Talk to the monsters

Our Soul is the seat of our personal Power.

So much of what this world has done is to turn us against our Soul.
Make us reject or deny the very nature of our own Soul.

(By many means and schemes, but primarily by making us adopt a false, artificial soul.)

And in doing so, we lost access to our personal Power.
Our true Soul was locked away in a dungeon of ourselves, and the key forgotten.

We’ve thus learned to fear and deny the most intimate and core experiences that make us who we are.
And it were those rejected parts of ourselves that became the scary monsters that we’ve learned to fear.

And so we’ve learned to fight against our very Soul, like a mad Don Quijote.
Blaming and rejecting Her for everything that went wrong with us or the world.

She became the ultimate scape goat, the blackest black sheep.

It is Her – our Soul – that we have to gain back in order to re-gain access to our personal Power.
Our true identity and everything we truly are.

But where is She now to be found?
Find your fears, your pains.. that which you reject the most, that which you hide from the most.
That’s where She is.

Behind the veil of a monster lies the shine of the most precious of treasures.
As we have always been told: the dragon hides the gold.

Learn to talk to the monsters, the dragons.
Embrace them and they shall open the gate to your personal Power.
Her 🙂

(Painting: ‘Smaug asleep’ – Alan Lee)

DN Dec 24, 2023

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