The false and the real god

Life sings in physical forms. Life communicates in physical forms. And the real beings/observers are the receivers/listeners. It might seem that the observer is only a receiver, and the creator is the transmitter. But actually the listener starts to also give back when he pays conscious attention to what he is hearing. Then… the circle is completed and the dance can be created. Then and only then is this creation really birthed/made alive. And this is it’s purpose. In this sense the creator/singer is merely a transmitter, he has no power to dance. He needs listeners to start dancing to the music he plays.

And now the thing is.. we have 2 songs, 2 creators/composers. One that is the real one and one that is a sort of child or impostor/joker. The real one sings unceasing a unique song, that is always here, expecting nothing in return. He just sings from the life and love inside of him. He is a real being. The other god needs attention to survive. He needs observers to give him life, he is like a laud song covering the first. And it’s not an unique song, it’s the same repeated song, but it’s so laud, because the will of this creation it’s so laud: he is like a spider needing attention and making everything he can do get it.

Most people here are creations from the false, second god. They worship him unknowing the real song. For them.. the real song is a threat. They fear that if real individuals would remember the real song, if the real individuals remember they are hearing now the real song of the real god, these individuals would stop nurturing and stop paying attention to the false song of the false creator. This is only due to the nature of their creator, who has literally made them in his own image: the creator is unfaithful, is fearsome, he fears not being nurtured, he fears being abandoned and thus he does everything he can in order to disguise itself, to hide itself by singing a song that is so load, and people are disturbed by the song, their attention is caught like a butterfly in a net. He needs to steel attention because:
1. he finds it funny and he thinks real beings are so dumb, and he is so smart for figuring out how to easily get free life that sustains him indefinitely, and
2. because he got so accustomed with eating life from others that he doesn’t know how to sustain itself alone, anymore.
He is afraid of being abandoned. He is the god from all earthly religions. Just a kid playing around, fearing being left alone. He is the one who actually drives our fear of being lonely. We are scared of loneliness most than anything almost. The real “god” instead he is all alone, playing continuously the real song beeing fulfilled just to be able to sing – singing is already completing his purpose, he doesn’t need anything else, not to mention he needs zero attention, faith or worship.  He is actually the one who thanks to even the false god can exist. Because the false god has actually no singing capacity, he is just imitating and playing in reverse the real song of the real god. The false god is just a kid playing around, imitating what adults do – we can see this trait in any child. And he is noisy and egoistical, just like a child. But the real god is like a flower, and is not bothered by the false because a flower is not bothered by a mosquito nor a bee. The flower spreads perfume and offers nectar to anyone. The false god wants everything for itself, while overly making it obvious that he needs nothing, just to fool naive individuals. Instead he knows he needs life from them in order to survive. The false god has the world of the senses at its fingertips, this is where he managed to infiltrate easily. Senses were laud enough and the attention of the individuals was already invested in that. So he conquered the world of the senses and made it it’s own. Then he deliberately adulterated almost all the concepts and truths of the real song, infiltrating his song and inverting all the concepts. The real individuals had to be very skilled to be able to distinguishing between the real and the false song. Both of them were heard, so how can you divide your attention, how can you separate corn from tare? How can you know… which one is which? And this is the interesting part of this experiment.

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