Catering the knowledge

We all live in different tiers.
Life is a multidimensional game.

We all find ourselves playing different games, at different levels.
In a given moment, some of us can find ourselves more invested in the mental game. Some in the physical game.
Some in the soul/emotional game. Some in the heart or core games. And some trying to transcend the games all together.

Meeting another being should first and foremost be about understanding at which level is this being mainly operating, with its current consciousness.
Is this being having its consciousness currently invested mainly in the mental realm? Does it have its attention invested in the physical realm? The emotional one, the heart or the core one? Is this being trying to play a game, is it trying to transcende it?

Figuring out where a certain being currently places most of its attention can make for a possible smoother interaction and communication.
If a certain individual has its awareness mostly invested in the soul realm, figuring out its own soul, which implicitly means understanding the physics of emotionality, magnetism, the laws of creation, etc – then trying to speak mind and logic, physicality or even heart language with this person will most then probably make the communication confusing or even painful.
If a certain person has its awareness mainly invested in a trauma mindframe, speaking detachment or true empowerment might cause confusion or even be perceived as a threat.

The lesson to learn here is that we all find ourselves on different stages of the same path.
Recognising where a certain individual is at, in this current moment, can make for a possible smoother interaction and conversation.

Surely that we all are walking a path, and implicitly we find ourselves in the current step with the intention to transcend it. Surely that even if someone comes and delivers an information from a step ahead of us, even if we might not fully grasp the information it can ignite something within. Surely that we can bring our knowledge to others, even if that knowledge might be some steps ahead of their current journeys. Yet knowing where someone is at means catering the information in a language this person can understand.

If I go to a person who can barely survive its day, who find itself lacking water or food, I can talk about enlightening the spirit or integrating the soul all day long, yet these truths even though powerful, might not achieve much in the short run.
Thus, if I want to open a fast potential for change in the short run, I need to deliver the same information it in a way that is catered to the recipient’s current mindset.
In the above case, I can decide to talk in more relatable, more down to earth examples. Or I can emphasise evidence based actions that this person can take.

Knowledge, even if powerful, can pass by un-noticed or even considered a threat when it’s not catered correctly.

Ultimately knowledge is multidimensional.
Even if a being might not consciously understand a certain thing at a certain moment, something within gets impacted and changed. Knowledge is not only information. Knowledge its energy at the same time. When we speak we speak words and energy together. When someone listens it hears words and energy at the same time.
Thus: even if the mind might not understand, the soul – the perceiver of energy – always understands.
Yet it might take time for the soul to translate the understandings into the conscious mind of the persons. Sometime lifetimes.

To have an efficient transmission of information we need to deliver the message in words and concepts that the conscious mind of the individual can also understand. That means: cater the information to the person’s current mindframe. Speak to the mind of this being as much as speaking to the soul of it.

Having this same knowledge delivered in a way the conscious mind of the recipient can understand can make for a faster impact in the short run.
Not catering this knowledge to the being’s conscious mind still creates an impact at the level of the soul, yet the results might only start to become visible in the long run, as its soul manages to slowly translate it in mental concepts.

Probably the most impactful type of knowledge is the one that uses simple words with powerful energies behind it.

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  1. Cele 3 tipuri de fiinte umane : caracteristica principala subordoneaza celelte doua marcate cu liniute. Doar primul tip de fiinta umana a atins nivelul uman. Celelate doua sunt… suboameni e impropriu spus… mai degraba ” oameni in curs de dezvoltare”.

    1 ( uman = frontal lobs dominat) Mental – will

    2 ( animal = limbic system dominant) Will – thinking
    – feelings

    3. ( instinctual beasts = reptilian brain dominant )
    Feelings — thinking

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