Leveraging on the force of the attacker

One important technique in martial arts is very similar to one of the most useful actions we can employ here, and it is the one of using the force of the attacker in your benefit.

I cannot describe anything without re-describing the truth from the beginning. You – the real you – is similar to a sort of light, a light bulb, a laser or a flashlight. This is what you are. An incandescent stream of light = an ever moving stream of attention. To enter and play this game you had to embody a specific outfit, meaning the pure, undiluted – 100% pure light and observation = the all seeing eye, had to embody a specific point of view. He is no longer 100% pure and all seeing, all knowing. Once you ramp up in this creation, you willingly decide to only view things from a given perspective. This is a conscious decision you make, and you excitedly choose your one perspective. Who will it be? What kind of character? What kind of preferences will this character have? You choose this to fit your objectives. Once you choose the character, meaning = once you choose the point of view you will be seeing this creation from, then you embody that point of view and that point of view becomes a sort of unique colour glasses through which you view this creation. This is the character you are playing from right now.

You, the real you, the real pure light of observation, the real undiluted attention, the pure stream of 100 % aliveness and life, is beaming and viewing from inside a character. In the game/movie you might perceive your character – or if you are heavily asleep you might perceive even yourself – having 2 arms, 2 legs, an ass and a supposedly smart brain :), but outside of this mirage of the senses… the character you have chosen actually looks a bit different. The character you choose doesn’t have legs nor arms, but looks more like a sort of crystalline structure. I try the best I can to draw something similar below:


This crystalline structure, again, it is not you! You are the one inside of it. You are the eye inside, and this “structure” is the character you have chosen for yourself to play with in the game. Why is this important? Because this crystalline structure is like a slide projector. Your light passes through the slides, and you get to see on the wall the projected movie of your character. Your character is the slide projector. You are the light.

So even though you see on the wall the projected creature with 2 arms and 2 legs, and whatever else… in fact your real “body” is this slide projector, this crystalline structure, that contains the TOTAL possibilities of this character. Now what happens is like this: if this crystalline structure is clean and clear, then the light that is emitted from you passes through it clearly, and on the other side … meaning on the “wall”, you get to see the perfect version of this character. This is the ideal, perfect version for what you have desired and envision your goal in this game, before boarding up here. So when this crystalline structure is 100% cleared then your light shines 100% clearly through it, and you get to observe and experience the “perfect” version of this character in this movie – and this is also your desired goal, that you know very well within yourself.

But when the glass/crystalline structure is muddy, or full of dust or dirt, then even though the light shines pure from within, outside you get to see a distorted version of that light. It is exactly as passing light through a crystal. If the crystal is 100% clear then you get to see incredible facets and colours of light on the other side. If the crystal is muddy, then you see some dimmed light and some murky colours.

Now, you embarked on this character/point of view knowing it comes already with dark spots on it. You knew those spots, you choose them carefully. You knew the game is about how to clear those dark spots. What are these dark spots after all? Dark is only that which is not seen, not known. The dark spots in your crystalline body are exactly instances of unseen stuff. Mainly rejected, denied, ignored, or… sometimes totally unknown, but this is very rare – impossible almost. In this creation here/this game, the dark spots are portions of a creation deliberately created out of darkness/unknowingness (actually is it fabricated unknowingness because only fabricated is that dark, or unknown can exists. in reality everything is 100% known at the same time). The dance between darkness and light creations was made before you entering here. This was all part of the game, and you know it. I am saying this again: light=knowledge=that which shows what is. Darkness=unknowingness, that which hides what is.

So now you are here, embodying this crystalline structure with dark spots on it. Left alone your character cannot heal itself.ย Meaning without you, the crystalline structure cannot clear itself. Your character is like a puppet, that becomes a dead puppet without the life that is you. It is only you, the real player within the puppet character, you the real awareness, that can deliberately CHOOSE to LOOK at the dark spots imprinted on this puppet character you are playing from. Only YOU or another real player, with real stream of attention, can decide to LOOK, meaning: to shine light upon those dark spots. But if they are in your character means you have chosen them, so it’s mainly your soul’s purpose to accomplish that. Once looked at, the dark spots become lighted. Once looked at, now the ex dark spots become KNOWN, and in those known spots now the light of your awareness can start passing clearly – and on the other side, you see a clear projection of that light.

