The Inner Gold

Anything that we do, we do unto our Soul.

Any action that we do, be it by thought or deed, changes the internal chemistry of our Soul.

And there are two main ways to act: we can either act from alignment with our Heart, or from miss-alignment with it.

When we act from alignment with our Heart (Heart = Spirit), the chemistry of our Soul becomes coherent and congruent. Like pieces of a puzzle all arranged perfectly together.

This is when the Inner Gold is achieved.
A substance of extreme purity and thus: true power.

When we act from miss-alignment with our Heart (and there are so many “forces”, internal and external, constantly working to pull us off path), the chemistry of our Soul becomes incoherent and incongruent.

This is when gold turns into mud, and we lose our purity and thus: our true real power.

This is what inner alchemy is about: the chemistry of our own Soul.
And once we achieve the Inner Gold the gates to the magical existence open.

Dec 22, 2023

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