual. Start using questions and you will see the power of this. And try to control your story as much as you can. Try to leave as few open ends as possible, if someone defined you quickly change the story, add your definition. You must be alive in your own story! You must start to be an active writer!

Remember how kids play, it will help you figure this stuff out. And try to keep as away as possible from affirming “sorry”. Be careful of this word and what it represents! Look inside you and you will understand what “sorry” is and does. Be creative and express that in other ways. And also keep as away as possible to say “thank you” when you feel something has been given to you. Thank you is more related to you appreciating someone giving you something that somehow you cannot give yourself, so automatically “thank you” puts you in debt to that person. Your appreciation is also singing about your own perceived weakness. You could say “I appreciate this” which is more truthful and it puts you in charge with zero debt. Or you could be creative, and come up with different lines. Just remember to be as honest as possible, and this means: using your own words which your soul really speaks!

Remember everything is just a story that is being written live by all the “kids” in the “playground”. Revert to this audio here, which I already alerted is quite important at this time:

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  1. Acum cativa ani mi-am dat si eu seama de smecheria cu intrebarile. Bagasem de seama atentia cu care mi se puneau intrebari pentru a fi descusut sau pentru a fi bagat in scenariile lor. Iar daca le puneam eu intrebari oneste, rationale, ei le evitau, se eschivau cu tupeu, distrageau discutia sau pur si simplu taceau ca stanca. Acest articol este precis si contine informatie de calitate. Apreciez asta. 🙂

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