This is basically what a real being has to do here. And this looking exercise, this shining light upon these dark spots, as simple as it sounds, it is not something our attention is trained to do easily. We must master this. It is like a muscle. This is, in fact, a very advanced skill – a way of mastering the skill of focus/un-focus in the real world. It is pretty huge technology. In the real reality we deal with technology of the soul/technology of awareness, totally different stuff than the laughable stuff people call here technology.

Now we can discuss about the initial idea of leveraging on the force of the attacker. So let’s say in your daily life, while interacting with the characters from this movie – 99.5% entirely built to activate and feed upon the dark spots your character is having – you acknowledge being under attack, or you can clearly see you are loosing energy. One important fact is that all their life, and all their world is within darkness. Meaning: they can only operate in that which is not looked at, not known, not consciously perceived = darkness. Only in denial, rejection or ignorance can they exist, and they thrive on fear, because fear brings un-looking-ness or the desire to run away from that which scares you, to try to suppress it, deny it, hide from. Once something is seen, then their role has ended.

Btw… in the present moment each of their character is stealing energy from you each time he/she interacts with you, even if you are not aware of that. They have the skill of stealing energy by activating your dark spots from both sides of the polarity: good and bad! They use both! Please stay away from being fooled by sweet words, because very very VERY few individuals here are not after your attention/energy. Very few! And they employ sweet words just as bitter ones, sucking energy from both sides. Heck.. they are sucking energy even when they are being nice. That’s brilliance at work :)) Please be aware that a dark spot is out of the duality circle, so here in duality the same dark spot can create a fear for something and a love for something else – both within your perception. The dark spots are outside of this duality scheme. So when you shine light and clear a dark spot you will usually notice both ends of the polarity: you will see what that dark spot made you love, and what the same dark spot made you hate. You will then come to see both of them. Once lit, now you are able to see the portion of the crystal that is underneath the dark spot. It’s like clearing a glass. Now you can see what is behind it. And once cleared it remains clear. Once you know something, it stopped being unknown. Once you see something, how can you unseen it? ๐Ÿ™‚ So the crystal is cleared every time you decide to look – and now the light can clearly pass through and you see the clear projection of that light on the other side.

So what exactly can a dark spot be? Anything that you deny, reject or fear to look at. Anything that brings pain. Can be something that you apparently can’t live without. You have to ask yourself: why? Anything that makes you do robotic choices, anything that stirs emotions in you (any polarity of emotions), anything that is outside of total peace, anything that keeps you moving in circles. Life and awareness is always something that moves forward, that is alive, that always ALWAYS changes, and brings novelty, like fresh air to stagnant rooms. Black holes are static. Dark spots create repetitive actions and patterns. Any fear you have, any static belief, anything that you never doubt.

So now, each time they come… and they come each time you meet them ๐Ÿ™‚ and start activating the dark spots on the character you play from – you can use their attack in your favour: their attack is a clear indicator of a dark spot present in your character. Remember: they are creature of darkness, they operate in darkness, they feed from darkness. So you go with your light of awareness and you simply LOOK at that spot where is hurting or pleasing. It is right there.. beaming and pulsating in your face. It is easy to notice it now. So you LOOK at it, and thus clear it. So their attack is actually one of the most useful leveraging tools. It’s like someone stinging you in your arm. You know where to look: you look at the arm! ๐Ÿ™‚ So you go within the character and you look at that exact spot it hurts, that fear, that pain, that trauma, that joy even, that exhilaration, you need to see it all ! Look at it. It’s part of your souls purpose of embarking here in this game. If you don’t do this … then what else really matters?


And some audio to go with that… for the synesthetic reader out there:))



Btw.. isn’t it interesting how Pink Floid choose this exact picture for one of their most popular albums to ever be created, forging this exact picture into the minds of almost all individuals on this “planet” ? It is the exact representation of the above scheme – just narrowed down to the basic principles.


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